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I did Spanish Cruising's original review and loved the site, and I'm happy to report with this update that they are still updating the site weekly. Great news! They film in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and sometimes in Spain, and they feature amateur men, not porn stars, hooking up for sex. Join me while I see what's been going on with this fun and horny site.

I love Latin men, so I'm pretty revved up by the offering of mostly Argentinian men, but there are other South Americans and the producer even heads over to Spain from time to time. There's quite a variety of men, which is a big turn-on: you'll find hairy men, some beefy and others a little more bear, others are fit and furry; there are lots of daddies and older men in their thirties to late forties, even some in their fifties; there are guys in their twenties with athletic bodies and some a little chubby; finally, there are also muscle jocks and gym types plus lots of guys sporting regular or average bodies. And there's lot of uncut cocks, always a plus for me.

The sex on Spanish Cruising is mostly duo action with men sucking dick in blowjob-only videos or full-on sucking and fucking scenes (some bareback and some with condoms), but there are a handful of jack-off videos. And the ass play sometimes goes beyond fucking with bottoms taking dildos and sex toys, even a fist here and there.

In "Str8 Dudes Serviced 11" a cocksucker picks up a real cop at a bus stop. They head back to this guy's place and the cop gets head in full uniform, even his holstered gun is visible for much of the video, although his face is pixelated. And that happens regularly where a man wants to remain anonymous, and in these cases, they often wear a mask. I'm not really bothered by this because most of the men actually do show their faces, and the sex is so damned hot and real that I don't mind when they don't.

In another video, a late-thirties Spanish man blows a pair of 20-something Argentinians and gets his chest doused with their huge loads. There are lots of straight guys getting sucked off by hungry cocksuckers; in fact, "Str8 Dudes Serviced" is a regular, ongoing series. There's another series called "Taxi Drivers" where a cocksucker propositions cab drivers with blowjobs and the "Gay Truck" series features guys getting head at a rest stop.

There's lots of sucking and fucking happening in hotel rooms, and the pairings are quite varied. Sometimes an older man gets his ass pounded by a 24-year-old stud, other times a couple of 20-somethings are playing together. One man named Bigger Bear is a regular hairy bear and he screws men of all ages and sizes.

Spanish Cruising offers 212 downloadable videos and updates weekly. The videos are WMVs that play at 640x360 to 640x480 depending of the age of the scene. For the most part the picture quality and lighting is good, but this is amateur video, so there are some moments with camera movement and refocusing. Still, I saw some great close-up action. You can also stream the videos in a player at 500x280 in two or three different qualities and full-screen mode is available. The oldest videos are only offered in two qualities and they don't fare so well at full screen, but the newest ones do quite well.

There are pictures on the site, but they're a little weird. There are 8 to 12 screengrabs for each episode, but they're hosted on an external blog, and since these are free to the public many face's are blurred with a note as to whether his face can be seen in the video. There are no slideshows or zip files, but you can save these pictures individually.

Members also get access to M2M Club, which is a group sex site filmed by the same producer. It features lots of threeways, fourgies, and gangbangs with lots of the same men or same types of men here as Spanish Cruising. There are almost 300 videos on this site and it updates weekly as well.

My only complaint is that the streaming video player is a bit small, so you really need to watch them in full-screen mode or download them, and even then, I wish the downloads were a bit bigger. The site's join page warns that Spanish Cruising is not compatible with the latest operating systems used on mobile phones and tablets running on Apple, Android, and Windows. They say the members videos will not play, but my Android tablet played them fine, it's three years old and the operating system is current.

Spanish Cruising is packed with lots of hot amateur men and I wanted to sit here all day watching them having sex. Some of the men are average-looking with less-than-perfect bodies, others are so sexy that they could be porn stars, and I loved the mix. The sex isn't scripted or rehearsed so you'll have to be a little forgiving as the men move around and the cameraman has to catch up. I wasn't even bothered with the masked men because often their bodies and cocks are such a turn-on that it just got me even more excited. Hands down, this is one of my favorite sites, there's nothing hotter than watching regular men getting off together.

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