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Real Male Spankings focuses on college-age guys getting serious spankings, either bare bottom or over clothes. There's a mix of types here, from surly bad boy Nick, with his smooth slender body, blond hair and bad attitude to Alex, a jock type who's a bit of a bully and punishes his brother and one of the other boys. There's dark-haired, tattooed and scruffy Chad, who's cute with some facial hair and takes twenty swats on his bare behind. And Ryan, a fair-skinned blond who wants to try submission, doesn't do a good job and ends up taking his punishment. There are 17 guys currently and they're not porn star or male models - these are regular guys getting a licking.

Some of the videos here include plots while others get right to the punishment and the pain. One guy is caught smoking and given the choice of telling his parents or corporal punishment, he chooses first a spanking with a hair brush and then a whipping with a leather belt. You'll also find more leather belts, as well as butts spanked with a wooden spanking paddle, a hockey stick, a strap, and even a good old fashioned OTK hand spanking. These are hard spankings, that leave tender buttocks red and swollen, and sometimes the guys can't hold back tears. After seeing those sore asses, it's hard to blame them.

Real Male Spankings offers 35 videos, and since the site just launched, it's too early to know how often they'll be updating yet, although they do say they'll be updating every Monday with extra updates through January 2015. The videos are offered in MP4 format, and most are sized at 640x480 at fairly good amateur quality or better, although some are a bit larger at 854x480, and these probably shot more recently. Each video can be downloaded or streamed, although the streaming versions are actually embedded vids, not true streaming, and despite claims of 720p or 1080p videos, sizes are all what I already mentioned. Good news for tablet and cell phone users is that these vids should play on most newer mobiles that play MP4s. BTW, while some of the videos have a runtime of 9 or more minutes, some are very short - as in under 4 minutes.

The site currently offers 33 picture sets. These sets contain decent quality screencaps sized at 640x480, although expect to see some scanlines in areas with motion. Oddly the pic sets are offered in 3 sizes, but in reality are only the photos available in the one size already mentioned. About half the sets offer 1 to 6 pics, while the rest offer more - from 20 up to 50 pics. The pics can be individually downloaded, saved in zip files or enjoyed as hands-free slideshows. I admit to being a little puzzled why some of the sets are so small; since the pics are screencaps, why not just save a few more of them to each set?

The site does have a blog, which is available on both the tour and the member area. There's not much there yet - the site is new, after all - and while the pics are small thumbs, most enlarge when clicked.

Does this site have any issues? Well, as mentioned, the site lists sizes of the videos and the pics, and both are incorrect. Some of the videos are quite short, from just under a minute to well under 5, although some are longer. There are a couple videos that are auditions for another site, and it would be nice if there was an explanation of the relationships between the two sites (hint: they have the same owner). One of the "auditions" is actually an interview, and there are a couple interviews listed as separate updates rather than either as extras or listed with the scenes the model takes part in. I would also like to see a profile on each model's page. Last, I found the first month of the monthly membership to be pricey for what you get, but hopefully the site will grow into its pricing in time.

One last thing that may not matter to most people is that judging by the production dates of many of the videos, they were shot originally for other sites or for DVDs. If you haven't seen those sites (or DVDs), it won't be an issue, but in some cases the vids shot in 2008 and it shows a little. Does it matter? If you're looking for authentic male spanking, probably not.

Real Male Spankings is off to a good start with badly behaved boys from 18 to around 24 getting attitude adjustments, and I do mean hard, all-too-real spanking. There are 35 videos and 33 pic sets, most of which contain hand, belt or paddle spanking, as well as some other punishments. The site is brand new, and says it will be updating weekly, and the videos are offered for download and to stream, and will play on newer mobiles. While some of the vids are short, some are satisfyingly long, and while this is not a site for those looking for porn, spanking enthusiasts are probably going to like what Real Male Spankings has to offer.

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