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My Friends' Feet has been around for a long time (they're currently celebrating their 16th anniversary), and the site has been a mainstay for fans of guys wearing socks, men's bare feet, foot worship, and tickling. I'm a foot freak, so I'm looking forward to checking out this site again.

The performers at My Friends' Feet run the gamut from athletes to jocks, muscle studs and hunky bodybuilders. The guys are mostly in their twenties and their thirties, as well as some who may be in their forties. Originally the site focused on amateur guys, but for a while now the site has been bringing in a fair number of gay porn stars like Alessio Romero, Tommy Defendi, Trenton Ducati, Landon Conrad, Matt Stevens, and more well-known names. The guys are in good shape, many quite well-built, and some are hairy while others are smooth. Some of them are tattooed, particularly some of the porn stars.

Not all of the men here get nude; some do, but many are wear street clothes, suits or work attire, shorts or underwear. Some start off bare footed while other videos open with the guys in socks or fully dressed and wearing their shoes. Some of the guys do one video, but several return for multiple sessions, and the site makes it easy to find more of their videos.

There's a lot of different action at My Friends' Feet, but this isn't a gay sex site; it's a foot worship and fetish site, so let's start there. One guy arrives home in his work clothes - trousers, shirt and dress shoes - and his buddy pulls off his shoes, smells them, then gets his nose down to sniff those socked feet. Then his socks are peeled off and he gets his bare feet rubbed, smelled, licked, and the foot fetishist sucks his toes. There's a lot of this sort of thing. Sometimes the guy being worshiped pretends to be asleep and sometimes he's watching the guy bathing his feet with his tongue.

Another type of video you'll find here are the tickling sessions The guys are tied up or strapped down for some painfully fun tickling - not just their feet, but their whole bodies including their sensitive (and usually hairy) armpits. And not just tickled with fingers, although there's plenty of that, but other things like electric toothbrushes or feathers. Sometimes two guys tag team one victim, both tickling him as he struggles, jerks and laughs helplessly. And once in a while the guy may get jacked off as a climax to the tickling scene.

Some of the guys are completely naked and play with their cocks while getting their feet worshiped with tongues, lips, and hands. The category search gives me 108 videos with full nudity, which is about double what there were a year ago. Sometimes a guy jacks off as his toes are being sucked, sometimes he'll fuck his worshiper's feet until he cums or vice versa, and a few guys shoot their loads on their own feet.

There are 685 videos on the site, and while I can't say exactly how often the site updates because only the newest five episodes are dated, there have been 111 videos added in the last year and a couple weeks. And the latest updates show the site has added three videos in the past 10 days. The newest videos are offered in MP4 format and come in four sizes from mobile versions at 640x360 to full HD at 1920x1080, and there's a couple other sizes as well. Older videos are offered in two sizes of MP4 and play back at 480x360 and 640x480. The videos are DRM-free full scenes, and you can stream or download them as you prefer. Quality ranges but mostly is good amateur.

Not every video session has pictures, but there are also some standalone sets, and together these add up to a total of 1,221 pic sets, 90 more than there were on our last visit. Pictures range in size, depending on their age from 390x500 to 900x1176. The pictures are good amateur to good quality, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from picture to picture; there are downloadable zip files and you can also save the pics you like individually.

In addition to the videos and pics, there's also a robust section of erotic stories to further whet your appetite for men's bare feet and there are several hundred stories here. These are written by members and the site adds at least one, and often five or more, each month. There also 18 older foot videos in the "Classic Clips" section as well. Your membership also includes access to a bonus site called Achilles Heel Art featuring toons and comics of characters getting their feet worshiped and tickled. There's a small area where you can post a profile or ad as well.

Are there any issues here? While the site has doubled its offering of fully nude men since our last review, you still need to be aware that nudity isn't commonplace -- this is a foot play and worship site, although these days there's some handjobs and masturbation going on. The site tries to help fetishists hone in on their kink by organizing the videos into categories: Bare Feet Area, Sock Area, Tickle Area, and Worship Area. I found this minimally helpful since a guy wearing socks who gets tickled and has his feet worshiped will appear in all four sections. But the site does help further by allowing you to click some pre-defined categories like athletic socks, nudity, sandals, etc., to find more of what turns you on.

By the way, when it comes to tour claims, there are a couple that are a bit iffy. One says that there are over a 1,000 videos, which isn't the case, and the other is that the site updates three times per week, which is sort of true as there are at least two video updates and one photo update per week.

My Friends' Feet is run by someone who obviously loves male feet, and he takes care to present a variety of scenarios and really gives the avid foot fetishist an eyeful. The camera takes in these guys' feet from all angles, which I appreciated since I'm more into seeing the tops of men's feet, their toes (hairy or not), and their toe nails, but if you like the soles of a man's feet, there's lots of that, too. Some of the guys being worshiped really get into it rubbing their feet on the worshiper's face or stuffing their toes in his mouth; others just lie back and enjoy the session. And the tickling videos are quite a lot of fun. Hands down, if you get off on men's feet, My Friends' Feet offers a lot of variety and plenty of hot guys' feet to keep you revved up.

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