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Rocco Steele started in gay porn in the summer of 2014. The top daddy's popularity skyrocketed with fans watching a parade of bottoms trying to stuff Steele's 10x7 into their horny holes. Rocco started in bareback porn, but did the rounds with some of the big-name condom studios, as well. He's been planning this site for a while, and finally in July 2017, Steele opened My 10 Inches. I'm thrilled it's finally here and that I get to review it.

In an industry obsessed with youth, Rocco Steele's late arrival to the porn industry at 45 years of age was quite surprising. Born in Ohio, Steele moved to New York City after college. Back then he was a skinny guy who only fantasized about being one of the muscle men he admired. He partied hard and life started to spin out of control. But Rocco eventually found recovery, and he's been clean and sober for more than 16 years. He worked in corporate America for years, but he always had his eye on starting his own business. Porn has helped him launch his own men's wear line called 10SEVEN, which is available on his site.

As I mentioned, Rocco Steele got started in bareback porn, but he hasn't limited his performances to raw sex. Steele is 47 years old, bearded and heavily inked. He stands 5'10" and weighs around 205 pounds. He's packing a monster cock that measures, we're told, 10 inches long and seven inches around. And as one would hope with that huge piece of man meat, he's a top. I've seen few bottoms who are able to suck much more than a third of his huge dick, but a couple have gone impressively deep.

My 10 Inches features bottoms eager to take their turn riding Steele's humongous dong. There's no solo action here - all of the scenes are duos. The guys Steele fucks are fairly well-known porn performers, some actual porn stars, including Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Tony Dazzle, Asher Devin, Marcus Isaacs, Tony Axel, Saxon West, Jackson Fillmore, Max Cameron, Ian Greene and Sean Duran. So you can expect mostly gym fit bodies, some more muscular than others, an assortment of hairy and smooth men, some tattooed and some not, as well as some with facial hair. Most of the action seems to take place in Steele's home or hotel rooms, and one memorable scene happens in the bed of a pick-up truck parked in a garage.

Something to note; one of the scenes features a fan who apparently hit up Steele on Twitter looking for a fuck session and got what he asked for. I don't know if Rocco will regularly fuck fans, but we can all hope. What's that I hear? Is that a stampede of men running to their computers to sign into Twitter?

Before I talk about the videos, let's discuss how the site works. You can purchase a streaming-only membership that will allow you to watch as many videos as you want for the 30-day duration, or you opt for viewing packages offering 30 to 180 minutes. The streaming option is definitely the better deal of the two unless you're a very casual user or are only interested in watching one or two scenes.

There are 24 exclusive videos on My 10 Inches, and they're offered in streaming MP4 format and play at 970x546. You can select one of three speeds (medium, high and HD); the picture size stays the same but the picture quality improves with each level. The videos are good amateur quality with decent lighting and sound, and there's a full-screen option where the videos fare pretty well. They're also compatible with most mobiles, although probably not really old phones. There are no downloads offered. Each scene has a brief description, but they aren't written by Rocco - they're simply third-person narratives describing the action or how the pair came together for the scene.

Each episode has a gallery of screencaps that display at 800x450. They're good quality, and there are 15 pics per set. You can save them individually, but there's no zip option to grab the entire photo set. There are forward and back controls on the picture viewer, but there's no hands-free slideshow.

Since My 10 Inches launched, it's been updating faithfully once a week on Wednesdays.

There aren't really any extras, but there is a store where you can purchase jockstraps, underwear and t-shirts from Rocco Steele's 10SEVEN men's line of clothing. There doesn't appear to be any discount for members, however and you don't even have to be a member to visit the store.

Are there any drawbacks? Nothing major, but a couple of things to mention. There's a pre-checked off on the billing page, but you can easily opt out of it if you're not interested. I was disappointed that there's no bio page telling us anything about Rocco Steele; in fact, all of the information I detailed at the beginning of this review I got from interviews available online. There's also no mechanism for fans to interact with Steele on the site. Both of these things would go a long way to add personality to the site. I'd also like to see Mr. Steele's own descriptions of the scenes. Maybe these things are still to come - we can hope.

My 10 Inches is building from a good start, and Rocco Steele fans should be pretty happy. This handsome, tattooed and massively hung daddy knows how to fuck, and here he gets it on with huge-hung, masculine porn stars, a few lesser-known performers and even a fan. The site now offers 24 exclusive videos to stream on your desktop and mobile, and it adds a new scene every week. And while downloads aren't offered, the site uses good quality streaming servers and I had no trouble jumping around and fast-forwarding with a scene. I enjoyed my visit and loved watching Rocco stretch out these bottoms' holes, and I'm really looking forward to watching this site grow.

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