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Military Classified offers a horny assortment of amateur military studs getting off for the camera. A dozen years ago most of the guys masturbated or got blowjobs, but these days most get sucked off or fuck the site owner. There are lots of first-timers getting their first action from a guy, and many of guys return to cum over and over. It's been almost four years since our last look inside, so let's get started.

The site owner Rob's got a passion for military men, and he's an enthusiastic bottom, so he makes a perfect recruiter for the site. Throughout San Diego he finds horny Marines and navy boys, army and air force servicemen and even some civilians, and offers them money to jack off or get a little head. If the guy is very straight, Rob may tell them he's casting for a straight porno. Rob himself is dark-haired with a slender body and appears to be in his late thirties or early forties. He loves sucking dick and knows how to put these first-timers at ease.

The guys here range in age through their twenties with slender to athletic physiques, short hair and some tattoos. Some show up in uniform, but most are in civilian wear. Some are handsome and others average, with many falling somewhere in between. Most are straight, some are curious and some just want the cash.

Each guy's stats and military branch are at the top of his episode's page, and there's also a back story about him and his video shoot. For instance, Mack is a tall jarhead with an eight inch cock who was too nervous to do anything except jack off. Wolfy, on the other hand, is a blond marine who was only too happy to get sucked off, and he has a giant pair of nuts full of cum. Rob talks with the guys for a couple of minutes to find out about their sexual experience and what kinds of things turn them on.

The older scenes are mostly masturbation and oral, but these days most feature blowjobs and fucking. And many of the guys come back for repeat sessions. After getting his first blowjob, Blaze has returned for three anal sessions. Bryce is a handsome air force stud who has done eight videos now including two videos where he sits side by side with another dude while Rob rides their dicks. Bryce likes fucking bareback, but many of the others screw with condoms, so it's a mixed bag. Rob has a full-length mirror propped up on the wall beside the bed, so we get another view of the action.

And these horny dudes let it fly all over the place. Sometimes Rob jacks them off and watching their jizz squirt across their bellies, sometimes they cum into his open mouth, other times they blast all over Rob's ass and back.

Military Classified now offers a whopping 859 videos, which is up by 435 videos since our last review over three years ago. There are two membership options; a streaming-only membership and two download memberships. Also you can browse the site without a membership and preview two to three minute clips, and you can buy full-length videos, as well. Just make sure that you choose the right membership for your needs; the cheapest option doesn't give you any downloads but is perfect for those who prefer to stream their vids and save some money.

The videos are full scenes, the newer offered in four download options: MP4s at 320x176, 960x544 and 1280x720 and a WMV sized at 640x360. Older videos are offered in MP4 format sized at 320x240, two different speeds at 640x480 and aWMV offered at 640x480. These older scenes used to be offered in two parts, but they seem to be full scenes now. The videos play well on mobiles (both Apple and Android), and you can stream them as well at 800x450 or older ones at 640x480. The site doesn't use a full-streaming server, so you may encounter pauses for buffering until the streaming videos have completely loaded.

The site adds two new releases every week, and they also pull a third video out the archives - these are usually ten or more years old. I don't know if these videos from the archive are remastered (they do come in smaller sizes than the newer releases) but they are clearly marked with their original date as well as their re-release date.

Each video comes with a long description of the action from site owner and cock sucker, Rob. It also includes a set of screencaps and sometimes a small set of digital stills. The screencaps are sized at 640x480 and the digital stills are 750x530, and they're all good amateur quality. You can browse through the pictures using the forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow. There's also no zip file downloads, but you can save the pictures you like individually.

The site used to have strict download limits, but they've relaxed them a bit, allowing members with download memberships to save 4 GB daily. The only other problem with the site is a personal quibble: a lot of the guys watch porno playing off screen, I'd prefer if they were more engaged in what was happening to their own cock, but these are mostly straight guys. Still, Rob's a good cocksucker and it's fun watching these guys trying to pretend not to enjoy his mouth.

Military Classified has videos going all the way back to 2004, so the site owner has been servicing straight dudes for over 11 years. Not all of the guys are military but most are, and they're mainly navy guys and marines with a few air force or army men showing up now and again. The newest videos are bigger and better quality, and they feature lots more blowjob and anal action. With over 850 videos and two new releases added every week, there's plenty to keep you horned up, and the site brings an older video out of the archives every week, too. Those into real military men and straight amateurs will find Military Classified is well worth a visit.

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