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Straight Men In Trouble claims to have the best looking straight men on the web, but it's the "in trouble" part of things that piqued my interest. These well-built hunks are captured and bound, then stripped, humiliated, spanked and forced to cum. It's been a couple of years since our last visit, so let's head over and see what's new.

There's a hot mix of guys here ranging from athletic studs and jocks with fit to gym-toned bodies; some are more muscular and beefier than others. There are also a lot of well-built hunks with round butt cheeks, powerful arms and chests, and bulging shoulders. And the guys appear to be mostly in their twenties with smooth bodies and faces, but not all are. While I did see porn hunk Leo Giamani on Straight Men in Trouble, most of the guys are not regular performers, or at least not very well-known ones.

The straight men are tied with rope to chairs, workout benches or tables, and sometimes their hands are stretched over their head or tied to a locker. They struggle hard and furiously against the ropes before realizing they're helpless. In fact, many are still trying to free themselves as a sinister man (sometimes wearing all black and a ski mask) takes scissors and cuts away their clothing while periodically fondling their nipples, cocks or asses. The men are usually gagged with cloth, duct tape or proper ball gags, but that doesn't stop them from protesting with muffled yelps and howls. In some sessions the hunks receive a hard hand-spanking, paddling or are whipped with a riding crop. Shame and surrender are followed by forced cock stroking or dildo penetration - or both. I can't say every scene ends with the bound guy cumming, but many do.

The men start off the sessions in a variety of attire including business suits, police uniforms, sports gear, t-shirts and jeans, even super hero costumes like Batman and Robin. And there's usually a back story with each scene. In "Highway Patrol Payback" the uniformed officer is overpowered by two men in his custody. They rope him up and strip him, then they play with his cock, dildo-fuck his ass, attach clothes pins to his nose and tongue, and beat him with a riding crop. In "Kissed Boxer" a beefy guy is tied face down on a work-out bench. His tormentor writes "I got fucked by (space for stroke numbers) dildos", then he adds another tick for each dildo the boxer takes - he ends up getting fucked five times before his ass is caned. In "College Jock Manhandled" a sexy athlete is tied up in the locker room and after getting his ass paddled and dildo fucked, he's flipped over for a cock edging session that ends with the stud blowing his cum wad.

Straight Men In Trouble currently offers 480 video updates, which are mostly parts of longer scenes, although a few are full scenes. This makes it hard to count the number of full sessions because the site isn't organized in a way that makes this easy, but with most videos being broken into between three to six parts, an educated guess is that there are around 160 full sessions. And the parts of each full session aren't added one after another, either; "The Landscaper and the Scary Janitor" started on July 22 and "Star Wrestler From The Opposing Team" debuted a week later, and eight weeks later they had both wrapped up. So technically speaking, you're getting one full scene a month, a little more if there are fewer parts.

The good news is that the videos are downloadable. The latest 183 videos are offered in two sizes of WMV (1280x720 and 640x360) and one size of MP4 (640x360), which is compatible with most mobiles. These newer videos are all good amateur quality and hold up well when expanded to full screen. A few of these earlier videos were offered at 1920x1080 for the larger size, and the oldest vids are only available in WMV format and sized from 640x480 to 720x480 depending on the age of the scene. These are still fairly good amateur quality, aren't quite as sharp and clear as the newer ones. Sound quality is good, and the videos play smoothly, so there's nothing to keep you from focusing on the action.

Each movie also comes with a set of pics. These are screencaps of fairly decent quality and similar size to the videos. They're a good way to preview the videos, and most of the pics can be downloaded individually, although wasn't able to save the pics on some sets. As well, there are no slideshows or zip files.

Overall the site does a pretty good job and there are no real issues except for the breaking of the sessions into multiple updates and alternating updates with another scene so it takes up to a couple months to get all parts of a video added. Still, there are lots of completed sessions available in the archives. While not really an issue, some of the older videos could be higher quality, but they're not bad, especially when considering how unique the content here is.

Straight Men In Trouble features masculine straight hunks captured, then bound while they're humiliated, spanked and forced to get off or penetrated with fingers and toys. The site not only features well-built men in suits, blue jeans, gym attire and uniforms, but includes a few athletic guys in super hero costumes. The site updates weekly with what is usually part of a full scene (it can take several weeks for all parts of a session to be added) and there are currently 480 updates that add up to about 160 full scenes. Each video is downloadable and DRM-free, and comes with a small set of pics. I loved watching the captured muscle men at Straight Men In Trouble as they struggle in bondage and are tormented and sexually molested.

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