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Top Latin Daddies features older Latin men in their fifties and sixties playing with a variety of guys; sometimes they're younger guys in their twenties or thirties, and sometimes they're a little older. The site has been around for a few years and we first reviewed it back in 2014, so it's time to head back and take a fresh look.

Let's talk about the daddies first. They range in age from their forties to sixties, and there are some men in their seventies, too. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes from slender men to bears with bellies. They're a mix of smooth and hairy guys, clean shaven or bearded, and of course there's a mix of grey-haired men and bald ones. Many of the men are indeed tops, but I saw some who only bottom; and by the way, not all the men are Latin. Anthony London is a well-known gay porn star, and while he's a handsome daddy and a top, I believe he's British. You'll will find a handful of known porn performers here, but most of the men are amateurs. But keep in mind that many of them appear multiple times here and on other sites operated by this studio, so while they may not be well-known porn stars, they're hardly amateurs, either.

The bottoms are a wider mix of guys. For instance, in "You'll Remember This Fuck" 35-year-old Nick Bay gets fucked by Muller, a distinguished man in his sixties, but in another scene Muller fucks Ronald, a 58-year-old bottom. Blazer is a 72-year-old British gent who fucks Gabriel, a twenty-something Latino guy who also fucks some of the other Latino daddies. And Anthony London, who I just mentioned, fucks a 23-year-old blond guy who I think is Eastern European. So you'll see that you have to be open minded with both the top and Latin aspects of this site.

There's lots of suck and fuck action here. Sometimes there's a bit of a story line like Kendric Hitchcock coming to see Anthony London for a massage or in "Office Affair" Nick Bay arrives at Mueller's office to find him packing his things as he's been transferred to another office, and the pair have a goodbye romp on Muller's desk and office floor. There are 42 bareback videos and the rest offer sex with condoms, however I'm not 100% on the numbers because the site's sort feature doesn't work terribly well. Suffice it to say that there's a mix of both bareback and condom sex. There are also a fair number of straight videos where these Latin daddies fuck women, and since I'm not into them, I'm happy the site thought to include a sort feature so I can focus on the gay scenes.

Before we talk about the videos, let's talk about the membership options. You can join under a streaming option that allows you unlimited viewing of all the site's videos, but downloads will cost you extra. If you prefer to use the site in a pay-as-you-go model, they have a token system where you can buy packages of credits and use them to watch or download videos one at a time. And if you have the streaming membership and want to own a particular movie, you'll have to buy a package of credits. The minimum number is 30 credits and that would let you download approximately five movies. The site also has an option where you can stash videos in the cloud and they're yours to watch whenever you want, even without having an active membership.

There are 160 videos at Top Latin Daddies, which is 30 more than were there back in 2014 when we first reviewed the site. They're MP4s that stream in a player at 980x554 in three speeds to suit your Internet connection. The picture size remains static but the picture quality improves with each speed. The videos can be streamed on most newer mobile devices, as well. If you pay to download a movie, these come in one size at 1280x720 and they're in MP4 format. They're generally good quality productions with good sound, and the Spanish language videos generally have English subtitles. I only had enough tokens to download one movie, so the older videos may come in a smaller size.

There are no photo galleries, but each scene has four small screencaps sized at 241x135 that preview the action. Each scene also shows small portraits of the men in the movie that lead to each performer's page. The videos have brief descriptions, as well.

Are there any problems at Top Daddies? The video sort feature doesn't work properly and when I selected the "gay only" option, some of the gay movies disappeared. Also the numbers don't add up: I counted 160 videos total, then I counted 98 gay videos and 38 straight ones after each of the sorts, and this only adds up to 136 videos, but again, some of the gay videos disappeared after sorting. I don't know if the site is updating because the videos aren't dated, but there are around 30 more than there were in 2014, so there's been some growth, but there's no way to know how recent those 30 videos were added.

In spite of some missteps on Top Latin Daddies, I really like this site. There aren't enough sites out there featuring mature men and horny senior citizens, so this is a good find. I like older and Latin men, and I love uncut cock, so this site rings a number of my bells. I especially liked the videos of older men having sex with younger guys in their twenties or thirties. I was happy with the quality of the 160 videos, and the site's layout is a familiar template so it was easy to find what I needed. And while there were a few things to quibble about, none of them was a deal breaker. The bottom line is that the only way you'll discover if Top Latin Daddies is for you is to take a look at the tour and watch a few preview trailers.

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