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Latin Boyz offers fresh-faced amateur Latin jocks from Mexico, Central and South America, most of them currently living in the USA. The site has been around for a long time and has amassed a collection of over 1,050 videos. It's been a couple of years since our last review, and the site has just completed an overhaul in design and functionality, so it's time to head back for another look.

You will find gay, straight, and bisexual guys, and many of them are very good looking. Most of them are between 18 and 25 years of age, with a few exceptions who are a little older. The guys have smooth and ripped bodies; some are slender while some are more muscular with hard abs. Be prepared for lots of beautiful asses and nice big cocks, many uncut. The guys are amateurs, but most aren't shy at all, and they show of their athletic bodies and big foreskin dicks with pride. While there is some variation in skin color, the majority here are light-skinned. Some of the guys are "bad boys" with a rough look and lots of tattoos.

The site offers a variety of action. Most videos are solos, in which you see the guys stripping naked, stroking their cocks and shooting their loads, but there are plenty of hardcore duos and threesomes as well. The solos often start off with a little getting-to-know-you session with the guy answering the producer's questions followed by a jerk-off. In the duos the guys enjoy themselves with lots dick sucking and fucking tight holes, and most of the newest scenes seem to be bareback. There's lots of rough and fast ass pounding; there are also a few foot fetish and toy play sessions, as well. All in all, the guys are hot and so is the action.

When you arrive in the Latin Boyz members area you find yourself on a homepage offering you two views of the guys: you can select a thumbnail view or a blog-style view. I found the thumbnail view easier to navigate and the thumbnails are quite large at 1000x500, giving you a nice preview of the guy and action. The site used to separate the content into various sections, but this has all been changed. Now, you scroll through the guys with 30 per page and many have pics and videos, but some are pictures only while a few only have short audition videos.

The new design of Latin Boyz makes the videos difficult to count because they mix pictures and videos all in the same section, and the updates are arranged by model. There are around 1,146 updates and many of these have both videos and picture galleries, but some are picture-only updates, and a very few contain a brief audition video. Newest updates are offered in three sizes of MP4 from 640x360 to 1280x720 and there's a WMV format also at 1280x720, and these are all fairly good quality. Older scenes come in MP4, QuickTime, and WMV formats all at 640x480 and there's another small size in QuickTime, and these are average quality, some lacking sharpness. Regardless of the scene's age, all of them also have a Flash version as well. The smaller MP4 videos would be perfect for mobile devices.

You can also stream the videos, the newest coming in at 1066x600 and older ones play at around 640x480, but there may be a few at a smaller size, too. The site uses full-streaming servers so they play well, and there's a full-screen option with minimal quality loss on the newest releases. The older videos, however, don't fare so well at larger screen sizes.

I don't know how many photo sets Latin Boyz features because, as I said previously, there's no dedicated photo section and everything falls into the one update area. But generally speaking, most updates have a picture set, only a very few only contain a video. The newer sets contain as many as 50 images and they display at 720x1080 (portrait) and 1620x1080 (landscape), and they're either digital stills or very good quality screencaps. Older pictures come in at 420x550 and they're average quality and have fewer images - anywhere from 15 to 40. You can enjoy the pictures in a viewer with forward and back controls and there's a hands-free slideshow option, too. There's a downloadable zip file, and you can save the pics individually if you prefer.

The site used to update every Tuesday and Thursday, but things have gotten a little irregular through the redesign of the site. I'm reviewing the site in September 2017, and each of August, July, and June had seven updates, so not quite two a week and not always on a Tuesday or Thursday. I'm hoping that things will settle into a normal routine again now that the redesign seems to be complete, but in any event seven updates a month isn't bad.

Latin Boyz has dozens of erotic stories that have been submitted by members. They are about Latin guys, and some of them are hot. There's a link to a VOD (video on demand) theater on the navigation bar, but this isn't a bonus as you have to pay for these. Also there's a live webcam section, but again, this will cost you extra to get much out of it. There is also a bulletin board where you can post pictures and communicate with other members.

According to the site terms, if you download multiple videos, your account may be blocked for 24 hours. We were able to download three videos at one time, but I wouldn't recommend downloading more than that simultaneously as it violates the site terms.

Unfortunately the Latin Boyz redesign poses a number of issues, but the main one is cumbersome navigation. The updates are arranged with around 30 per page and you have to scroll to the bottom of each page to find a link for the next page. There's no way to jump to specific page numbers or even to the very end. And every time you return to the site you'll have to repeat the process if you want to go deeper into the older releases. There is a free-form search that will help you find more of what you like, but the site could really use other ways to ease these navigation problems. Also worth mentioning is that oldest videos and pictures are smaller and lower in quality.

Latin Boyz has been around for ages, offering some of the hottest Latin amateurs from Mexico, Central and South America. There are over 1,100 updates and most of them contain both videos and photos. The site features hot Latino guys and good quality content. It does update regularly with at least seven new videos a month and there's a story section too. Newer videos are good-sized, sharp and clear while the older ones are smaller, which is to be expected. The content will keep you occupied for a long time and the reasonable membership price is a big plus. The navigation could use a rethink, but the guys are pretty hot, so it's fun getting lost in this site.

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