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Men Bucket promises real amateur men in action and that's what it delivers. These are genuine amateurs, so don't count on studio-quality production values; the often rough-around-the-edges amateur content is the point. You'll find gay and bi guys, daddies, grand daddies, chubs, crossdressers, bears, tatted blue-collar dudes, and everything in between in solo and hardcore action. Ready to learn more? Join me as I log in and see what's been happening since our last visit.

Visiting this site feels like finding a huge box of dirty Polaroids and homemade skin flicks. As it's all amateur, the hotness of the guys totally varies, but there are so many types of guys, you'll likely find something to get you off. I saw all kinds of bodies from nice furry muscle bears to daddies with big beer guts, and they seem to range in age from early twenties to sixties. You won't find many twinks or jocks unless they're playing with bears and daddies, and the percentage of men of color wasn't significant either. And remember, the crossdressers are simply horny men in women's makeup or clothes, not polished drag queens, so many are just as rough around the edges as the sexed up bears and daddies.

You won't find porn stars or models here - these are real guys messing around in their homes and playrooms. How do I know these are their real locations versus sets? The hideous couches and bedspreads and less than stellar lighting are a major clue. And that all adds to the sleazy feel. Sleaze is good! If you're an exhibitionist or voyeur, you'll be able to relate to their need to show off. The site does promise some leaked content (where the model may not be fully aware or approving of it being posted), but it's hard to confirm that kind of thing. But the "submit content" page only asks for confirmation that everyone in the video is 18 or over, so leaked content is a distinct possibility. Apparently anyone can be a porn star (willingly or not) when it's a DIY affair.

Let me give you an idea of some of the types of videos you'll find at Men Bucket: In "Training My Deep Throat Skills", a twenty-something smooth guy has his hands cuffed behind his back and he's gulping a large dick at a gloryhole in what appears to be his home bathroom. I saw a chubby guy fucking his blow-up doll, a bottom gets fucked by a nice big dick while lying in a leather sling, and in another video a guy plunges a dildo to the floor and sits on it with his meaty uncut cock swinging to the gentle rhythm. "Young Sissy Slut Fucks His Ass" features a guy in his twenties wearing leggings and rouge on his cheeks fucking himself with a red dildo, and in another video, a silver daddy reaches around his huge belly and strokes his substantial cock until he cums. In one more vid, a daddy in a baseball cap lies on a bed while a lad sucks him off, and apparently they hooked up on CraigsList.

There are 1,197 videos in MP4 format available to download, stream or watch on your mobile. Vids are sized at around 720x400 or 400x710, but there may be some smaller sizes, as well. And remember, these are amateur productions so expect all kinds of different quality from poor to average, although many are pretty decent. Some videos lack sound, while more have it, and some are pixilated while others are not. And there's a full-screen option, but most don't fare very well. This is mostly user-submitted content, so some videos are as short as 30 seconds while some play out for several minutes.

There are also 4,546 galleries, each with from 19 to just over 50 pictures each. The photos are 750 wide, but the height varies greatly from 467 to 1160 or better. As with the videos, these are amateur quality or better, some being rather fuzzy while others are pretty decent. While many are are offered in non-series galleries, there are some that are offered in sets - meaning one man or duo appears in all the pics in the gallery. You can save the pictures individually or download entire sets in zip files, although there's no slideshows. Many of the older photos are watermarked, sometimes discretely and sometimes obtrusively, as in obscuring the dick.

Though each photo set is represented by a thumbnail, it doesn't give you much of an idea what's inside each gallery. They are broken down by general category and that helps, but there are lots of faceless dick shots, as well as occasional thumbs that I was unable to identify. Most of the newer thumbs, however, are clearer and make it a bit easier to identify the content in each gallery. The photo set grab bag sure stays true to the theme of buckets of men.

Now let's talk about updates. There are 303 more videos than there were a little over two and a half years ago, and that's less than half of what there should have been since the site claims they update daily. Even if you add in the 243 more picture sets, the numbers don't add up as there should be more than 876 new updates since our last visit. There's still a lot more content, however, and the dates on the comments make it apparent that the updates are being currently added frequently, if not daily. It would clarify things if the updates were actually dated.

The site does have some more issues. There's a pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on the right side of the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site's membership when you join Men Bucket, but it's easy to uncheck. Trial members can access only the latest updates, and the trial membership recurs at $5 more than cost of the monthly membership. The trial and yearly memberships have higher prices listed on the bottom of the join page than are the actual prices the processor lists on the billing page. Also please note that when joining the site, you automatically give permission for them to send you commercial emails until you contact them and let them know you do not wish to receive emails from them.

There are two more areas with issues - content and claims. The join page exaggerates the numbers, claiming to have 250,000 pictures and 10,000 videos, neither of which is close to the truth. As mentioned, they offer daily updates but the numbers show they don't deliver them, although they do update. The streaming video player is taller than the actual videos, so they don't look as sharp and clear as the downloadable vids look - not that they're that sharp and clear, but they do look better. I found the download button on each video's page a little small and hard to see at first. The videos themselves are small and lower quality; my phone two generations ago took bigger, better video. And finally, some of the oldest picture galleries had broken or missing images; in fact, some galleries had no pictures at all.

Men Bucket delivers real amateur content. You get lots of hairy men, regular guys and daddies, chubs, crossdressers and random dudes in solo and hardcore action. This site is about raw exhibitionism, showing us what the guy next door is doing behind closed doors. The technical quality of videos and photos is amateur, so it's not fair to compare it to high-end studio content featuring professional models, although these days every cell phone shoots HD, so I'm not sure why some vids aren't larger. With 1,500 videos and 4,546 galleries, you'll likely find heaps of stuff to turn on the voyeur in you. The bottom line: Fans of genuine amateurs and homemade content should have a blast here.

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