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Luci May is a kinky London transvestite with a taste for all sorts of bondage and fetish play, pin-up sessions and some good ol' dirty sex. She's got long auburn hair (it could be a wig) that helps give her her look, a wardrobe of sexy attire from sexy dresses to lingerie (she's really into stockings and garters) and she's got a nice, uncut cock. She loves to dress up in a schoolgirl uniform, satin maid's costume, an evening dress or a black teddy and hose. The site calls her the "UK T-girl Fetish Queen," and that seems to fit her like a glove.

The videos sometimes feature Luci with a partner - a mature man or another TV. Expect plenty of spanking and cock sucking - Luci loves sucking cock and getting sucked - as well as rope bondage, sex toys, cum eating and more. Or sometimes Luci goes solo, doing a sexy smoking session, jerking off, showing off her feet or putting clamps on her nipples and playing with them. In the picture section there's more solo posing for the camera, and in the video section is where you'll find the hardcore.

Luci May offers 97 videos and 392 picture sets. The site adds a new piece of content every week on Thursday with a single skipped update this year, and as you can see, this site focuses on photos; of the 18 most recent updates only 1 was a video - the rest are picture sets. The downloadable videos are offered in MP4 and WMV formats at a size of 1280x720 plus there's a smaller MP4 for mobiles, and both formats are available to stream, as well. The newer vids are good amateur quality, the older ones are just a little lower in clarity but still not bad. Good news is that videos here are DRM-free.

Now let's talk about the photos. They're good amateur quality digital stills sized at 682x1024, and they're obviously shot at home, not by a studio. There are from 60 to over 150 pictures per set, and the galleries have the bells and whistles we like to see, as they include slideshows and downloadable zip files, you can navigate from picture to picture, and each pic can be individually downloaded. There is some repetition in some sets, but overall the pics convey Luci's personality and the action within each shoot.

Luci May members get some extras. First is the About Me page, where you can learn more about Luci herself. Next are the 5 original stories sent in by members, and there's also desktop wallpapers and a small set of sex advice columns. Topics include Luci's Advanced Fellatio Techniques, titled "How to be a popular girl", and another listed as "When being helpless sets you free", which talks about bondage, plus there are a couple more.

This site doesn't have any real issues but I do have a few complaints. First, I was surprised the video section here hadn't grown more till I looked at the updates and discovered that the site adds more than ten times the pic sets as videos. For pic lovers, this is a good thing, but a lot of members crave videos. Next, this site has been around for years, so it would be nice to see more stories and advice columns - adding one at least once a month would be nice. Last, I'd like to see more personalization in the site - longer descriptions from Luci of her photo and video sessions, more info about her and her partners - I'd really like to see a blog so we can hear from her periodically.

Luci May is a real amateur transvestite, and her site reflects her love of bondage, posing centerfold-style, fetish and sex. The site adds an update once a week (except for one skipped update), but of the past 18 updates only was was a video update - the rest were pic sets. The videos are exclusive, DRM-free and can be streamed or downloaded. Luci herself is fun and seems to really love wearing fetish attire, being tied up and punished, sucking cock or giving a spanking. I like that members can contact Luci directly through the site, and while I wish that the site added more frequent video updates, there's enough to keep members busy for a month or so. I think TV lovers will enjoy Luci May's erotic antics, fetish play and sexy personality.

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