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Rugger Bugger puts the focus on athletes who play all sorts of sports from rugby to boxing. There are lots of footballers in a variety of situations that show them off from locker room shots to private nude selfies. You'll also find wrestlers, swimmers, baseball players, track and field guys, gymnasts, martial artists, and sportsmen from Europe, South America, the US, and more countries from around the world. There are men in tight uniforms or singlets that show their bulges, cock and ball slips on the field as rugby players are grabbed in a way that pulls their shorts down or to the side. You'll find sweaty athletes in the showers or changing in the locker room, not to mention home shot pics, professional glamour shoots, and more.

The first question many of you may have is: Does this site have pics of David Beckham? And the answer is yes - there are plenty. You'll also find Norwegian Footballer Christian Brink showing his incredible body and his pubes (no cock, though), British Boxer Amir Khan including a couple cock shots, footballer Wayne Rooney showing his ass on the field in undies as well as some naked butt crack. You get the idea - the list goes on and on. There's Mark Percival, Saloman Kalou, Francisco Caputo, and current New York Giants player Landon Collins showing off his meaty dick. I found tons of contemporary sports guys and of 70s and 80s players like Terry Randall and a hot pic of Ryan Rhodes from the 90s.

The 978 galleries inside Rugger Bugger aren't exactly galleries - each gallery page links to several sportsmen's galleries, so there are over 4,000 galleries, each with 1 to 40 pics. The photos are shown in a variety of sizes, and these are all over the map - pics I found include 870x652, 566x730, 255x219, 800x414, and so on. Quality varies greatly from poor to good with everything in between. That's because some of these pictures are from news and paparazzi sources, as well as webcam pics from private sessions and posed photo shoots. Some show full frontal nudity, some show locker room or accidental ass shots, others focus on the bulges in tight sports shorts or swimming trunks, and some are face shots, selfies or close-ups that show an athlete's ass or his crotch. By the way, if you want to save pics, you can't do it from the full version; just right-click the thumb and click "save link as."

When it comes to content, the Rugger Bugger videos definitely deliver exposed athletes. I found the newest vids were offered in HD at 1920x1080 plus a small MP4 version for mobiles. Other not-quite-so-new vids were offered on the small side of HD at 960x540 in WMV format. Most, however, were WMVs sized at 640x480. The video quality varies from poor to good and playback is smooth. Times vary from just under a minute to several minutes, and many of the video start with the player featured first shown in professionally shot sports footage and then shown in a more compromising position where we may see his ass, footage of him in the shower or in his underwear. All videos are downloadable and use no DRM, so you can watch them even after your membership has expired. Some vids can also be streamed.

Let's talk about some issues. First, there are no update dates or schedule that I could find, so there's no way to know when or how often the site updates - but it has grown quite a bit. Next, the "VIDEOS" link at the top of some pages still leads to an "domain for sale" page just as it did five years ago. Also worth knowing is that the processor for the site charges a processing fee of $1.95 in addition to the membership price. While $1.95 isn't a huge amount, membership is already on the pricey side and I wasn't thrilled about the fee, although if I wanted to join, the fee wouldn't stop me. When using the search box, results can take 20 or more seconds - you can almost hear the search engine creaking. By the way, I wish this site had info about the athletes the way celeb sites have for their celebs.

When it comes to being able to tell you the exact amount of videos the site offers, it's virtually impossible. There are 978 "galleries," each listing four or more different guys, so there are over 4,000 sportsmen total. And there's no separate link to videos - I had to search for individual sportsmen's thumbs with dark red backgrounds - that's how you can tell which galleries contain videos, and it's easier doing this through the alphabetical search. I didn't run into any recent galleries with that red background, which are harder to spot and requires LOTS of searching. Some medium-aged galleries listed six men with videos, none of the oldest have videos, and less of the newer ones.

And that leads to my last complaints - navigation and organization. The site has TONS of athletes, lots of nudity, but navigation is clunky and old-school, and unless you're looking for specific athletes by name, browsing by gallery number or initial are your only choices. There's no way to sort by sport played, type of content, venue - say, the playing field or locker room. There's also no way to sort so you can view only the full frontal or nude pics or professional photo shoots vs paparazzi pics. But all that being said, there's so much here that you can just immerse yourself as you browse .

Rugger Bugger offers a very large collection of amateur and professional athletes from bulge and underwear shots to cock slips, full-frontal nudity, paparazzi pics, locker room and shower vids and pics, and much more. While quality varies, that's to be expected since the content is from so many sources. There are over 4,000 galleries, each with photos and some with downloadable videos (over 900 of them) of sports players caught with their pants down on the field, the locker room and more private situations. There are more videos than in similar sites (over 1,000 according to a site rep I talked to), and while I wish updates were dated and navigation were better, the site has added over 300 more players gallery pages since our last visit. For those into pro sports players, Rugger Bugger is a site you'll want to visit.

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