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With a name like Jocks Cocks, you might expect well-built jocks from athletic to muscular, and that's a part of what you'll find here. There are some hunky, well-built guys with defined bodies and some six-pack abs, but that's not the only kind of guy you'll find here. There are slender performers, a mix of twinks and amateurs with a little body hair, as well as black studs, some with nicely developed physiques and muscled chests and biceps. And then there are a good number of gangbanger types, a mix of Latin and black amateur thugs. You'll find cocks in all sizes, guys with and without tattoos, but what many of these performers are doing in a site with "Jocks" in the title I don't know; it's probably best to think of this as a site with a variety of guys including some jocks.

Expect twinks, Latinos and porn regulars jerking off or sucking cock, eating ass, fucking doggy-style, riding dick and more. While most of the newer updates are hardcore, the older videos include at least as many solo masturbation sessions as there are hardcore scenes, and there are more guys getting off on couches and beds than in locker rooms. There are a few threesomes, a foot fetish session, some face fucking, a couple interracial sessions and one scene offers a couple Asian guys, but I didn't find the locker room jocks from the tour inside the member area.

Jocks Cocks offers 94 DRM-free videos in DRM-free MP4 format, and the vids appear to be full scenes taken from older DVDs. Each video is offered in two sizes, the largest of which is either 640x480 or 640x360, and most are average quality. They're pretty watchable at their original size, although they're not particularly sharp or clear, but they don't hold up well when it comes to going full screen. The videos can be downloaded or streamed, and they're also compatible with most mobiles. Each of the videos come with a set of screencaps which aren't great quality but are a good way to preview the videos.

Full members get access to 62 bonus sites and three video collection from the same network. These are offered in a wide variety of niches including twinks, Asian guys, barebacking, Latinos, group sex, straight guys and more, and the network adds about 10 new videos every week, which definitely adds values for members. In fact, there are far more hunky guys in the bonus sites than there are inside Jocks Cocks. And some of the sites have higher quality, HD content as well.

Now let's talk about updates. It's been four months since the site added a video - at the current time, the most recent update was added in May 2018 and it's now October. But this has happened here before. There's been between a month and nine month break between updates in the past (ouch!), so it's a good thing that the network updates so frequently.

There are some other issues, too. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join Jocks Cocks. Next, trial members get limited access; the site says they get access to the "best 12 scenes in the network", which probably won't include any Jocks Cocks videos. There's a large ad with an actual video trailer on the top of every page and rows of animated thumbs at the page bottoms that are also ads.

But my biggest issues with this site is that the tour shows all sorts of well-built jocks and muscle hunks in locker rooms, at the gym and wearing sports attire - gym shorts, jock straps and workout gear. That's not, however, what I found in the member area, where about half the content is black studs, some muscled and some not, as well as Latin and black thugs. And then there are plenty of average guys and a few twinks. And yes, there are some jocks with well-developed bodies, but they're not in the majority here. It makes me wonder why they just didn't call the site "Horny Guys Fuck" or something similar.

While there aren't a lot of jocks inside Jocks Cocks, there are some, as well as regular guys, twinks, amateur hunks, black studs, Latinos and thugs stroking their cocks or sucking dick and fucking ass. There are 94 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site updates - well - every so often; it's been four months since the most recent video was added, but don't worry - members get access to a large network with over 9,000 videos that updates about 40 times each month. If you join this site looking for the jocks, athletes, locker rooms and gym attire shown on the site, you're destined for disappointment, but if you're looking for access to a gay porn network, you can just ignore what's on the tour and jump right in.

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