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Reluctant Young Men has been spanking guys' bare bottoms for years, and their tour tells us "They Don't Like It, They Do It for the Money". Most of these guys don't get off on corporal punishment - a few do - but they willingly go over this daddy's knee for a spanking. It's been a while since we reviewed at Reluctant Young Men, so let's take a fresh look.

The guys getting spanked are mostly in their twenties, and their bodies and looks range quite a bit. You'll find lots of athletic jocks, and some of their spankings happen in locker rooms, but there are also some skaters and bad boy types. You'll also find plenty of just regular guys, some gay and others straight. The guys tend to have slim bodies with some sporting a little more girth or muscle definition, and a few are downright beefy. Some are hairy while others are smooth and you'll find guys who are clean shaven and others who are scruffy ... there's a good mix in body types, and most of the guys are white.

There are two main spankers at Reluctant Young Men, both daddy-types in their forties or fifties. Rich is white, bald, and bearish, and Chic is black, bald and leaner. Occasionally the site brings in other spankers, too. Rich does most of the spanking, and these are largely over-the-knee sessions that start bare-assed, although a few guys start off in their underwear, but Rich's preference is definitely bare hand on naked butt. He warms up their bare bottoms with light smacks and rubs their sensitive cheeks. As the disciplining progresses - the sessions run from 15 to 20 minutes - the spanking gets harder and louder, and those cheeks redden up. Halfway through, Rich will often switch to an implement like a hair brush, wooden spoon, cane or leather strap.

The guys really show how much their asses hurt by wincing, sucking wind, or yelping and make faces and squirm on the spanker's knee; some even seem to be on the verge of tears. But others hold back, lying there with a "it's that all you got" look until Rick ramps up the intensity and gets the reaction he wants. The reactions don't seem faked, either, and judging by those red, swollen bottoms, their reactions aren't surprising.

Some scenes start with a bad boy being scolded and dragged by the ear over daddy's knee, others simply start with a brief introduction, then the guy pulls down his pants and the spanking starts. Some of the earlier videos explore bondage and some are more disciplinarian, but this isn't a heavy BDSM site - just guys getting their bare butts spanked, beaten or whipped. You may also stumble across the odd guy jacking off or getting a handjob after his spanking, but this isn't a regular occurrence.

There are 301 full sessions inside Reluctant Young Men, and these are offered in WMV format. Older videos play at 720x480 while newer videos come in two sizes: 640x360 and 1920x1080. The vids are well-lit amateur productions with good sound so you can hear the guys grunting or gasping as they take their spankings. You can stream the videos on the site in the same sizes, but there's no full-streaming server so you have to persevere through buffering. I preferred the downloads; they were quicker and no fuss. The newer videos are offered as full scenes, but some of the older sessions are broken into parts; I counted all parts of an individual scene as a single video.

Each episode also comes with a gallery of 20 to 50 screencaps. They're decent quality and display in thumbnail galleries and you can view the enlarged pictures (720x405) in a slideshow. Unfortunately there's no way to save them individually or in downloadable zip files.

Reluctant Young Men updates weekly, but there are a couple of quirks I should mention. There's no dedicated member area - just click a video, log in and watch. Once logged in, you don't have to do it again unless you try to stream the videos. The site says that you can stream a movie by "clicking on the image above" but you actually have to click the episode title. They also say that you can download pictures by right clicking them, but this is no longer the case, probably a result of a new slideshow plugin.

I enjoy watching guys getting spanked, so I really like Reluctant Young Men. It's a simple site that doesn't get in your way of enjoying the content. There are a couple of quirks but no deal breakers. The site offers 301 full spanking sessions with plenty of variety, and the older videos still hold up; in fact, I love digging through the archives, as there's a lot of hot, kinky stuff in there. But the truly great thing about Reluctant Young Men is that it's produced by a real spanker. He knows how to work over a guy slowly from quick little pats to hard, open-handed wallops until his ass is bright red and sore. If you're a spanking enthusiast, there's lots here to get you revved up.

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