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Joe Schmoe Videos takes us straight to Redneckville. The guys on this site are all amateurs, and you'll find a mix of rednecks, blue collar types, trailer trash, and average guys. Many of them are covered in tattoos, some are pretty racist, such as swastikas and other white-power symbols. Most are straight and some of them are really rough looking, and that's the kind of guys this site focuses on. The performers here look nothing like porn stars or models, and that's what make things interesting.

There's a variety of body types, as some of the guys are skinny, others show some muscle and a few of them are chubby. You will find some bearded men and guys with natural body hair, too, including unshaven pubes. The majority of the performers seem to be in their twenties, thirties, and forties, but a few of them are older than that. While the majority of the guys are white, there are some black men at Joe Schmoe Videos, as well, and they, too, have the scruffy look shared by the rest of the performers.

I found a good mix of solo and hardcore videos, and the kind of action you can expect here goes from guys rubbing out a load to bareback fucking. For many of the guys this is their first gay experience, and while they seem a bit uncomfortable at first, they obviously enjoy getting blown by another dude or fucking a guy's ass. There are a few interracial scenes and threesomes, and you will even find some videos starring this big blond girl who sucks the guys off or gets fucked by them. The productions are gritty, which fits the theme of the site well.

The site has grown to 454 videos that are available in MP4 format, sized at either 640x480 plus one smaller size at amateur quality or 1920x1080 plus several smaller sizes, and these are a bit higher quality with slightly sharper visuals, but still amateur quality. The smaller vids are a good size for most mobiles. If you don't want to download the videos, you can stream them with a choice of several sizes and qualities. Some of the videos look like they weren't filmed recently, and some of the smaller videos have a pretty large watermark that can be a bit intrusive, especially if you enlarge the videos.

Each video comes with a matching picture set which contains between 35 and 200 pictures. These are screencaps sized at 640x480 or 1000x563, and they're about the quality you'd expect from pics taken from amateur quality videos. Some of them are a bit dark and lack sharpness, and many of the smaller ones have large intrusive watermarks. Sometimes the pictures are a bit repetitive as well, but they're still a good way to preview the action of a video. You can save the pictures individually or download them altogether in an easy zip file.

Joe Schmoe Videos members get access to 38 bonus videos. These are gay porn vids that are a mix of solo and hardcore action that don't fit any particular category and they can be downloaded or streamed. Members also get access to the mobile version of the site. There is a link in the site navigation that says Websites, but when you go there, this site is the only one listed.

The site says it updates once a week, and sometimes it does. For the last three months, a couple updates are added a week apart and then one that's 14 days after the previous update, and this pattern repeats. This means members still get three updates per month, sometimes four depending.

Now let's talk about issues. First off, there's a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page that will sign you up for a second site membership if left checked. Next, trial members can only view the three latest updates; those who want access to everything will need to upgrade or join with a full membership. The tour claims the site updates three times per week, but while that used to be true, updates have slowed to a still-decent once a week. The tour also offers HD videos, but probably less than half are HD; the rest are smaller, offered in standard def at 640x480. There's plenty of ads in the member area including eight large animated thumbs at the bottom of every page that is actually an ad. And last, as mentioned, some of the vids and pics have large, rather intrusive watermarks.

The tagline for Joe Schmoe Videos is "as amateur as it gets," and that's definitely accurate. The guys are amateurs and so is the quality of the videos and pictures. The site currently hosts 454 videos and adds about three updates per month. The guys are mostly straight, some are pretty rough, and many are covered in tattoos, smoke cigarettes while jerking off and are by no means professional models or porn stars, although some are average guys. That being said, it's their bad-ass attitude that makes many of the guys interesting. If you are into men straight from the trailer park, Joe Schmoe videos is probably a good tour guide.

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