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Stocky Dudes focuses on big, heavier men - chubs, bears and guys with a few extra pounds on them. The performers are real amateurs, a mix of guys in their twenties and thirties as well as some daddies. While some of the models have smooth bodies, not only do many of the men have hairy chests, bellies, legs, and asses, but a lot of them have facial hair ranging from well-trimmed goatees to full-on beards. Some appear fairly clean cut where others are on the scruffy side or have a bad boy look and sport some tattoos. All the men seem to be having a great time with each other and are comfortable on camera.

You'll find plenty of sucking and fucking here as well as a little ass play, rimming, and some solo masturbation in the earlier scenes. There's sixty-nine cock sucking as well as handjobs and some scenes that pair a cub with a chub or silver daddy. And while the majority of the action happens in duos, there are three trios, one fourgy, and one group with five guys. I did notice some scenes are oral only, but there's also some hot barebacking sessions and rough sex with hair pulling and forceful tops. There's often chemistry between the performers, who feel like friends or fuck buddies as they suck each other's nipples and feast on each other's dicks.

Stocky Dudes now offers 111 exclusive videos. The videos are DRM-free MP4s that stream at about 980x550 at three qualities, the higher of which goes full screen with only a slight loss of quality. And speaking of quality, the videos are good amateur quality or better, the newer with a bit higher quality but the older still look good at their original size; of course, the 720p videos look the best. The vids play smoothly and have good sound. The downloadable vids are also MP4s, and the one I downloaded was a new release sized at 1280x720 that looked pretty good and played smoothly. I didn't have enough credits to download an older scene, but they were 1080x720 when we last reviewed the site and are listed as being 720p. The videos are DRM-free and are compatible with most newer mobiles.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are probably screencaps, but if so they're good for screencaps and most sets could easily pass for good amateur quality digital stills. They display at 960x540, and they show off the guys and the action very well with some closeups, medium and full body shots, catching the faces as well as the cocks and the action. Again, older scenes may offer slightly smaller pics. There's a hands-free slideshow if you want to kick back and enjoy the photos and there's now downloadable zip files for all but the oldest picture sets, but the pics can't be saved individually.

There are a couple of ways to take in all the big men at Stocky Dudes. You can buy a streaming membership that gives you the run of the house to watch as many movies as you'd like as often as you'd like. Or if you don't want a monthly membership you can buy packages of 30 to 120 credits and redeem them a few at a time to watch a movie. These credits can also be used to download videos which cost between four and eight credits per scene. And you're not limited to one or the other; you can buy the streaming membership to watch the videos and buy credits (members get a 25% discount on the price of the videos) to download those scenes you want to keep.

While there are no dates on the releases, the owner says he is currently trying to update twice a month, which is good news. But it's been 36 months since our last review and there are only 15 new scenes, so there have been gaps in production. However, there's a good selection of over 100 videos in the members area, and honestly, we just don't have many sites in Pornland featuring bigger guys, so Stocky Dudes is a gem. There's a model section called Dudes where you can read each guy's profile and a brief description about him and check out his scenes. And, if you want to find a particular type of man or action, the site offers a search box, categories and each scene has at least a couple clickable tags.

I didn't run into many issues here except that older pictures sets could be downloaded in zip files but can't be opened; I didn't have this problem with the newer sets. I'm not a fan of sites that make us pay extra for downloads, but it's become more common place, however the streaming servers here are robust so the videos play smoothly. The site is easy to navigate and the videos play well, although the very oldest vids aren't quite as good quality-wise as the newer ones.

If you prefer your men with a little extra meat, Stocky Dudes delivers. All the guys here are chubby or big, many are hairy, and all of them seem to be horny. The action is hot, well-filmed and there's some rough sex and barebacking in the mix. There are 111 streaming videos, each with pics and a juicy description, and you can pay to download the videos you like the best; the site is currently updating twice monthly. Site navigation is simple and easy to use, there are nice search and sort options, and there is a model index with profiles. Those into chubs, bears and stocky men will probably really like what Stocky Dudes has to offer - I know I did.

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