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Raw Freaks has been around for about a year. It's run by a guy called Beast who has been publishing black gay erotic fiction since 2012. In January 2016, he began hosting exclusive swinger parties in Atlanta. Invites were hard to get, and guys often sent Beast hot homemade videos and photos to get themselves on the guest list. Eventually, Beast started filming these anonymous bareback sessions and they appear on his site. There's a good selection of videos here, so let's get inside and have a look around.

The men are a mix of amateur guys although some appear multiple times on the site. There are guys with single names like Reeko, Chocolate Cream, TapOutZZ, Debonair, Booty Bandit, and JackBoyXXX, and they appear to be in their twenties. They generally sport slim, athletic bodies, mostly smooth and some with ink but not all. Some of the guys are more muscular than others; some are shaved while others have natural pubes. It's hard to give you details on many of the guys because they're wearing masks, bandanas, and balaclavas. And as far as dicks go, there are many large, impressive cocks here - it's easy to see why those party invites were so eagerly coveted.

With a title like Raw Freaks, you'd expect bareback sex, and that's what they deliver - lots of big cocks sliding into tight butt holes. The guys fuck mostly in duos, although there are eight scenes with trios and fourways; three of these are two-parters, the rest are full scenes. There is oral action and ass eating, but the guys get into the fucking pretty quickly; I didn't see any long, lingering blowjob action. I loved the cock-in-hole filming, nothing turns me on more than watching a big dick sliding in and out of a raw hole. And when it's time to cum, most of these tops pull out and spunk those stretched out fuck holes and slide back in to finish the job.

There are 50 exclusive videos on Raw Freaks, but three of the videos are two-parters, so that gives us 47 full scenes. The videos are offering in streaming MP4 format, and they play at 920x520; they're good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound. You can use the full-screen option and the results are generally pretty good. I checked out the site on my Android phone and the videos played back fine, so this site should be compatible with most newer mobile devices. Unfortunately, the videos aren't available for download.

There is a Photos section but it only contains three "photo sets" and each of these only has one picture. Each is a digital still and displays at 714x950. You can't save them by right-clicking, but curiously you can download a zip file for each "set" that contains a larger version at 1200x1600.

Are there issues here? The episodes in the members area aren't dated in a traditional way, but does note that each video has been added x weeks or months ago. That being said, the tour shows the actual dates for the updates, and it's been adding a new video every Tuesday. I wish membership to the site included downloads, but a fair number of sites are now streaming-only these days. I also thought having only one pic per gallery was a little silly.

Since Beast is apparently a writer, I was disappointed that he didn't include any of his erotic fiction on the site. I was also disappointed there weren't more pictures available and there's no bio information on any of the guys. As well, the site's About Me page had a picture of a beautiful big cock, which I'm assuming belongs to Beast, but there's no information about the site's producer.

Raw Freaks has been around for about a year, and the site owner films amateur black guys, often well hung, fucking bareback at his private and exclusive sex sessions and parties. There are 47 full scenes inside to keep you turned on and most of the action is in duos with big dicks sliding into raw holes, but there are also eight trios and fourways. The content is amateur, but it's well produced with good lighting and sound and lots of horny close-up action. This one is worth checking out.

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