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Strip Search Hell is a new site that gives us a look inside a police station or jail where newly arrested guys are thoroughly searched by not one but two cops. The site films in Great Britain, and this production company is well known for its hardcore fetish and BDSM content, so I'm anxious to get inside and check out these sessions.

The guys here range throughout their twenties, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are sporting slim to athletic bodies; several of the guys are beefy with good muscle definition. The majority of the prisoners are white, but there are 35 black guys as well. The performers are a mix of smooth and hairy, and the cocks are mostly uncut so there's plenty of foreskin to ogle.

Each detainee is locked in a room with two uniformed police officers who explain the charges and inform them that he's going to be strip-searched. The cops are officious and lord their power over the convicts, demanding they call them sir and obey their commands. The strip searches themselves are fairly structured with the officers running through a list, checking the detainee's mouth, belly button, armpits, under their balls and foreskin, even inside their piss slits, and of course, the prisoners have to bend over, spread their cheeks and cough; then finally they have to bend and spread their toes with their fingers. The guys are ordered to lift their ball sacs, retract their foreskin, and pinch open their piss slit (or urinary meatus, if you want the technical term).

Eight of the prisoners are also sprayed down in the showers with a high-powered hose blasting cold water on their naked bodies. Needless to say, they curse and bellow. Five of the detainees give urine samples and eight are roughed up for various reasons. One guy has his head pushed into a toilet when he refuses to pull back his foreskin and a drug dealer is subjected to a rough search and manhandling.

The videos are billed as the real deal with the site owner having paid loads of cash to get them from corrupt cops. As such, the officers' faces are blurred or blacked out, which adds authenticity even while we know these videos are actually fantasies rather than the real deal. Each session also gives a good description of the guy and why he's been arrested, and there are details about any attitude problems or other issues and how the officers handled them.

There are 104 video updates inside Strip Search Hell dating back to 2008, although the site only just opened in December; perhaps it's an old site that disappeared and is just re-emerging or maybe the dates are an error, I'm not sure. The site says it updates weekly, and it has been adding a video every Wednesday since the middle of December 2015. Many of the scenes are broken into two or three updates, but the site isn't organized in a way where I can easily confirm that every video is segmented into multiple parts. Each update runs between two and nine minutes. But the site adds the parts of several scenes concurrently, so it can take several weeks before a guy's complete session is available.

The newest videos are offered in MP4 and WMV formats playing at 960x540; older scenes are only offered in WMV at 480x360, but there may be other sizes too. The videos are decent to good amateur quality, but remember they're supposed to be real surveillance videos. You can stream the newest videos at 960x540, but the oldest aren't offered to stream, although you can play the downloadable videos in your browser, but this may require a plugin. A couple of the older videos had extremely quiet, muffled sound, which is disappointing because listening to the officers berate the inmates is a good part of the turn-on. You can sort the videos by white and black prisoners, guys searched in reception, aggressive strip searches, showers, and urine collection.

Each update comes with a gallery of 30 to 50 screencaps, the newest sized at 1000x562 and the oldest at 800x600. The pics are viewed from thumbnail galleries, but there's no slideshows or downloadable zip files, nor can you navigate them from pic to pic. You can, however, save the pictures you like individually.

There are some things to be aware of on Strip Search Hell. First, there is a $1.95 surcharge in addition to the membership price, which is already pretty steep. There are also some navigation issues including a home link not taking us to the actual homepage. The older videos aren't offered to stream, and some may require a plugin if they want to play them instead of download them. Also a few of the oldest vids have super quiet sound that's also muffled. Finally, my biggest problem with the site is the breaking full scenes into multiple updates because it can be several weeks before all the sessions are available, and even then they're not available to watch as a full-length video.

Here's something that's not a problem, but is more of a caveat: There's no sex here. While you'll see the guys fully nude with their cocks uncovered, there's no masturbation, and if any of the guys get an erection it's accidental.

Strip Search Hell brings us detainees ordered to strip for full-body searches during the booking process. Most of the scenes happen in a police station or similar environment, although I saw one video with a drug dealer being roughed up and searched by three masked security men in his own office. There's a good mix of white and black guys, all amateurs with no porn stars, and there's heaps of uncut dick. The searches are realistic and the cops are surly and demanding. The site updates once a week, and there's a decent number of videos of guys being manhandled, thoroughly searched and humiliated.

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