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Island Studs focuses on amateur guys from or visiting Hawaii. These are real amateurs with a natural look; many don't shave their pubes (some do trim or shave), and most have a very casual look you don't see on a lot of sites. There's a mix of surfers, blue collar workers, skater boys, jocks, and beach boys, plus a variety of other regular guy types from around 19 to perhaps 26 or 27 years old. Most are smooth, although there are also some guys with nice hairy chests, and the builds range from slender to muscular. Some of the guys sport tattoos, and some have a scruffy look, while others have that all-American jock look.

The men get naked and hard, there's some pissing, casual chat between the photographer and the models, plus we get to look over every inch of the guys as they go from stripping to jacking off and shooting their loads. There are some very nice cock close-ups, too. Each shoot offers the model in both indoor and outdoor settings. Sometimes the guys will frolic in the waves at the beach, some wearing trunks and others are totally naked. Other outdoor sessions take place in someone's back yard, which has a nice tropical look, and often the models do some yard work or act as handyman before masturbating and blowing their loads.

Island Studs offers 362 videos, 80 more than there were on our last visit 20 months ago. The videos are offered in MP4 and WMV formats, the newest MP4s at 1280x720 at good amateur quality, the WMVs at 1920x1080 at average quality plus smaller MP4s for mobiles. The oldest vids are sized at 640x480 plus one smaller MP4 for mobiles, and these are fair to decent amateur quality. The medium-age vids are offered at 1920x1080 in both formats, and while in theory that's a good thing, in practice these large videos don't look as good as the smaller versions. There are also streaming MP4s available in multiple quality levels, and there are clips to play or download. Note that you can't fast-forward the videos till they are fully loaded, and with the HD videos, that can take quite a while.

Each video comes with a set of pics, and each set actually combines two sets - there's a set of digital stills and a set of screencaps all offered in the same gallery. The digital stills are shown at 700x1060 or 1351x2048, and they're a nice mix of closeups, medium shots and full body shots. Photography is on the good side of amateur, and the pics show off the guys well. There are 30 digital stills in each gallery and also 30 decent quality screencaps. Pics can be downloaded individually and viewed as hands-free slideshows.

I am a huge fan of the guys in this site, and first couple times I visited, I was very enthusiastic. I still like a lot about this site, but there are some thing you may want to know before you join. Something I didn't mind at all that may bother some people is that the camera man / director talks with the models quite a bit at the start of the videos. I thought this added personality, but you can always fast forward ... well, after the videos load, that is; this may require some patience. I'm on a super fast internet connection, yet downloads of the HD videos often took 20 minutes or longer. The longest was a WMV that took over an hour as the download slowed while it was downloading; I stopped the download, tried again, but the same thing happened.

Not only are the amateur guys inside Island Studs hot and natural, many with unshaven pubes and body hair, but I love the outdoor settings that most of them get naked in. I loved seeing the amateur guys showing off their asses and watching some of them take a piss during the shoots. The site offers 362 exclusive videos that can be downloaded, streamed, or watched on your mobile. Add to that the weekly updates, picture sets, and the satisfyingly long (sometimes very long) scene descriptions, and you have a site that doesn't hold back and has lots of personality. I love Island Studs real first-timers from Hawaii, including scruffy surfers, all-American cuties and casual amateurs as they show off, get naked, and stroke their cocks.

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