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New York Straight Men offers exactly what you'd expect; straight men from New York. Since the city is a melting pot of different nationalities with people who have their origins all over the world, you will find many different types of men. The guys are all amateurs and I believe that the majority are really straight. Most of the guys are in their twenties, thirties and forties. Although the guys are fit, don't expect any model-quality looks or perfectly shaped bodies, because the men at NYSM are an image of how the average (straight) male looks.

There's quite some diversity when it comes to the men. The majority of them are white, but you will also find some black men as well as Latinos and men with Italian or other European roots. Some are muscular, others have a few extra pounds, and they often have lots of natural body hair. You might wonder why those straight macho guys choose to appear on a gay site. Often they are just horny and are looking for a quick blowjob or an ass to fuck - a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass, right? Some of them are truly curious about sex with another guy, and sometimes they're looking for the kind of sex they don't get at home; anal sex, a rimjob or a sloppy blowjob.

The videos at New York Straight Men are mostly duos. In them, the straight guys get serviced by the house cocksuckers, who are gay guys, and sometimes they might even get serviced by other straight guys. Most of the men get their cocks sucked and their ass eaten before they blow their loads, which often land on the cocksucker's face. There are some solo videos and hardcore videos featuring anal sex, too.

There are currently 612 videos inside the member area, which is 37 more than there were a year ago. While for the most part the site is updating weekly, there are a few late updates every so often, explaining why there are a few less updates than would have been expected.

You can download the newer videos in MP4, QuickTime and WMV formats. The QuickTimes come at a size of 854x480 and the WMVs at a size of 960x540; the biggest and best are the MP4s, sized at 1280x720. The videos are not protected by DRM and you can download multiple files at the same time. The oldest videos are only available in WMV and play at a size of 720x480.

In case you prefer to watch the videos online, you can just click the video link and the vid will open in your browser's default video player. These are actually the same vids as the downloadable versions, so they're the same sizes and quality. All the videos are of good amateur quality.

The videos come with a set of matching picture sets. These are digital stills that show at a size of 675x900 to 1200x900, depending on the age of the episode. The images are of good amateur quality and the action has been captured extremely well. There are some great close-ups, too. There are 30 to 50 photos per gallery. While you can save individual images, there are no zip files to easily download all pictures at once.

I only ran into one issue: the featured men are listed backwards, so that the last listings are the most recent. While there are no other issues, there are a few things I'd like to see. The design is old-school and due for an upgrade, and slideshows and downloadable zip files would be nice. According to the owner, they are working on a new design as well as improved navigation, so hopefully that will come to pass. And as mentioned, there are some late updates, leading to less growth than the site has enjoyed in previous years.

New York Straight Men has been delivering straight amateurs from New York since 2005, and they have build up a nice-sized collection over the years. There are 612 videos with matching photo sets of straight guys getting their cocks sucked or their ass licked. There are some solo videos and hardcore videos containing penetration, too, and expect plenty of juicy closeups in all the videos. We've liked what this site has to offer for years, and it just keeps going. New York Straight Men is honest and straightforward, and delivers on what they promise; real straight men and hot action.

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