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Cole and Hunter are real-life lovers and well known for their amateur site, but they have started a second site called Maverick Men Directs where I think they are trying to do more directing and filming instead of sucking and fucking. The site launched in May of 2015, so we're taking a quick visit to see how it's been doing since then.

Cole and Hunter have always featured a variety of guys in their videos and Maverick Men Directs is no different. The guys tend to be in their twenties with bodies ranging from slender to very well built, and you'll find smooth and hairy guys, some tattooed and others not. Cole and Hunter travel a lot and meet guys and fans wherever they go, so you'll find plenty of new faces and guys who haven't filmed a porno before. But there are some regular porn guys here too like Scott Harbor, Carter Jacobs, Luke Harding, and Deviant Otter (Devin Totter) who actually got his start with Maverick Men.

To be honest with you, I'm not sure what's different about Maverick Men Directs. There's no "about us" page or any write-up explaining why they started a second site. Cole vaguely mentioned in one video that they were trying to do more directing on this new site, but they're still showing up in many of the videos either introducing the guys or playing with them. Follow along and I'll show you what I mean.

In "Big Bear & Little Wolf" they invited a big muscle bear over to fuck a furry Latino guy and after introducing the guys, the Maverick Men let them suck and fuck. While Big Bear fucks Little Wolf doggy style, Hunter grabs Little Wolf's cock saying, "Oh yeah, he likes it, rock hard and dripping." A moment later, Cole tells Little Wolf to play with his cock, then Cole pats him on the head. In another video called "Donkey Dick Double Stuff" the Maverick Men make a fan's fantasy come true. Marcus bottomed for the couple in an earlier video, but he decided that he preferred topping, so he asked Cole and Hunter if they could find a bottom to join them in a fourway. Chris Ryder and Marcus played together, they sucked Cole together, and the Maverick Men and Marcus each fucked Chris.

"When Boyfriends Fuck" feature real-life lovers Karter and Micha, a couple of slender skater types who suck and fuck in an outdoor scene. While Karter pounds Micha with his bare, 10-inch cock, Cole and Hunter take turns using the bottom's mouth. Later, the Maverick Men urge Karter to piss on his lover for the first time. And "Horny Twink Cum Catchers" has the Maverick Men fulfilling Riley's gang bang fantasy by inviting scruffy-faced Lucky over to help them take turns on Riley's ass.

There are currently two ways to enjoy the Maverick Men Directs movies: they still have an unlimited streaming monthly membership for $24.95, or you can buy viewing packages of 50, 200, or 400 minutes and watch what you want without a membership.

There are now 57 streaming videos inside the site that play in a Flash player at 860x508, and you can select any of three speeds, each improves the picture quality. There's also full-screen mode where the highest quality movies fared the best, and the vids play fine on my Android phone. The movies played well and I didn't experience issues with buffering and moving ahead in a video was a breeze, but no downloads are offered. These are amateur productions though, so you can expect camera jostling and whatnot, but overall this doesn't get in the way of enjoying the movies.

Each video has a small gallery of screencaps that display in a viewer at 800x450. They're average quality, but they do give you an idea of what is happening in the video. You can look at the pictures online, but there's no hands-free slideshow or downloadable zip files. You can save the pictures you like, however.

It appears the site is updating three times a month, although one of the three updates is a "bonus" update; a few months ago the site was sometimes updating twice and sometimes three times.

There are a number of things that give me pause with Maverick Men Directs. Those who prefer to download the videos they watch are going to miss the downloads; for those who'd rather stream, the lack of downloadable videos won't be a problem. I'd prefer to see at least one more update per month, but the site does okay with three.

But my biggest complaint with Maverick Men Directs is the filming style and the lack of a clear mandate. If Cole and Hunter want to direct porn, then direct and stay out of the movies; if they're going to continue fucking the guys they're filming, just as they do on Maverick Men, then why start another site? I'm not a big fan of director's talking during the action, and that happens here; I'd prefer they let the guests in these videos do their thing.

Maverick Men Directs is a site with some hot and fun content, but like a lot of newer porn sites, they're going through some growing pains. With 57 exclusive, streaming videos so far, the site is continuing to grow with three monthly updates (sometimes two), and Cole and Hunter do seem to be getting more into directing. I have always liked Maverick Men's videos - their filming style is fun and friendly, and the sex and horseplay seems natural and unrehearsed and gives us the feeling that just about anything could happen, and often does.

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