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Island Studs focuses on amateur guys from or visiting Hawaii. These are real amateurs with a natural look; many don't shave their pubes (some do trim or shave), and most have a very casual look you don't see on a lot of sites. There's a mix of surfers, blue collar workers, skater boys, jocks and beach boys, plus a variety of other regular guy types from around 19 to perhaps 40 years old. Originally the site focused on more smooth surfers and jocks with tans and a scruffy look while more recently there's been some guys with beards, guys with more tattoos, and some men over 30, even a bear and an over-40 bodybuilder.

The site has its own feel. Most of the guys start off posing outdoors, and you'll find a lot the dudes in the earlier videos frolicking in the waves at the beach, some in their swimming trunks and others naked. And some of the guys did a little handyman or yard work while naked before masturbating for the camera and blowing their loads. In the newer videos, most start off with the dudes being interviewed outdoors, stripping, lifting weights, jerking off, and both older and newer scenes sometimes include the guys pissing. And some of the latest videos include some duos where the guys interview together, then jerk off side by side.

One of the latest guys is Kimo, a beefy, handsome Hawaiian surfer with dark hair, a trim beard and some tats. He does some posing with his surf board, then jumps in the pool and paddles on it, then does some naked swimming underwater before stroking his cock till he cums. Another recent shoot features Bain; he's got a reddish beard that he wears in braids, and he's appeared on the site before. In his latest shoot, he goes out hiking naked with a large day pack on his back and carrying an ax. He actually sets up a tent, and bending over gives us a great look at his muscular thighs and his ass. And finally he sits on a camp chair, grabs his cock and strokes it till he shoots his load.

Island Studs offers 430 exclusve, DRM-free videos in MP4 and WMV formats. The newer MP4s are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality, the WMVs at 1920x1080 at lower quality plus a smaller MP4s for mobiles. The oldest vids are sized at 1080x610 plus a smaller MP4 for mobiles, and these are fair to decent amateur quality. The medium-age vids are offered at 1920x1080 in both formats, and while in theory that's a good thing, in practice these large videos don't look as good as the smaller versions. There are also streaming MP4s available in two quality levels, and there are clips to play or download. Note that while the newest streaming vids load and play well, you can't fast-forward the rest of the videos till they are fully loaded, and that can take quite a while.

Each video comes with a gallery that combines two sets, one over the other - a set of digital stills and a set of screencaps. The digital stills are shown at 700x1060 or 1351x2048, and they're a nice mix of closeups, medium shots and full body shots. Photography is on the good side of amateur, and the pics show off the guys well. There are 24 to 30 digital stills in each gallery and also 24 to 30 decent quality screencaps. Pics can be downloaded individually, although there are no zip files, and they can also be viewed as hands-free slideshows or you can navigate from pic to pic.

Now let's talk about updates. Good news is that the site is still adding new guys, although updates had slowed a little, and they've slowed a bit more as of the beginning of this year (it's 2018). The site now adds updates twice a month, between 13 and 14 days apart, and since there are over 400 videos, there's more than enough to keep members busy between updates for a couple months.

While I'm a huge fan of the guys and this site, there are things you may want to know about. I love scene descriptions telling about the models and the shoots, and there's plenty of that here. The issue is that each description is as long as a short story with no paragraphs - just a wall of text. They're well worth reading, but another thing is that the video player on the newer pages is beneath the description, so you may have to scroll to get to it. Something I didn't mind at all that may bother some people is that the camera man / director talks with the models quite a bit at the start of the videos. I thought this added personality, and he's not annoying, but you can always fast forward ... well, after the videos load, that is; this may require some patience if you're streaming the older videos. Last, as mentioned, the full HD WMV videos, not available for all episodes, aren't good quality, so I prefer the smaller MP4s.

Not only are the amateur guys inside Island Studs hot and natural, many with unshaven pubes and body hair, but I love the outdoor settings that most of them get naked in. These amateur guys show off their asses, and some of them take a piss during the shoots. The site offers 430 exclusive videos that can be downloaded, streamed, and watched on your mobiles, and each episode comes with pictures, and the satisfyingly long (sometimes very long) scene description, and there are two updates per month. This is a site that doesn't hold back and has lots of personality. I love Island Studs' real first-timers from Hawaii, including scruffy surfers, all-American cuties, casual amateurs and some daddies as they show off, get naked and stroke their cocks.

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