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Today we're re-visiting a site called Male Model which offers exclusive erotic art photos of Dutch men, mostly athletic jocks or slender twinks, but there are some more mature and handsome guys, as well. This site is available in both English and Dutch and there's plenty of shirtless men, pics of guys in underwear, and there's plenty of them showing off their asses and cocks. Most of the guys here don't appear to be professional models, which is good news as it means that many of them don't shave their body hair or pubes - a big plus for some of us - and since the men here are mostly Dutch, you can expect that lots of the cocks here are uncut, although the photographer doesn't really make an issue of this. I did find some black, Middle Eastern and Latin models.

There's are two kinds of picture galleries here. The Extended Series photos are male centerfold sets and show the guys posing, shirtless and teasing, while the Erotic Series shows the nudity, so it's where you'll see most of the cock. Often guys will appear in both sections, but brief stroking and full nudity is mostly found in the Erotic section. Something that stood out for me here is that most of the galleries include pics of the models in briefs, speedo-type trunks or jock straps, so for those of you with a taste for men in underwear, this site is definitely worth a look. There are also models in sports gear, tight t-shirts (these usually come right off), and a fair amount of pics are shot outdoors.

Male Model has grown to 567 exclusive picture sets, and the site adds 2 new sets every Friday. The pics are digital stills offered at good amateur quality or better and sized at 600x900. The pics are very well shot to show off the guys to perfection, mostly using medium shots with some closeups. Lighting is mostly studio quality and helps set the mood. You can view the pics in thumbnailed galleries or you can sit back, relax and enjoy them as a hands-free slideshow. The pictures here are not offered for download.

Did the site have issues? Well, there's no dates on the updates, but the site does say it adds new content on Fridays and that is supported by the amount of new content that's been added. You cannot right click on the pages here, probably to protect the pics from being downloaded. Some of the galleries have the photos out of order, which can disturb the mood while viewing them. And the two main sections - the Extended Series and the Erotic Series - each have over 250 picture sets listed on them. Some may find it an issue that this site offers no videos, but the owner does plan to add them in the future.

I'd like to leave you with one more thought. I feel you can see that the photography here and the site are a labor of love by someone who knows both. As the owner said to me in an email "I work with the most beautiful guys". In a world of corporate websites, I think it's a real plus that the owner is hands-on and does what he does because it makes him feel good, not just to make a buck.

If you love erotic male nudes, Male Model will appeal to you. The photos here are sort of coffee table art book style but sexier. There are all sorts of guys here with a focus on good-looking jocks and twinks, and many have uncut cocks and unshaven pubes hair. There are currently 567 photo sets, and the site updates weekly. I was disappointed that the photos are not downloadable, as there were many well worth saving, and this site currently offers no videos, but there's still a lot to like here. For those who love the male form and high quality erotic photography, Male Model is definitely a site not to miss.

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