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Manpuppy is a 47-year-old man who describes himself as a "DILF with the body of a twink." And it turns out he's a kinky fucker, too. He loves playing with younger guys in their early twenties, and aside from sucking and fucking, they get into some kinky things. This site is Manpuppy's place where he explores and shares his secret fantasies and gives us an uncensored look at his sex life.

Manpuppy never tells us his name, but he's a native Floridian who says that he started doing cam shows and porn videos about five years ago. He describes himself as having "the body of a twink with the experience of a man." I don't know about that, as twinks don't normally have six-pack abs, but Manpuppy sure is lean. His body is smooth except for the treasure trail crawling from his crotch to his belly button, and his pubes look natural, but they're not wild. He's got salt 'n pepper hair, and sometimes he wears glasses but often doesn't. He's packing a decent-sized dick with a deliciously big cap, and he usually can blast his cum load right up onto his chest.

Manpuppy loves playing with guys who look to be about half his age. These twenty-something year old guys love having their dicks and balls sucked, their armpits and necks nuzzled, and Manpuppy fucks their tight butts with his bare cock. Tristan Sweet is a cute guy in his early twenties who seems to be one of Manpuppy's regular fuck buddies as he appears in several videos. Tristan lies naked on the couch in one video, he's wearing a heavy leather collar and Manpuppy sucks his balls, then the daddy wants to eat his ass but Tristan wants his dick sucked. They go back and forth ordering one another around until Manpuppy finally says, "Who is wearing the collar?" And he dives into Tristan's ass with his tongue.

In another video Manpuppy fucks a smooth lad on his couch, a sort of audition for some webcam work; he tickles Tristan in another video, rubbing lotion all over his body in a solo and jacking off, and in another he smokes and draws all over his body with a marker, then he cums on his body and smears the ink with his cum. And in yet another session one of his guests shows off his ability to perform autofellatio.

Manpuppy has a foot and smoking fetish, so you'll find plenty of videos where he's sucking some lad's toes, smelling his socks, or getting his face rubbed with a big pair of sweaty feet. Another video has a dark-haired guy named Sebastian giving us a foot show on the couch; he pulls off his boots and socks and rubs his sore feet, all the while talking to the camera about how his feet are feeling and what he makes guys do to them. And in still another one, Manpuppy films himself POV jacking his cock and cumming on his feet. There are some smoking videos, too, where Manpuppy puffs a cigarette and talks dirty to the camera; he also films Tristan smoking in a bathtub.

Altogether there are 37 videos inside the site including 19 solos, most featuring Manpuppy, but there are a few with other guys as well; the rest are action videos. You can download them as MP4s that come in two sizes - 853x480 (compatible with most devices including newer mobiles) and 400x240 (this one should be good for smaller screen mobiles), but there may be an odd-sized one here or there. You can stream the videos, too, and most play at 920x520, but a couple play at 690x520.

The filming style is amateur and often uses stationary cameras, although Manpuppy either moves the camera around the room or has more than one going because we do get to see the action from different angles. Sometimes he holds the camera and films his partners POV style so we get to watch them up close while sucking his big cock, and sometimes he grabs his cell phone and films with that. The stationary camera proves problematic sometimes as a leg or foot blocks the action and the guys are constantly checking themselves in the frame. But I like the style nonetheless, as it's more intimate.

Manpuppy also offers 33 picture galleries, which means that almost every scene has one. The pictures range from 364x485 to 1232x685. The galleries are a bit of a pain because they use a viewer that requires you navigate into a fly-out menu to save the pics, start the slideshow, or navigate to the next picture. You can save the pictures individually but there's no downloadable zip files.

Manpuppy has a neat feature called Calendar which shows you the last month at a glance, so you can see how often the site has been updated and with what. In the past month there have been five videos, and seven photo set added. Five videos were added in the previous month and the month before that as well, so the site is continuing to build on its good start when it comes to updates.

The site is pretty straight forward, so there aren't many problems to discuss. Something worth noting is that all the videos of the same size have the same file name, so if you want to save several, you'll have to rename them or else you'll overwrite them by accident. The filming style is problematic at times with a guy's foot getting in the way, but at the same time, the scenes feel fun and intimate, not rehearsed or scripted. Something I'm not fond of is the presence of a tip button on almost every page, and there's a link to Manpuppy's wish list on the navigation bar.

Manpuppy is a site with personality, that's for sure. This DILF makes no bones or apologies for what he likes, which is playing with young twenty-somethings, sucking toes, smoking and of course jacking off and fucking ass with his big cock. The site now offers 37 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and continues to add five videos each month, and these days there are more hardcore than solo vids being added. The picture section is also growing, now with 33 galleries. I enjoyed my stay here, appreciated the continued updates, and can't wait to see what other kinky things Manpuppy and his buddies get up to in the future.

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