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The hunks at Legend Men are muscle hunks and bodybuilders in their twenties and thirties. The first thing that impressed me was that the models are largely natural, often leaving their body hair intact, and a fair number wore beards or mustaches, although many others were clean shaven. My big gripe about most other muscle sites is the single-minded focus on smooth bodies, but Legend Men gives us the whole man. If he's smooth, fine ... if he's got body hair, that's fine, also. I recognized some of these bodybuilders like J.R. Bronson and Zeb Atlas, but I saw plenty of fresh faces, too.

The men here are masculine with powerful physiques. Most have impressive gym-built bodies with ripped abs, chiseled pecs, flaring backs and thick, bulging thighs - these are men in serious pursuit of creating gorgeous bodies. And while a lot of the men are very likely professional competitive bodybuilding, I didn't find many had that "my neck is thicker than your thigh" look. Most of them are white, but they are a few black men, too. I was also impressed with the size of some of their cocks; sporting a mix of cut and uncut dicks, a lot of these muscle hunks are impressively hung.

Almost all of the action is solo masturbation, with the men pumping their cocks outdoors poolside or in showers, fountains, or lush gardens; sometimes they are stroking in a lanai or secluded patio, and other times they're indoors in bedrooms, showers, or gyms. Some of the sessions start with a brief interview, but many got right down to the action. The men weren't in a hurry and loved taking care of their cocks in long, luxurious stroking sessions before spilling their creamy loads. There are also a handful of hardcore sucking and fucking sessions. Two were easy to find in the roster of model names, but a couple I only found by digging around.

I couldn't easily tell you how many videos are on the site, but I'm guessing over 350 as the videos are arranged by model and each of the 146 men has his own page; some of them have one video, others had as many as seven or eight, quite a few had two or three movies, and a couple had only photo sets. The movies are available in streaming Flash, and the newest ones display at 855x480. A very few of the older videos are sized at 640x480. And all of the movies are available in two or three speeds to suit your bandwidth connection, and while the vids aren't offered for download, they played well with no stopping and starting.

Each hunk also has at least one gallery of pictures, but again, many of the men had multiple galleries. The pictures are digital stills that you can view in thumbnail galleries or as hands-free slideshows, and you can save them individually, although the site didn't offer downloadable zip files. The pictures are good to very good quality and display at 600x900. The thumbnails appear in black and white, but the enlarged photos are in color.

Another thing that I loved about this site is that each man has an extensive bio with the standard height, weight, hair color, and cock size, but also includes things like cock girth, astrological sign, whether they wear boxers or briefs, how often they masturbate, their sexual preferences and favorite activities, and lots of interesting tidbits. Legend Men doesn't skimp on information about their men. That's so refreshing.

Legend Men also gives members access to 10 third-party video feeds to give you more movies to enjoy. But seriously, the muscle men on this site were so fucking hot that I'd have to have worked my way through every one of their videos before hitting the feeds. Still, these video channels offer a variety of men and lots of hardcore sex, so they're worth checking out.

Unfortunately I didn't love everything about Legend Men. This site is beautifully designed with elegant navigation subtleties, but I think they could have opted for a more straightforward approach. The navigation is a bit quirky and took some getting used to. A left navbar lets you sort the models by name, popularity, or date added, and the men appear in the center of the page. Each man has his own page, requiring another click to get inside, and his various galleries and videos are listed on the far right. The men display six at a time and you have to scroll on the left to see more men. There's a lot of back and forth from side to side, but once you get the hang of it, it makes sense. Also, I would have preferred to have the option of page number navigation as well.

I don't know how often Legend Men updates because the galleries and videos aren't dated, but they have added 24 models, some of whom have more than one video, and it appears that there have been updates for some of the existing models as well. And where models have multiple videos on their homepage, the newest ones are marked in red as "new." Regardless of how often the site updates, there's plenty for you to enjoy during the length of your membership.

I loved Legend Men. Like I said at the top, I really appreciated that the site owner likes displaying bodybuilders and muscle hunks in their natural state - if they have body hair or face scruff, he wants us to see it. The men are mostly handsome and very sexy, their bodies are awesomely built, and even though some of these men are massive, there's still a natural quality to their physiques - they don't look overdone. And finally, you'll find a lot of big, honking cocks on Legend Men. The videos are well done and the jack-off sessions are sexy and erotic. Navigation quirks aside, I think any muscle fan is going to love this site and their line-up of hot hunks.

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