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MonsterCub isn't just a site - he's an actual man named Hunter Scott. He's originally from South Carolina and lives in Florida with his partner, Joe Cubbenstein, who also appears on the site. Hunter picked up the nickname MonsterCub when he worked as a bartender, and this is his personal website where he shares his homemade sex videos and lots of extras that I'll talk about later. Let's get inside and have a look around.

Hunter Scott, or MonsterCub, is a 27-year-old cub. He weighs 300 pounds and sports a big belly. He was a wrestler in high school and has a solidness about him. He wears facial hair of some kind, usually a goatee, and he's got dark hair. He's furry with both a hairy chest and belly, and a little bit on his beefy ass. He's sporting a decent-sized dick that's on the thick side. And MonsterCub is a top who likes playing with a variety of guys, not just bears, cubs and chasers.

There's a lot of discussion on the web about the difference between cubs and bears, and there aren't any hard and fast rules. There's not a size or weight limit, and generally cubs can range from stocky to big-bellied men. Cubs are often young or youthful bear men, but I've also seen some 50-year-old men who I'd call cubs. In the bear community, a man defines who he is, not the other way around, so if he wants to call himself a bear or a cub, so be it.

Hunter plays with different types of guys on the site. First, his partner, Joe Cubbenstein, is a 31-year-old cub with dark hair and beard and a furry chest and belly. He's packing a few extra pounds, but he's not as big as Hunter. And Joe (aka Cubby) is a bottom who apparently gives the best head MonsterCub has ever had. Most of the other guys on the site are cubs in their twenties, and most are hairy and wearing facial hair of some kind. But there are three slender guys - these are normally called chasers - who like having sex with bigger men.

MonsterCub appears in all but one of the videos. There are 16 duos and 4 solos, including one with a Puerto Rican cub named Caleb. The other solos feature Scott jacking off. The duos are all bareback except for one, and the guys suck and fuck in a variety of locations: bedrooms and other home settings, pools and bath tubs, a few outdoor sessions and there's one filmed in a leather store where Scott chains a chaser to the wall and plays with him. Scott enjoys sucking dick as much as he likes getting blown, and he seems to always get his dick inside his buddy's ass.

Before we talk about video details, let's talk about the membership. You can buy a membership, monthly or other time periods, that give you unlimited access to the site for a specified period like 30 days. These give you streaming video, but downloads cost you extra. You buy credits in packages from 30 to 120 credits, and you can use these to download the videos to your computer (around 8 to 10 credits each), or you can store them in the site's cloud and watch them online whenever you want (3 or 4 credits each), which is handy if you don't want to maintain a monthly membership.

There are 20 videos that you can stream at three speeds in a player sized at 890x500, and each speed gives you progressively better picture quality. These are homemade videos, and while I generally found the quality was pretty good, some weren't as crisp as I'd like. Also, sometimes there's wind noise on outdoor shoots or jostling of the camera, all of which is to be expected with amateur filming. The downloadable MP4s play at 1280x720. The videos aren't dated, so I have no idea how often or if the site updates.

Some scenes have small picture galleries of screencaps that display at 960x540 in a slider with a hands-free option. What's disappointing is that you can't save them individually nor is there a downloadable zip.

The site offers a few extras; namely a blog where Hunter writes stories about his life past and present, gives advice, shares his experience, plus there are some horny stories about his sexual escapades. As well, he's filmed 16 slice-of-life videos where he covers everything from reviewing a bear event to showing us how to make a quesadilla, and quite a few other things - Hunter likes to cook almost as much as he likes to fuck.

The site is straightforward and easy to get around, but I have a few quibbles. If you click his blog or DIY videos on the navigation bar, you leave the member's area and need to use the "back" button (possibly repeatedly) to get back inside. I find the mixture of streaming-membership videos and pay-per-view downloads unsatisfying. I'd rather pay more for a downloadable membership than fussing around with buying credits. There's also a constant push to sell DVDs.

MonsterCub is a site with lots of personality, and I find Hunter Scott's personal approach refreshing. He doesn't just give us his homemade videos and fuck sessions, but shares quite a bit of himself through his blog and DIY videos. He's a horny, hairy top who knows how to show a bottom a good time, and he tries to keeps the sex and situations fresh. MonsterCub isn't a huge site, but a monthly membership doesn't cost a lot. And while I didn't love the pay-extra downloads, the option is there if you want to save your favorites.

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