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If you've ever wondered how your favorite TV or movie star looks under his clothes, Male Celebrities might be able to help you out. This site offers a huge collection of photos and videos of famous actors, singers, soap opera hunks, musicians and even athletes showing skin, and there's a decent collection of sex tapes, too.

There's plenty of full frontal and full nudity, but not every picture or video features the men naked. For instance, sexy hunk Benjamin Hollingsworth from television's "Code Black" is seen in a clip from the show where he's in the locker room changing his shirt while talking to co-star Jillian Murray. We see Hollingsworth's hard smooth pecs and abs but nothing else. There have been some pictures added in the past couple of days of Matt Damon's naked butt, and I'm assuming they're from "The Martian", but they aren't marked. Also new, there are pictures of Jude Law's hairy bush and uncut cock before he pulls up his boxers. So there's a little bit of everything, and it's fun clicking through the site and discovering what Male Celebrities has for us.

The content comes from a variety of sources. Much of it is taken right from movies and television shows, and there are clips from news sources; you'll find pics from paparazzi and magazines, screencaps from movies plus some candid cell phone pics and videos. Whether you want to see your favorite celebs at the beach, on stage or in more private settings, there's a lot to see. There's also some guys caught pissing, in locker rooms or in photo shoots exposing full frontal nudity.

The Male Celebrities member area has a sidebar featuring its top 20 celebs including Zac Efron, Kit Harington, Justin Bieber, Channing Tatum and 16 others, but browsing the site there are lots of other faves like Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law, Ashton Kutcher, Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello, and that's just for starters. The list goes on and on and on.

There are categories running across the top of the member area to help you find the kinds of celebrities or content you're looking for: models, athletes, singers, soap opera stars, international celebs and black celebs, but there are also sections like Top Celebs, Best Cocks and Hottest Vids. You could really spending hours clicking through the various sections. And if there's a specific man you're looking for, use the free-form search box or check out the alphabetical listing that's offered by both first and last names.

You'll probably want to check out the Latest Celebs and Latest Movies sections, because this is how you'll easily find the newest content added to the site. Unfortunately the site isn't organized so that all the content is listed in giant video or picture sections; you just have to click through the various areas and explore. It makes writing a review challenging, but for a member, exploring the site this way can be fun.

Male Celebrities updates every day with varying amounts of content, and sometimes it's new like today's clips from television shows "Life in Pieces" and "Code Black," but yesterday they added clips from "The Expanse," which is also new, but there was stuff from "The Notebook", as well, which was released in 2004. Then today Male Celebrities also added pictures featuring Hugh Jackman, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Paul Walker, Ashton Kutcher, Peter Saragaard, Sam Rockwell, Josh Brolin, Glenn McCuen and Benjamin Hollingsworth. In the various sections you can also use a dropdown option to select older content, like stuff that was added a week or a month ago, and there's a next page option.

I can't tell you how many videos and pictures are on the site because the content isn't presented in a way that's easy to count. The site makes claims of having the largest collection of this and that, but I can't verify these claims or give you an exact number. Our past review estimated there were over 9,000 galleries and 2,000+ videos featuring 1,465 celebrities, but that was almost four years ago and the site has been growing consistently. I'd estimate there are probably about 2,000 celebrities covered now with galleries well exceeding 10,000 and videos over 3,000, but don't quote me - I'm just ball parking.

The Male Celebrities videos are offered in MPG format, and they're downloadable clips running from a few seconds to a few minutes each. Sizes range from 320x240 to 900x504 and quality varies, which is normal for this kind of site. The videos are DRM-free, so whatever you save will play long after your membership has expired. You can stream the videos, too, and much of the newest stuff is big and plays at 900x504. When it comes to pics, sizes range from small (400x400 or even smaller) to 1897x1072 or bigger. Since sources vary from newspaper scans to professional photo shoots and lots of screencaps from source material, quality varies from fair to good.

The site has some more features. There's Celebrity Sex Tapes with a handful of videos including the Hulk Hogan, Fred Durst and O.J. Simpson tapes. There's a scandal section, celeb mug shots, celebrity gossip, celebrity cocks and gay actors, to name a few. Plus every celebrity in the site has a bio and videography so you can learn more about your favorite actors, singers and athletes. Last, there's a collection of 40 third-party video feeds featuring porn stars and not celebrities.

The monthly membership includes access to another celebrity site as well as three gay porn sites with solo and hardcore action, but the three sites offered on the join page are different than the ones found in the member area. There's also a XXX section with nearly 2,000 videos and a DVD section that I couldn't get to work. There are three links on the navigation bar that will take you offsite and cost you extra money: Live Men is a live webcam chat site and Sex Store and Toy Shop take you to a site where you can purchase sex toys and paraphernalia.

I ran into some issues here. The most irritating problem was that the site continually logged me out after about 15 minutes even if I was actively browsing, and I had to go back to MaleCelebrities.com and log in again. The message indicated this was for security reasons, but other sites don't do this and it was a real pain in the butt. I found missing pics, pages and videos, and I couldn't stream some videos mainly because my browser no longer supported the Flash plugin. While these kinds of things are disappointing, there's so much stuff to see that you quickly get over it and move on to something else.

There's a lot of advertising in the member area from banners for live guys to gay sex sites to links to buy celeb DVDs at a popular online store - this site is liberally sprinkled with opportunities for members to spend their money, but most are easy enough to avoid.

If you opt for the site's three-day trial membership, you'll end up paying $10 more per month than a full monthly membership when the rebills kicks in. And be aware because there are two pre-checked offers on the billing page - one is a free membership, the other is another trial, so read the options carefully and untick whatever you don't want. One last issue is that although the tour claims the site offers the largest collection of HD sex tapes, there are only a few sex tapes in the members area and they aren't HD.

Male Celebrities definitely dishes up famous and sort-of-famous men from movies, TV, magazines and DVDs. With over 3,000 video clips, pics of at least 2,000 celebs and daily updates, there's enough here to keep celebrity lovers very busy. There are plenty of features, including celebrity scandals and lots of search options. And while the site had its share of issues, you'll quickly forget them when you're gazing at your favorite star's cock, bare chest or naked butt. If you're looking for famous men in nude and semi-nude pics and videos, Male Celebrities will keep you clicking and titillated.

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