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My First Daddy pairs up younger guys in their twenties with older men in their 50s, 60s and 70s. There's even one man they call the 80 year-old miracle, and Don Rodrigo is actually 82 and fucks two different guys. Right on, grandpa! This site is produced by the creators of Older 4 Me, which has been filming sexy older men for over 17 years. It's been over two years since our last look at the site, so let's head back and see what's happening.

Most of the scenes on My First Daddy are filmed in Buenos Ares, so the admirers are 20-something year old Latin guys with slender to athletic bodies. They're usually smooth or sporting just a bit of fur on their chests, and I found them to be fairly cute with dark hair and eyes, not to mention uncut cocks. Most of these pairings feature daddies who are twice or three times the age of their partners, and the younger guys seem to appreciate the experience an older man brings to the bedroom. The site has filmed a handful of times in the U.S., and I found in these cases that the age spread wasn't as great between the daddy and his admirer, but there are only perhaps six of these.

These older and mostly Argentinian men come in all shapes and sizes. Some have solid, muscular bodies or are in fairly good shape, others daddies are stocky or a little soft around the middle and some are sporting big bellies. I saw a lot of hairy chests and beards, and you can expect salt and pepper or silver hair, as well as quite few bald men, and again, plenty of foreskin. And most of the men are featured as single-name performers, so they're amateurs as opposed to porn regulars, although having said that, many of these men appear time and again in this producer's videos and across a network of sites. So they're unknowns in the larger porn world, but perhaps familiar in this genre.

Most of the action here is hardcore with plenty of blowjobs, ass fucking and rimming, but there are also a few daddies jerking off in solos. Most of the sessions feature an older man and younger guy in his twenties, but ten videos featured threesomes with two daddies taking on one younger stud. And there are 25 bareback scenes.

Sometimes the guys get right down to business, but some of the videos have fun ways of getting the men into the action. In "Your Muscles Love My Dick" 57 year old business Igor has an appointment with 24 year old Victorino, a muscled guy who is playing a talent scout. Igor apparently is looking for female models, but there's been a misunderstanding - Victorino only represents male models. Fishing for a compliment, and perhaps checking out if the agent is interested, Igor asks if he'd qualify as a male model. At Igor's urging, Victorino takes off his shirt and shows off his body. Then the stud starts unbuttoning Igor's shirt saying "I like older men like you." They swap blowjobs, then Igor fucks Victorino in the bedroom.

Before I talk about the videos themselves, it's important to cover the set-up of My First Daddy. The site's 30-day membership lets you watch unlimited streaming videos but doesn't include downloads. For those you need to buy packages of credits or viewing tokens. It's also possible to forgo the monthly membership and just buy packages of credits to stream or download whatever videos you want à la carte. And it's possible to use the monthly membership and credits in tandem.

There are 199 exclusive videos on My First Daddy; there are 63 more videos than on our last visit, which means they're sticking to their twice a month update schedule. The videos are MP4s offered at three different speeds, but all of them display at 854x480, and the highest one fares best at full-screen mode. If you opt to use credits and download some of the videos, you'll get MP4s sized at 1280x720. And before buying these downloads, you can watch a a preview trailer of each video. Since the men are mostly Spanish speaking, there are usually English subtitles or a voice over telling a bit of a story, but not always. And good news is that the videos are compatible with newer mobiles.

Each video has a picture gallery. These are digital stills or very good screencaps that display at 800 pixels or so on the long side. The pictures pop-up in a viewer that doesn't allow you to save any of them nor is there a zip file to download. There are 40 to 70 pictures for each movie and there are forward and back controls to navigate through the pictures; there's a slideshow feature as well. But, there are no thumbnail galleries, so you can't pick and choose which pictures you'd like to see.

You can sort the videos by date added or you can browse a number of categories like uncut cocks, threeways, daddy tops younger, and others. The performer's names are also clickable so you can find more of your favorites, and all of the older men can be found in the Daddies section on the navigation bar.

Videos cost eight credits to download, and while I'm not a fan of sites that make me pay extra to download videos, this is becoming more commonplace. Buying videos à la cate and one at a time can get expensive, so I suggest buying a streaming membership and keeping track of the videos you'd like to own; then you can buy the needed credits before your membership expires. One other thing that I didn't like about the members area is that each episode's "stash to cloud" and download options, which cost you extra, appear as big buttons, but the streaming option, which is included in your membership, isn't as prominent and it's tucked away at the bottom of the episode's section. It's quite easy to miss.

If you like inter-generational gay sex, My First Daddy has a good offering of 199 exclusive, mobile-compatible videos. Most feature 20-something guys sucking and fucking with daddies in their 50s, 60s and 70s. Sometimes the site strays from the true daddy-boy niche, but these instances are few and far between. I found the chemistry to be genuine and exciting to watch; the men, especially the younger guys, weren't just phoning it in for a paycheck, they were really enjoying themselves. There are 199 exclusive, mobile compatible videos and the site updates twice a month. And My First Daddy members get unlimited streaming so they can watch as much as they like.

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