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Joshua Armstrong is an "IT consultant by day, muscle god by night." Sounds like some super hero in the DC Comics universe, doesn't he? Well, this Brit sure is built like a super hero. This alpha male oozes confidence, he's a master of the tease, and has no problem showing off all his hard work in the gym. He's also an over-the-top dirty talker who loves turning it on for his fans in homemade videos, but there's so much more to Joshua Armstrong's site than flexing and jacking off, so join me and I'll take your on a tour.

Joshua refers to himself as the "naughtiest, cockiest, hottest muscle hunk," and he certainly lives up to his claim; with over 100,000 Twitter followers, he's got a lot of fans. I don't know much about him really because he doesn't have a bio page, not even a section where he lists his stats, which I find unusual for a bodybuilder. But I can tell that Armstrong is very well built with giant arms and shoulders, chiseled pecs, ripped abs and tree-trunk thighs. He's good looking and appears to be in his mid-twenties, and although he's a natural brunette, he has at times been a blond. A British friend of mine pegs Joshua as being from Manchester or Yorkshire, but also said that it sounds like he's got two accents simultaneously.

And when Joshua says "cockiest," he means it. This hunk pours it on - and he has loads of personality. Here's a sample from one of his videos: "So please, come give commanding worship of my awesome physique and treat me to what I deserve, and that's a big, dirty fucking orgasm. Make me blow into my nylon shorts." At least he said please. And every video is just as enthusiastic, energetic, and jam-packed with adjectives about his gorgeous body and big cock. But as spirited as Joshua is, his British accent seems to tone him down. He's a dirty talker who's very confident of his appeal, but he's endearing, too. He has a way of pulling me in and keeping me clicking on to the next video.

Joshua knows his fans love seeing his muscles, so he flexes and poses in most of his videos; he smells his armpits and licks his biceps, and he often oils up, which shows off every curve and ripple. He wears shorts, underwear, dress clothes, track pants, jeans, or nothing at all. A lot of times his graphic monologues have an air of domination as if he's talking directly and down to you, and sometimes he is. As a member you can make requests of Joshua for future videos as he did in this one for his fan Aaron: "I know a lot of guys want to fuck my tight ass, but Aaron, I choose you today ..." and he goes on to tease poor Aaron with a seductive stream about his firm ass and tight hole -- no doubt Aaron peeled paint off the ceiling with his cumshot.

So Joshua does lots of posing and flexing, but he jacks his dick too. One scene had him jerking off after a tanning session, and he blew his wad all over a pair of boxers (another fan request). But another video called "Training Tips in Tiny Pants" has Joshua giving us workout tips. "Dumbbell Dick" features him working out naked and in "Man Grooming" Joshua lathers up in the shower and shares his manscaping routine with us. He tickles his bare foot with a toothbrush in another video and "Laughing Gas Fun" has him playing around with balloons and tickling his armpits with a brush. So there's a good variety of stuff here, it's not all muscle worship and posturing.

There are 365 videos at Joshua Armstrong and a streaming membership gives you unlimited viewing. The videos are offered in MP4 format, newer releases playing at 700x406 and the older ones slightly smaller at 700x360. They're good amateur productions, and it appears they're filmed in Joshua's home. The episode pages have descriptions to set the tone, and most of the videos run between 10 and 15 minutes. While not every one has a cumshot or shows Joshua's cock, they're entertaining nonetheless. The videos mostly fare pretty well at full-screen with little quality loss. Unfortunately downloadable versions are only offered for sale and they're expensive, running anywhere from $39.95 to $69.95 each; as such, I can't tell you anything about sizes or formats. There is a gallery section that is just a collage of about 20 pictures running down the page and these don't enlarge.

The site has added 124 videos in the past eight months, which averages 15 and a half new vids added per month. The videos themselves aren't dated, but Joshua Armstrong has a blog where he lets members know when he's added new videos and those posts are dated. Today is April sixth, and Joshua has already added four videos; last month, he added 18 videos, two on the same day. For a solo guy site, I'm impressed with how active Joshua Armstrong is.

I've already talked about the fact that downloadable videos cost extra, but there are a couple of other things I should mention. Joshua Armstrong has a one-day trial membership, and there's also what looks like a seven-day trial, but this isn't a trial - it's a full one-week membership, so it renews every seven days. Second, at $49.95 for a month, Joshua Armstrong is one of the more expensive sites I've reviewed, but at the same time, he puts a lot of work into his site and the videos themselves.

The only other beef I have with the site is that it'd be nice to have a profile page about Joshua. I'm sure you'll get to know him through watching his videos, but some more personal information like whether he really is from Manchester or some stats about his huge thighs would be welcome.

I've reviewed quite a few solo model sites and many lose steam after the initial launch or their owners lack the imagination to keep creating exciting and enticing content. Joshua Armstrong doesn't have that problem. He puts a lot into his videos, he takes requests from fans and even incorporates those wishes into his scenes, and he does a lot more than stand, model, and pose. He's handsome and very well built, so aside from being animated and confident, he's hot to watch. With 365 streaming videos, personal requests and frequent updates, Joshua does seem to take care of his fans. Like I said, it's one of the better solo sites I've seen, so head over and see if this muscle man is too naughty or cocky for you.

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