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International Wanker offers solo action and handjobs. The site offers homemade videos of guys jerking their cocks in front of their webcams, and what you get here is real amateur stuff. It feels as if you have landed on XTube as it was in the old days. The videos have been recorded from sex chats and feature guys from all over the world, hence the word "international" in the title. You can pretty much find every type you could be interested in. There are cute twinks, athletic jocks, chubby guys, muscular guys, daddies, average dudes and hairy men. You will find white, black and Latin men, a few Asians and lots of guys from the Middle East. There is also a fairly big military section in which you find hot marines dressed in and out of uniform. Many of them are jerking off while they are being stationed away from home. Some have a quick wank while driving in their cars.

The majority of the guys are solo wankers, but there is one section of guys who jerk off side by side or groups of friends showing off their cocks together. I believe that most of these amateurs are straight, because they usually don't touch each other, however there are a few of them that give their buddies a helping hand. Some guys appear on screen together with their girlfriends. There are guys using sex toys, a few guys tasting or drinking their own cum and a number who use things like chocolate syrup or jelly as lube for their masturbation sessions.

International Wanker is now almost two years old, and it's grown to 4,249 videos. Several new videos are added on several days each week - there were 20 vids added last week and 20 the week before, so there's always something new for members. The videos are DRM-free MP4s which you can either stream or download. Most of the downloadable videos are sized at 800x600 or 960x720, and these should play on your desktop and on newer mobiles; the streaming at 564x424. The vids are all amateur quality, yet there is still a big difference between the quality of the videos. Some look fairly bright and sharp, while others are dark and more blurry. Most of the videos run for under 10 minutes, although there are some over 20, and many come without audio; even if you hear sounds the guys don't say much or they may speak in a variety of languages.

The site also offers five picture galleries. Four of these offer screencaps from recorded webcam sessions, while the last one contains selfies of random hot guys. The first four sets contain between 9 and 19 images each, but there are 92 selfies. There doesn't seem to be any standard when it comes to size, but I would say that they are all small to medium sized. You can't download image sets and there is no hands-free slideshow tool, but it's fairly easy to navigate from one photo to the next and you can save individual images to your computer. The photo section has not updated since late 2014.

The last time we visited International Wanker the site was still new. Now it's had almost two years to grow, and overall has remained consistent in updates, sizes and formats. While not exactly an issue, I can't help wondering why the site needs a photo section, but since it's there, it would be nice if they updated it rather than leaving it small. Also, the video quality isn't always good and there's often no sound, but you really can't expect much from webcam videos. The amateur quality actually fits on this site.

International Wanker focuses on amateur guys stroking their cocks, playing with their asses and more in the privacy of their homes. The 4,249 videos are recorded webcam sessions that you can download, stream or watch on newer mobiles, and several new videos are added multiple times each week. The site is basic and doesn't come with any fancy features, but they deliver what they promise, and while video quality isn't good, I must say I am quite impressed with how much the site has grown. If you are into horny amateurs showing of their cocks, balls and asses and guys rubbing out their loads on webcam, I am sure this site is not going to disappoint you.

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