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Bind is a former escape artist, a man I'd put in his late thirties or early forties, and he started Men in Chains because he wanted to explore extreme, non-sexual bondage. He says that he actually began the site in December 2012 while he was a voluntary prisoner and slave. He featured pictures of his confinement and wrote about how he felt living for hours at a time in a cage. Eventually he started posting videos of his own bondage play, and Men in Chains grew so large he finally split the videos and journal into separate sites. Now, Men in Chains only features his videos, and if you're into bondage and confinement, you'll want to join me as we visit this site.

Men who are into bondage come in all shapes, sizes and ages, so you'll find quite a variety here. You'll see everything from hipsters to grandpas, along with muscle men, guys with slender or athletic bodies, daddies and some men with a bit of belly. It's all about the restraint and confinement, not the men. Bind himself is a slender man around forty years of age, he's clean shaven, and he runs a nasty mouth and knows how to put his prisoners in their place.

One of the newer videos is called "Franklin County Jail Role-Play Adventure", and it features Bind arresting a shaggy-haired guy in his twenties named Tony Orlando. Bind takes Tony to a real jail that was built in the 1880s and now can be rented out for role-playing experiences where guests can become inmates for periods from two hours to two weeks. Bind puts his prisoner through the works confiscating and cataloguing his personal belongings; he conducts a non-nude search, takes mug shots, and Tony has a shower and receives his orange jumpsuit. (We never see Tony fully naked in the shower, just from the waist up).

In a scene called "Real Convicts" two real-life cons are filmed in Bind's jail where they are booked, then put in adjacent cells. The jailer torments the prisoners by restraining them in various ways just for the fun of watching them struggle. I also liked "Bind's Bondage Report 12" where Bind straps a stocky man named Hawk into a confinement chair. Hawk thinks he's just getting tied up and trained, but then Bind brings out the clippers and starts threatening a hair cut. "Leave my hair alone", Hawk orders. He's tied up and he's issuing the orders! Funny. Long story short, Bind gives Hawk a complete buzz cut but leaves a Mohawk, then he shaves away the remaining hair and turns it into a smiley face.

So I guess you're getting the idea that there's no sex or full nudity that I could see. But you'll be treated to all kinds of bondage from ropes, chains, and handcuffs to full body suits and confinement cages, boxes and other devices. One guy has his hands and feet cemented in concrete, another is tied to a pole, and yet another is mummified in a body bag. Lots of men are hogtied and some are suspended with rope or chains. Bind even gets a tattoo while his hands are cuffed behind his back. And if you like prison role play, there's plenty of that with men acting as prisoners, correctional officers, jailers and wardens.

There are 138 exclusive videos on Men in Chains. They're available to stream at 720x405, and while I couldn't tell the video format, they played fine on my computer and my Android phone. They're good amateur quality with good clarity and sound so you can hear all of the instructions and admonishing. You can watch them in full-screen mode and the videos fare pretty well; they look even better on smaller mobile screens. The videos generally run between 20 and 30 minutes each, but some are only 10 minutes. Most of them are full scenes, but there are a handful that are broken into two parts.

Each episode has a description about who is in the scene, where it's filmed and the general set up of what you're about to see. There are no picture sets - just a graphic banner that previews the video. None of the videos are dated, but we talked to the owner who says he updates weekly, usually on Saturday, plus the site's inexpensive to join and gives you excellent value for $12.

Are there any drawbacks with Men in Chains? Nothing major. I'd like to see dates on the updates, and I was disappointed that the videos aren't available for download. There's no way we could find to discover the video format, but the vids do play on some mobiles, and there's no Help page for those who may have trouble playing the vids. Still, you can start to play each video before joining to discover whether the vids play for you; they played for me in two browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and on my Android phone and tablet, although a co-editor with an iPhone and iPad could play the vids but they weren't well implemented. And honestly any flaws are trumped by the creative and authentic content.

One minor detail, which is more of an explanation that a complaint. There's no join button, but rather you visit a video's page, click the play button, and after a preview begins you'll be prompted to join or enter your password. Once I entered my password once, I didn't have to do it again.

Men of Chains is a labor of love created and maintained by a bondage enthusiast named Bind. He films scenes featuring extreme bondage and prison scenarios in realistic settings using all kinds of gear from duct tape or rope to full-equipped jails or playrooms. It's always a joy reviewing a site produced by someone who is really into their kink and Bind certainly is. The 130 exclusive videos are good amateur quality, and the genuine and authentic bondage and confinement sessions will keep you charged up. This is definitely one bondage enthusiasts will want to check out!

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