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Smoking Hunks caters to those who love watching a sexy muscle man smoke a cigarette or a fat cigar. They present 109 very well-built men showing off their bodies while smoking; lots of them are playing with their cocks, too, and yes, some even pair up for some steamy suck and fuck action while enjoying a smoke. It's been nearly three years since we first visited the site, so let's head back and see if these men are still lighting up.

Most of the men on the site are serious muscle hunks with bulging biceps and squeezably plump pecs, and I only saw a couple of guys who weren't packing some serious beef. At the same time, these men aren't typical bodybuilding competitors with necks the size of your thighs. A lot of the hunks here are known on muscle sites, and many are also porn stars including Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, and Hans Berlin, but you'll find many porn hunks from days gone by like Diesel Washington, Dolan Wolf, and Samuel Colt. And I was surprised to see porn hunks who haven't filmed in quite a while, men like Spencer Reed, Manuel Torres, and even Hank Hightower from the 90s.

These masculine men are a mix of tattooed and not, smooth and hairy, some have facial hair while others don't. And while not everyone is wearing leather gear, there are a lot wearing harnesses, armbands, leather vests, jockstraps, and bridge caps. There are also several men wearing police uniforms, gym and sports wear, denim and street clothes, and there are even a couple wearing suits.

I watched one curly-haired hunk smoking a cigar in his wifebeater and underwear. He eventually ripped his shirt with bare hands, stripped off his underwear, and oiled up his bulging muscles, all the while sucking on his cigar. Even when he started jacking his hard-on and eventually when he unloaded his nuts, he continued smoking. Another man in a construction helmet and denim was just getting home from a hard day at work; he smoked a cigarette while slowing stripping out of his clothes and finally grabbing his cock and jacking off.

I watched real-life lovers Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter smoking together. They lit their cigars and smoked while teasing each other with oral sex and moving their lit cigars close to one another's dicks so they could feel the heat. Another scene features two massive muscle hunks, one of whom wore a leather vest and hat, the other a policeman's hat and shirt. The leatherman worships the cop's muscles and eventually massages oil all over his body. After sucking his cock, the leatherman lies back and smokes a cigar while the cop fucks him.

There are several sessions like this where a man smokes while getting oral; he often blows smoke on his cocksucker or in his face, but sometimes it's the bottom who is blowing smoke all over his buddy's hard-on. And one hairy and inked stud smoked his cigar while getting a massage. There's lots of muscle worship with men rubbing their hands along strong bodies while the worshiped smokes his cigarette or cigar. I also saw a bondage scene where the master forced his slave to smoke and another where a massive muscle hunk played with a dildo while smoking.

The Smoking Hunks videos are separated into two sections. First, under M2D on the navbar, you'll find 257 full-length movies available to download. Each is numbered from DVD 004 to DVD 441, and they're arranged by number and not date. They come in MPEG 4 (QuickTime) format and play at 480x360 at around 814k. They're good amateur quality and fare decently in full-screen mode. Under Clips there are 86 videos that are split into two- to three-minute clips, usually 12 clips, that play at the same dimensions as above. Both types of movies can also be streamed on the site at around 600x450, but there may be some at a slightly smaller size.

There are pictures sets inside the site, too. There are 109 men in the Models section, and you'll find the picture galleries in some of the model pages, however not all men have a gallery. When they do, there are around 40 digital stills that display at 400x600 in a slider, but you can't right-click save any of them nor do they come in downloadable zip files.

There is a Store link that takes you out of the members area to a store where you can purchase many of the scenes as well as others that don't appear on the site. They come in around $6 each, but I don't have any information about sizes or formats.

Now let's talk about updates. When we reviewed Smoking Hunks nearly three years ago, there were 81 downloadable full scenes and now there are 257, so the site has been active with an increase of 176 videos, and that puts it at about six videos a month. The updates are dated on the Smoking Hunks homepage, and there are four videos showing under a Featured Videos banner: three of them were dated January 20, 2018 (five days before my reviews) and the fourth was January 8, so I'm not sure what that means in terms of an updating schedule. At a guess, they add several videos per update a couple times per month.

My other complaints mostly have to do with the site's organization. It'd be nice if the videos were arranged by date and not DVD number. Also in this day and age, I'm not sure about the point of having full scenes broken into clips. Additionally, for these videos there's no way to download a full scene; you have to download all 12 clips to see the whole session. It be nice if the update schedule were more clear, and I can't imagine why you would let members download videos but not allow them to grab pictures. I wish the videos were bigger, but they fare better than I would have expected when enlarged.

One last thing, I'm unsure about is when these videos were produced. The downloadable videos do show a date on the video's graphic. For instance, four of the videos on the first page show a date of 11/04/17, but these all feature Spencer Reed who retired from porn a number of years ago. The last video on the last page shows a date of 10/26/17 and features Tony Orion, who also hasn't filmed a porn scene in a while. But whether it matters when the videos were shot depends on you - the men are hot, built and smoking.

The men of Smoking Hunks are masculine and sexy. If you like muscle hunks with impressive bodies you'll love watching the performers show off and rub their muscles and cocks while smoking cigars and cigarettes. I was happy with the mix of solos and duos, and there was a fairly good mix of clothing including lots of leather. I really enjoyed watching current porn stars and regulars, performers I hadn't seen in a while, as well as some new faces, and I was happy to see the site has grown to 267 videos to download and stream. If you're into watching muscle men and hot hunks smoking, this site is, well, smoking.

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