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Out Him promises reality porn featuring straight guys who have secret gay sex lives on the side. That's the fantasy - the reality is that you'll find hunks, studs and average-looking guys inside the site, but many of them are actually gay porn stars or performers or rent boys. I found Dylan Knight, Blue Bailey, Ethan Slade and Parker London, to name a few... and in what parallel dimension is Parker London a straight amateur? Some of the older videos do include some more amateur types, although in reality the ones I looked up were not only gay but had gone on to do more porn.

The action and scenarios here vary. You'll find a guy getting a massage from another guy, and there are no protests when the masseuse pulls down the towel and goes down on that hard cock, either. There are men sucking and fucking at the office (the boss apparently expects some perks!), as well as an outdoor scene starting with two horndogs making out, then fucking right there on the mountain. Some of the older videos do deliver the gay reality porn thing, including guys driving around to find a straight guy to bang on camera, but the newer episodes I watched are regular gay sucking and fucking, sixty-nining and guys shooting their loads. And there's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't deliver on the site's described theme.

Out Him delivers 129 videos, but the site stopped adding new content 10 months ago. The newer videos are offered in HD in MPG and WMV at 1080x720 plus a smaller version in MP4 format for mobiles, somewhat older videos are only offered in WMV and the mobile versions, and the oldest vids are only available for download in WMV format. All videos can also be streamed, for those who want to watch rather than wait for downloads. Video quality ranges - the older vids are average quality while the newer are good amateur. All videos are DRM-free full scenes. BTW, the downloadable videos all have the same name, so if you don't rename them, you may overwrite the vids you've already saved.

Most episodes offer two sets of pictures. The newer digital stills are sized at 1500x1000 at good quality, while the older ones are fair or better and a little smaller. The screencaps are average to good amateur quality, most sized at around 1280x720 like the videos. Oddly, I found the digital stills sets were often more repetitious than the screencaps. A downloadable zip file is available for the digital stills only.

In addition to Out Him, members get access to the entire Gay Room network which has 780 videos, and they add new a new video every 4 to 8 days. There are 7 bonus network sites total, including a couple of sites dedicated to really big dicks, another with massages turning sexual with happy endings, an office sex site, and another with bath house sex, along with a couple of other themed sites.

Let's talk issues. There's are pre-checked cross sales for a couple of other sites on the join page. Leaving those checked will give you three trial memberships, but unchecking them will result in you simply joining Out Him. The $1.00 1-day trial doesn't give you access to all the content, and it rebills at a full $15 more than the cost of a regular monthly membership. And this member area is packed full of links and advertising to other porn sites, live chat products, and dating sites. But once you figure out what is simply advertising, you can easily avoid it. As mentioned, the site no longer updates. And last, Out Him doesn't completely live up to its stated theme; in fact, the newer vids I watched don't even try.

Out Him gets a mixed review. The site does offer a reasonable amount of content, but many videos don't out anyone - they just show hot guys sucking and fucking. The older videos were filmed in a style that at least supports the amateur, homemade theme, but many of the newer videos star fairly well-known gay porn performers. The site offers 129 videos that can be downloaded or streamed, and most can be played on your mobile, as well. I was disappointed that the site no longer adds new content, but there are over 500 bonus videos from sites in the same network. If you're looking for videos where guys are outed by doing amateur gay porn videos, you may be disappointed, but if you're looking for a network of gay videos with different scenarios, Out Him may be worth checking out.

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