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Men of Montreal was started by gay porn model Marko Lebeau who has been doing porn for a few years. This good-looking guy is 24 years of age; he's blond, furry, versatile, and speaks English well but still hasn't completely lost his sexy French-Canadian accent. With his contacts in the business and a stable of handsome muscled guys looking for work, Lebeau launched Men of Montreal, so let's take a look inside.

The hunks here are a mixed and sexy bunch. You'll find slender, ripped guys as well as muscle hunks and beefier bodybuilder types. And it's not surprising the site has so many good-looking guys because most of them are also exotic dancers. In case you didn't know, Montreal is bursting with male strip clubs. You may also not know that Quebecois men tend to be uncircumcised, so there are plenty of uncut cocks for foreskin lovers. The guys are a mix of amateurs who haven't done gay porn and some porn stars like Pierre Fitch, Dominic Pacifico, and Brandon Jones, and of course, Marko Lebeau. And though there are porn performers, Men of Montreal has lots of fresh faces. Many of the guys speak French, and when they don't speak any English there are subtitles during the interview portions of their scenes.

The action includes lots of hot kissing, cock sucking, rimming, ass fucking, and of course, guys shooting their cum loads all over each other. Some of the older videos were filmed outdoors during the summer when these hot, hunky men could enjoy being nude and getting it on in the sun; but the recent scenes were filmed indoors in bedrooms, living rooms - one recent update includes a passionate fuck in the kitchen and another has two guys in action on a semi-public balcony. There are a few threesome and group sessions, some where guys use sex toys either solo or with a buddy, and I found two double-penetration scenes as well.

Men of Montreal currently offer 224 exclusive videos. Members can stream the videos in a player sized at 890x500 in three qualities, and while the highest quality version (720p but no way to confirm its actual size) looks pretty good, when I tried to fast-forward I found it would stop to buffer for a while before starting up again (I'm on a super fast connection). The lower quality versions don't look as sharp and clear, but even the lowest quality version (called 360p) looks decent, although I'd recommend at least the medium version if you want to go full screen. Sound is good, there's a handy graphic timeline when you mouse over the bottom of the player, and the site says that the videos are mobile-compatible. Downloads are no longer included with your membership.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures. These are screencaps sized at 960x540, and they're pretty decent quality except that they're out of aspect ratio, so they look a little weird. Hands-free slideshows are available as is picture-to-picture navigation, but there are no downloadable zip files nor are members able to download individual pictures.

The site has no bonuses, but there is a model index. Each model's page has a clickable list of his scenes as well as a short profile including cock size, height and weight, age and whether he tops, bottoms, or considers himself versatile. There's also a brief description. Each video has a list of clickable tags, and model names are clickable, and these things made it easy to find what I was looking for, as did the list of scene types, which is actually a category list.

Now let's talk about updates. The tour says the site updates weekly; the members area says a new hardcore video is added weekly and a new solo is added bi-weekly, but browsing through the most recent videos, there are five hardcore in a row before we get to the first solo. There are also no update dates shown, but while there's no way to confirm whether updates appear on the same day of the week, there have been 68 updates added since our last visit, which does average out to just over one update per week.

Men of Montreal does have some issues worth discussing. First are some tour claims that aren't met. On the join page, it says "most scenes being between 30 and 90 minutes long - MUCH longer than you'll find on most other sites!" In reality, of the 12 most recent updates, none are over 30 minutes; seven are under 20 minutes and one is only nine. I was quite disappointed that video downloads are no longer included with membership - you must now pay several credits in order to buy each download, although if you prefer to stream, this won't bother you. I also found the new tour and design less sleek and attractive than the previous one. And last are those missing biweekly updates and lack of update dates, although the site seems to be adding a hardcore scene every week - we can't confirm how regular those are since updates aren't dated.

As a Canadian I've known for a long time that Montreal has some of the hottest men in the country, and Men of Montreal features some of the most handsome and well-built studs and hunks the city has to offer. Fans of uncut cock will love this site, as most of the men are sporting foreskin. The site has grown to 224 episodes, each with streaming videos and a set of screencaps, and there are once a week updates with an occasional second solo added. I do miss the bonus sites and especially the downloadable videos the site used to include with membership, but there's enough hot guys with uncut cocks at Men of Montreal to keep members happy.

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