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Hung Young Brit is a gay amateur star who made a name for himself posting videos on a popular tube site. He's a very horny guy who will have sex just about anywhere and loves having a mate film him in action. He has finally put his collection into his own porn site where you can watch his sexcapades. His site opened in February 2018 and we reviewed it then, but we thought we'd pop in and see how it's been progressing.

Hung Young Brit isn't in every video, but he is in eight of them. His profile says that he loves "meeting strangers and letting them dump one right up me with my mates filming!!!" His bio doesn't list an age, but I'm pegging him somewhere in his early twenties. He's got a slender body, stands 5'9", and he's sporting an 10-inch uncut cock. He's got brown hair and hazel eyes, and of course, he's British. He's pretty cute, so it's not surprising that he gets guys to fuck with him in some of the most adventurous places.

There are 25 other guys in the Models section of the site who are all young guys in their early to mid-twenties. There's no proper profiles on any of the guys, so all I can tell about them is what I can see in their pictures and videos. Most of them are British, however one guy is named BB Irishlad, I heard two other guys speaking French in their video and Dmitry Osten is Russian, so there are other Europeans here, as well. The guys are generally boyishly cute with uncut cocks and they're all featuring slim, athletic bodies. A few of them are wearing tattoos, and they're all clean shaven except for perhaps a day or so of scruff. They're not all amateurs either; I saw Koby Lewis here, although he's simply known as Korby, and Dmitry Osten is here, as well.

Much of the action takes place in homelike settings with a couple of guys sucking and fucking bareback on a bed. Sometimes Hung Young Brit is featured in the action, although most times he's filming. But the guys occasionally venture out in public for their sexual antics like in "Extremely High Risk Sex Live on Busy London Underground", which features BB Irishlad and Hung Young Brit sucking and fucking right on the train itself and they even catch glimpses of other people on the train. I don't know how they managed this one without getting arrested. There have been a handful of videos filmed in outdoor cruising spots - one of them was a blowjob video with cocksuckers gobbling cum and getting facials.

Another video opens with words on the screen: "We all just got kicked out of a sex party because the host needed to sleep. Never leave a hot group sex party without cumming or you end up like us." The scene begins as we follow a young guy in his early twenties walking through a wooded area; he flashes his ass then lies on a tree trunk where Hung Young Brit gropes and kisses him. A third guy is filming, but he eventually pulls out his dick and joins them in a circle jerk. He and Hung Young Brit swap filming duty and the trio wanders around to see if they can find other guys to play with. They do stumble across other guys cruising but also others who are just out enjoy a day in the park, or trying to. Eventually the threesome finds a place to fuck and two of them load up the third's ass.

Most of the action happens in duos, but there's at least one threeway. And even so, when Hung Young Brit is filming he often has his cock out, reaches in to touch a guy's ass or grope his cock, and he even makes comments. There are a handful of group scenes, too. One features four guys, another with several guys waiting to get sucked off by a cocksucker in the park, and a recent two-part session featured seven guys celebrating the site's win at an awards show in a hotel room gangbang.

Hung Young Brit launched in February 2018 with 16 videos; it's six months later, and there are now 40 videos, so it's growing nicely. I can't say that the videos are all exclusive, I have seen a couple of them on Hung Young Brit's tube channel. On the site you have two options: you can buy a streaming-only membership that gives you unlimited viewing. Any downloads you want will cost you five tokens each and these are purchased à la carte. But having said that, you don't have to sign up for the streaming membership - you can just buy download tokens without a membership.

The streaming videos are DRM-free and are offered in MP4 format. The player is sized at 1110x624, and the videos are offered in three resolutions - 480p, 720p and 1080p at good amateur content. Sometimes the camera jostles around, as tends to happen in amateur videos, but the picture quality was pretty good and there's decent sound, as well. You can view the videos in full-screen mode, and obviously the highest quality resolution fares best. I was able to watch the videos on my Android phone, so mobile users shouldn't have any issues. I can't tell you anything about the downloads because we didn't have any tokens.

The videos aren't dated so I'm having trouble nailing down an actual update schedule. They've added 24 videos since we reviewed the site six months ago, so that puts them at four videos a month, but I only show three updates in my emails in both July and August. So updates are happening at a decent rate but there's no way to know how regularly they're added.

Most of the episodes come with a set of screencaps. These are average quality pics, not as crisp as I like my pictures, but they're screencaps. They are good-sized, displaying at 1600x900, and you can view them online in a gallery that also offers a hands-free slideshow. I was able to save pictures individually and the site offers four downloadable zips, each with different size pics from 1024x576 to 1920x1080.

No site is perfect, but I only have a couple of things to mention about Hung Young Brit. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, so you'll want to pay attention and opt out if you don't want it. It is a bummer that downloads cost extra, but that's also becoming more commonplace in Pornland. I wish the models had a bit of a profile telling us at least their basic stats like the site does with Hung Young Brit. Finally, we had reported the site to be sluggish, but I'm pleased to report this is no longer an issue. 

Hung Young Brit is a great site featuring the sexual antics of a British amateur who loves filming himself having sex with other guys or watching as he mans the camera. He appears in eight of the site's 40 videos and adds a new one an average of about once a week. The action is all bareback with lots of dick sucking and plenty of uncut cock. And while most of the fucking happens indoors, there are a handful of episodes with guys getting off together in parks and cruising areas, and there's even one filmed on a subway train. Hung Young Brit is a welcome addition to the amateur niche and I think you'll enjoy watching the twenty-something European guys having a horny good time.

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