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Stock Bar is not your average membership site. It's a webcam site that broadcasts erotic stripper shows live from the Stock Bar in Montreal six evenings per week (the guys take Mondays off). The live shows run from 8:30 pm to 2:30 am and Montreal is Eastern Standard Time. There's also just over 2,500 live shows and studio shows as well as hundreds of masturbation videos and plenty of updates.

The 60 dancers currently at Stock Bar are hot guys in their twenties and thirties with ripped bodies and often bigger-than-average cocks. They're professional male strippers who take very good care of their physiques and know how to entertain the audience in the club as well as the people watching the live shows in their homes. The dancers range from well-defined athletic studs to some pretty big muscled hunks, and most of the dancers are white, but there are a couple of black and Latino performers. The guys are generally smooth, but quite a few were wearing face scruff, short-trimmed beards or goatees, and many sport tattoos. And since most French-Canadian men tend to have uncut cocks, there's lots of foreskin on display.

There are three different live feeds here. The first one is the Stage Feed that shows the live shows. You'll see exactly what the live audience in the bar is seeing, which means that you can enjoy hot guys stripping naked, dancing, doing their thing on the stripper pole, and sometimes they even shower or jerk off on stage. The guys perform solo or with others. The second feed is the Backstage Spycam that also runs when the live shows are happening. This cam shows the performers waiting to perform, and they can be doing anything from stretching and flexing to stroking their cocks to plump them up for their show.

The third stream comes from a room backstage called the Studio where you can watch the strippers getting off in private JO shows on Tuesday and Thursdays at 10 pm. These shows feature the dancers from the club sitting on a couch talking during a live show, then stripping naked, jerking off and blowing their loads. But these shows are being recorded, so there's no way to interact with the guys live.

At times when there are no live streams, don't worry - there's plenty of stuff to check out under Videos on the navigation bar. Let me explain to you in more detail what else this site has to offer.

First is a page that shows you an overview of all the dancers. There are 60 dancers at the moment, and they each have their own compilation video that shows footage from previous performances. Under Videos - Live Shows you'll find 2,516 archived live strip shows that took place between 2006 and today. The videos are MP4s that play in a Flash-based video player, the newer ones at 1140x640 and the older at 960x640, but they can also be watched in full-screen mode. The videos are good amateur quality, have been filmed from different angles and show plenty of close-ups, and they have sound so you can hear the music the men are dancing to.

You will find all the jack-off shows in a section called Videos - Studios. At this moment, there are 686 videos where you'll get to see the guys stripping naked and jerking off. The videos are good amateur quality and play at the same sizes as the show videos, and again you can play them in full-screen mode. Under Videos - Bonus Videos you'll find 45 videos from special shows and performances. For instance, there are several parts from the "Stock Idol Competition" that's loosely based on the American Idol reality TV show; there's a Halloween show, an anniversary show, and of course, gay pride events.

Also on the homepage you'll find a chat room where you can talk to other members, as well as the bartenders and dancers, but it's really only busy during the live show times.

There is a pictures section with one gallery of 80 photos that have been taken during live shows. The photos are fairly good quality and are shown in a hands-free photo player sized at 1920x1080.

The site has an active update schedule. First, they add two to three studio videos each week; an update is added every Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes a video is added on another day, as well. During the month of January 2018 they added a total of nine new studio videos. Then there are the recorded live shows. These were 26 of these videos added during January on nine different days, and three to four videos were added on most of those days. This adds up to 35 updates total for last month, and that's pretty typical of update frequency; there have been eight recorded live shows but only one studio video added so far this month (it's February 8, 2018).

There are a few issues. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page; there's also a pre-checked offer to join a second membership site on the billing page, but both are easy to uncheck if you're not interested. On the homepage is a link to Stock Bar Cams, which takes you to a paid service that starts you off with some free credits, but requires you to pony up a credit card petty quickly. The site's footer also has a link called Stock Bar Flix that takes you to a third-party video theater that will also cost you extra. There's the missing update, but considering all the recorded live shows, this isn't the issue it would be on another site. Last, while not exactly an issue, I was disappointed that I couldn't download any of the videos on the site.

Stock Bar is a unique experience that lets you watch live shows every week from Tuesday through Sunday at a real Montreal-based strip club. The dancers are hot with great bodies, many with uncut cocks, and let me tell you, these guys have got some moves. At times when the club isn't open so there are no live shows, you can watch videos including live show reruns, dancer compilation videos and over 600 jerk-off videos. Stock Bar lets you experience a real male strip show for hours each night for six nights every week without leaving your computer, and that's not only fun but very hot.

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