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French photographer and filmmaker Louis de Mirabert is the man who runs the show at Sex and Sun Boys. Louis has been delivering erotic photos and videos of naked women through his straight site since 2007. The big success of the site led to the launch of a second site in February 2012, and this time Louis created an erotic art-porn site featuring sexy and muscular males.

Thanks to the diverse composition of the population in Paris, with lots of immigrants from North and West Africa, this site offers a large variety in types of men. There are beautiful French males, both Caucasian and ebony, as well as hot Arabs and black men from North Africa. The models are in their twenties and early thirties with beautiful, well-formed bodies with wide chests, hard abs, round bubble butts and often uncut cocks with a mix of natural, trimmed or shaved pubes.

I think it's best to describe the content as erotic or artistic nudity or softcore pornography. Most updates are solos with the guys rubbing their bodies, posing and flexing and stretching, and while many of the guys stroke their cocks, I didn't see any cum shots. The real focus here is to showcase the beauty of the male body. There are a handful of duo scenes and while the guys explore each others' bodies with their hands and even stroke their cocks side by side, there isn't any oral or anal sex. You can tell that the photos and videos have been shot by a professional because with the right lighting and the use of certain camera angles, he captures these hot bodies beautifully.

There are 94 exclusive videos inside Sex and Sun Boys, and all videos are available for download in two MP4 versions that play at 640x360 and 720x400. The quality of the videos is good and you can easily enlarge them to full-screen. Some of the videos are available in black and white, which adds an even more artistic feel. If you don't want to download the videos, you can choose to watch them in a streaming player with a default size of 634x352. Again, you can enlarge the video player to watch those beautiful men in full-screen mode. And good news for mobile users is that the videos play fine on most phones and tablets.

Sex and Sun Boys also offers 104 photo sets that were shot separately from the videos and are offered as separate updates. Each set contains from about 20 to 80 clear, well-lit and professional photographs which are sized down to 600x900 to fit the pages, but you can download one of three zip files, or all three if you want, each offering different size pics: 960x642, 1920x1285 and 3840x2570. You can also view the photos as a hands-free slideshow or save pics individually. One final note on the picture galleries: when you first enter them you'll see a large picture on the left and four or five thumbnails to the right; you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the number of photos, i.e. 40 photos, to get into the gallery; it's a little weird but okay once you see how it works.

Currently there are 94 exclusive videos inside Sex and Sun Boys, only 13 more than were here over three years ago, and there are 36 more photo sets. Surprisingly the Updates section shows almost daily updates with releases dated back to April 28, 2016 and there have been 204 updates (a mix of photo sets and videos). However we reviewed the site back in 2013, so where are the releases from that time? Something is amiss. I put on my Scooby Doo hat and went sleuthing and here's what I found. Two videos appear in our screengrab of the homepage back in 2013 - "Alex Chained" and "Nico Wet Flowers" - but during this 2016 review they are shown as being released on September 18 and 17, 2016, so the site is releasing old content as new.

While the site is unique and offers photos and videos in a unique style, the navigation could use some work, and there are no scene descriptions or model information, although most of the models are named. Browsing the site is a pain in the butt requiring you click a "next" button at the bottom of each page to proceed to the next. Pagination would be most welcome. Also, there's no search function. With a few adjustments, this site could be much more user friendly. Finally, Sex and Sun Boys is misnamed. Most of the scenes are shot indoors with dark and moody lighting. And while the guys doing lots of writhing and rubbing, there's no actual sex.

Sex and Sun Boys offers athletic, muscular men with beautiful bodies and often uncut cocks in erotic softcore photos and videos. The men are a mix of French and African models, and there's plenty of uncut cocks. The content is exclusive, the 94 videos can be downloaded, streamed and watched on your mobile, and the 104 photo sets are very sexy. Unfortunately, despite what appear to be daily updates, the site is on auto pilot and isn't adding anything new. The tour gives a good idea of what to expect inside the site, which is always a plus, and it's available in both English and French. Sex and Sun Boys may not offer sex or sun, but this site delivers art nudes with some serious eye candy and erotic male masturbation, albeit without cumshots.

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