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TattTwink is what this scruffy, slim and sexy guy calls himself. I wouldn't exactly call him a twink, although he is slender and smooth, and he's heavily tattooed, no surprise considering the site's name. He's got strawberry blond hair and a reddish beard or face scruff, and while we don't learn much about him from the "About me" page, he's Canadian and started his career in porn as a web cam model, then started showing his stuff on XTube, where he was voted a top Amateur Gay Model. His website opened its doors in early 2017, so it's been about two years since it was launched.

As we can see in many of TattTwink's videos, he's an eager bottom who loves to bend over and take a hard cock up his hot hole; in many of the vids I watched the action was bareback. He gets fucked by guys his own age - early 20s - and men who he describes as "matures." He sucks dick and gets nailed in bed, in the kitchen, and sometimes he's in the mood to get his own cock serviced and top a horny bottom. And sometimes things get kinky, as in the blindfold session and several foot worship duos where both TattTwink and his scene partner are obviously really into it - he not only sucks men's bare feet, in one video he takes those toes up his ass. There are a few solos and some sex toy play, as well as at least one threesome.

He's got a variety of hookups, although we often don't see their faces. One he calls Skullboy appears in two videos where he wears a skull mask throughout. Another guy wears his construction wear when he comes over for a quick fuck, and he appears several other times. Some guys leave their clothes on as they fuck TattTwink, others wear their underwear or get naked with him. Most are average but slim, fit or ripped. And TattTwink also has a taste for white collar business men - he meets one daddy via Grindr, and they have a sweaty, 29-minute condom flip-flop fuck session.

TattTwink has 194 streaming videos in MP4 format. They're offered in three or four resolutions that all show in the same size player, which pretty much fills your screen, regardless of the size of your monitor. They played well on my Android phone and tablet, as well as on my desktop computer. Some of the videos that aren't available at 1080p are just a tiny bit blurry, but they show the action very well and sound is decent, although in the videos I watched, there wasn't much in the way of dialog, but as the action heats up, you'll hear TattTwink and sometimes the other guy moaning and gasping.

There are also nine picture sets. The photos are average to good amateur quality digital stills that are sized at 4000x6000 or 6000x4000. The lighting isn't studio quality; you can expect some dimmer pics, but overall I liked the photos. All but one set are solos, and that one set is mostly solos with a few hardcore pics in the mix. There are anywhere from six to 104 pictures per set, but most sets offer 14 to 24 pics. While I was not able to save individual pics, each set can be downloaded as a zip file and hands-free slideshows are available. The picture section does not update.

Now let's talk about updates. There have been 18 videos added in the past four months, from mid-November 2018 to mid-March 2019. While that averages over four updates per week, in reality the updates are added pretty sporadically. Updates are added four days apart, 14 days apart, six days apart, three days apart, 11 days apart - while they're definitely added randomly, the important thing is that the site is updating.

There are some downsides. When you select a membership options, you pass through a page with two unchecked options. The second one signs you up to receive emails if checked, but I found you do not have to check this box to join - just check the first one and click "Proceed." You must cancel full memberships 48 hours in advance of when your membership will rebill or 24 hours in advance for trials, and there's no mention anywhere regarding whether the trial membership is limited; they usually are, but you never know. I was disappointed that the videos are streaming-only; there are no downloads offered. As I mentioned, some of the videos aren't sharp and clear, but they're not bad - just not as good as they could be.

There's a notification pop-up on the tour and, if you don't select to either block or accept notifications, it will also pop up in the members area. If you want to get notifications in your browser, click accept, but be aware that these notifications can pop up at literally any time, so if you share your computer who you'd rather not see your porn notifications, you might want to block the notifications when asked.

It appears that when the site was new, TattTwink expected to do live shows for members. There's only one recorded live show; it's about 19 minutes long and was added to the site in June of 2017. There are no other recorded live shows and there's no live shows scheduled, so it appears that the site doesn't offer them any longer.

I really enjoyed visiting TattTwink. This tattooed, semi-amateur guy is horny as hell, and he loves getting fucked (often bareback) by a variety of hookups from construction workers to executives. Sometimes the guys come by for a quickie, sometimes a longer session; there are a few solo jerkoff sessions and some kink with foot play or sex toys. And once in a while, TattTwink tops one of the guys, showing he's as just horny when topping as when he bottoms. There are 194 videos to stream on your desktop and mobiles, and while updates are irregular, the site averages over four per month. If you love slim and slutty, scruffy, and heavily tatted guys in their twenties, this site is definitely worth a visit.

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