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Raw Castings features horny amateur guys from the U.S. who want to get into porn, and they get to audition in hardcore bareback sessions. The amateurs are mostly average guys with some real cuties mixed in. They range from slender to slightly muscular, some with some definition and others thin or with a few extra pounds, although many of the recent guys are slim. Some are smooth (although they may have hairy asses) while others have unshaven bodies including some with a little chest hair and lots of fur on their abs and one cute, twinky guy who sports thick pubes and a very hairy asshole. Some of the guys have a couple tats, some have no tattoos at all, and there are a number who are quite inked; there's a good mix of clean shaven guys and those with some facial hair. Cock sizes are all over the map.

Each episode starts with a brief interview that covers subjects from "Why did you decide to do porn?" to "What do you like to eat?" but most questions focus on porn and sex. These aren't tricked straight guys - when Cory has stripped naked, the director asks him "Would you like to suck some dick?" and Cory gets down on his knees and services the guy with the waiting hard-on, blowing him and then getting fucked raw. Booster is bi, and he wants to make money in porn; he's an eager cocksucker who gets some direction, then gets barebacked hard and deep while on his knees. After a satisfying fuck session, he gets a mouthful of cum, then jerks off.

Billy Bottom is the most articulate of the recent auditions, explaining he wants to explore his sexuality and feels it would be safer this way. This slim, heavily tattooed amateur trades blowjobs, rides a cock and gets a seriously hard boning from the rear and gets spit-roasted by two well-built men before taking two loads shot on his hairy ass. Pierre Pierce is a light-skinned black guy; he's 18, he's really cute with a twinky look but with some facial hair, and he's bisexual. He gets fucked raw by a muscle hunk and loves every minute of it. All the action here is condom-free, as you would expect from the site name, and at least one of the recent updates are shot POV - maybe the camera man doubles as a stunt cock.

Raw Castings offers 60 exclusive videos. The vids are offered in MP4 format, the downloadable versions sized at 1920x1080 (that's full HD), and the streaming versions shown at 1446x812. Videos are good amateur quality, and the streaming versions can be fast-forwarded from the second they start to play with no pauses to buffer. Sound is decent, lighting is usually okay, although at some angles things can get just a little darker. I'm happy to report that the site apparently auto-detects what device you're using because I had no problem playing the videos on my phone and tablet.

Each episode has a long, juicy description of the action along with linked categories, member rating and the date it was added to the site. You can favorite the episodes you like or leave comments, although a lot of episodes don't have comments. And I found the category and search pages to be helpful, although not always; Pierre Pierce says in his interview that he's bottomed before, but one of the categories listed on his episode is Anal Virgin.

Each video comes with two sets of pictures. One is a set of screencaps sized at 1920x1080, although they're shown smaller in your browser. Quality varies from average to pretty good amateur, and while there are slideshows and you can navigate from picture to picture, there are no downloadable zip files available. Each video also comes with a set of digital stills sized at around 682x1024 at fairly good amateur quality. The digital stills are solo glamour shots of the guy auditioning, while the screencaps show the action from the video. All the galleries include slideshows and pic-to-pic navigation via the arrows, but only the newest sets include downloadable zip files.

Let's talk about issues. First, the site has recently stopped adding new content. Next is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join. The non-recurring membership costs $10 or $15 more for the month than the recurring memberships. I found the pages slow to load, although video downloads were fast and streaming was smooth. Something that may confuse most joining members is that on the tour and in the members area, you'll see episodes with names like "Casting #341," "Casting #608," and so on, but these numbers do not mean you'll find either 341 or 608 videos when you log in. I'm not sure how the site names their videos, but there are 60 of them, not 608. And while we learn a little about the models during the interviews, there are no profiles or model pages.

There's one last thing I wanted to mention. On the join page, there are two memberships shown: a recurring month at $24.95 and a more expensive non-recurring month. But choose either one and click to go to the billing page, and there you'll find a dropdown menu with a third option, a less expensive recurring membership at $19.95, which means you can save $5 over the recurring membership listed on the join page.

Raw Castings delivers first-timers who want to launch a career in porn or try sex on camera. You'll find a good mix of regular guys from average to cute, thin to muscled, tattooed or not, some with natural body hair and others smooth, and there's plenty of really hot bareback sex. The site offers 60 exclusive videos to download, stream, and the site auto-detects if you're on a mobile so you can stream or download the vids on your phone or tablet. Disappointingly the site no longer updates, but one of the two recurring monthly prices is reasonable at $19.95. Raw Castings has horny action featuring hot amateur guys who take cock up their asses raw, and I think whether you're a bareback fan or are into amateur guys, you're going to like what Raw Castings has to offer.

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