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When you call yourself Serious Male Bondage, you'd better live up the moniker, and this site definitely does. Men encased from head to toe in rubber, latex or leather, chained or strapped down, suspended from impressive bondage equipment or confined in unique prisons. This site explores bondage in ways that will blow away novices, while experts will feel like they found Heaven on Earth. I've always been very impressed with this site - it shows us what's possible when a producer has a passion for his kink and loves sharing it with others. It's been over two years since our last review, so let's head inside and see what these kinksters have been up to.

This site is not about a particular type of man or body type; the men here come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Regardless, it's not always easy to tell how a man looks when he's mummified in plastic or encased in a rubber suit. Serious Male Bondage is more about the community of men into the bondage lifestyle, so you'll see many guys doing repeat scenes. But as well, they feature newcomers and bondage enthusiasts who stop by to play when they're in town. Some of the videos here had me watching with fascination, while others had me shaking my head in disbelief, even a little horror as I squirm at the mere thought of confinement. (Big claustrophobe here.) The gear here is outstanding, a bondage lover's dream come true, and the men are all very careful, safe and respectful.

The newest video is called "Bondage Chairs for All", and it features eight men who took a road trip to Iowa to visit a bondage buddy named Bind who has a real jail as his disposal. On this particular visit, there were eight bondage chairs and eight men in the room, so they got a bright idea. A ninth man films as each man is restrained into his own chair. Some of the chairs have leather straps, one has a man in a straitjacket roped in, another has a contraption that's fitted around the man's head and shoulders with vice-like grips for his hands, and so on; each of the chairs is unique. The men are free to talk and do so, sometimes joking or laughing.

An older scene I watched is called "Bullied No More". A guy wakes in a dirty basement to discover that he's shackled to a heavy ring in the cement floor. His name is Tony Orlando, and he's barefoot and wears a tank top and orange shorts. He struggles with the heavy manacles around his wrists; "Oh my God", he pants. "What the hell am I doing here?" Panic sets in as he tugs and pulls to get out of his restraints. A geeky-looking man with glasses enters; he's stocky and his name is Leroy. He wraps duct tape around his captive's mouth to stop his whining and begging. Turns out that the captive used to bully Leroy, and now he's getting a taste of his own medicine. Tony manages to remove the duct tape, so Leroy returns with a leather hooded harness; later, he puts him in a metal hood that looks like something out of the Middle Ages. He then chains Tony into a chair-like contraption with movable parts to hold arms and legs in place to prevent the prisoner from moving. All the while, Leroy taunts Tony and reminds him how it felt to be bullied.

There's not heaps of rope bondage on this site as these men prefer other gear like straps, chains, restraints, handcuffs, straitjackets, gas masks, full-body suits - even plastic wrap and duct tape. They also do a fair bit of suspension bondage. Serious Male Bondage also explores all kinds of confinement from a permanent, on-premise jail cell to a hole in the ground, or a holding pit built into a backyard patio deck - I told you these men live up to their serious moniker.

Serious Male Bondage has 785 exclusive, downloadable videos in their member area. Some of the videos are full scenes while others a split into shorter parts, and depending on the number of segments, they can be released all at the same time or over a couple of updates. The older videos are offered in WMV format and play at 640x480 to 720x480, then for a brief period the site was offering both WMV and MP4 formats, but the new vids are offered in MP4 exclusively and they're much bigger at 1280x720 and breathtaking in their clarity. They will play on most newer mobiles, where they look even better.

When we last visited the site didn't have streaming video, but they do now. However only the newer videos in MP4 format can be streamed, and now, older episodes in WMV format can only be downloaded. There's a full-screen option on these newer streaming videos, and the playback is very good with little loss in quality.

The members homepage says there are 515 photo sets with 19,908 pictures. Sometimes the pics are digital stills sized between 533x800 and 683x1024, sometimes they're screencaps sized at 586x391. Some episodes have a handful of pictures, others have a couple of dozen. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can save the pics individually. Oddly, there's a link on the navbar for More Images, but it's not linked, so nothing happens when you click it.

Something that I really did like about Serious Male Bondage is that each scene has a lengthy and detailed description. You'll often find links to sites that supplied the various equipment and gear, so if you want your very own neoprene gas-mask hood or heavy steel collar, you'll know where to find them. The member area used to include a link to the Serious Male Bondage Journal, a blog with all sorts of stuff, but I couldn't find it this time around.

Now about updates. I'm confused about what's going on because it's been 27 months since our last review, and with four videos a month there should be around 96 new videos, but there are only 40. So here's what I'm seeing. In September 2016, there were 620 galleries on the site with 745 videos and 26,359 pics (on this site "gallery" means "update" and these galleries can contain both pics and videos or just pictures). Now, in December 2018, there are 520 galleries (100 fewer) and only 785 videos and 19,908 pictures (6,451 fewer). So where are the missing galleries? To further complicate things, the newest update is Gallery 1067, the one before that is 1066, and before that is 908, so there's a huge gap in numbering; as well, the video index only shows 520 of these so-called galleries, but the numbering indicates there might 1067 of them. I'm unsure as to whether the site is pulling batches of videos down for re-encoding or whether they're recycling content or whether they've just removed content altogether. Nevertheless, with 785 videos there's still a lot to see here.

The site's biggest downfall for me revolves around its organization. I'd love to be able to sort the updates into ones with just videos or ones with pictures only. And then there's the confusion around missing videos and pictures and non-sequential update numbers. Also there's no firm update schedule where the site adds new scenes on a specific day of the week; they do say they update approximately every six days, and that seems to be the case. We complained about the site not having streaming video and that's been resolved, however, now older WMVs can only be downloaded. It would be great if the site could encode the older vids into MP4s to stream and for Mac and mobile users.

I'm still very impressed with Serious Male Bondage. Even with the confusion over video counts, there's so much here to take in here, and the quality is top notch. This is the kind of site that an enthusiast will love browsing through scene after mind-blowing scene. And bondage lovers will marvel at the variety of fetish gear, equipment and clothing. I can hear you guys saying, "What's that?" or "Where the hell did they get that?" or "I want one of those". Serious Male Bondage is an impressive site, not only in numbers of videos (there are 785), but also in the amount of effort, preparation and gear that went into producing every single scene. If all porn were produced with this much passion, I'd never get anything done.

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