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Ever want to see your favorite celebrities naked? Hollywood Xposed has some of the hottest male celebs around. On the tour they promise a look at Joe Jonas, John Legend, Wilmer Valderranam, Niall Horan, Tim Tebow, Eddie Redmayne, Will Smith and country singer Brad Paisley. But lots of your favorites are here, guys like Taylor Lautner, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Prince Harry and Justin Bieber, to name just a few. Actors, singers, athletes and all kinds of celebrities caught with their cocks or asses showing, plus paparazzi pics, gay kiss footage, shirtless pics, nude screencaps from movies and TV shows and more. It's been six years since we reviewed this site, so let's let's see what's new.

When you log into Hollywood Xposed you land on the member homepage where you'll find blazing headlines like Joe Jonas Caught Nude at Gym, John Legend Cock Exposed in Restroom, Gus Kenworthy Instagrams Booty, Chris Zylka's Big Swinging Dick, Jai Courtney Streaks And Bulges and Wilmer Valderrama's Thick Cock. Each story has an tabloid type graphic with sneak peek pics and encouragements to click inside to see more.

I wanted to see Chris Zylka's "big swinging dick", so I clicked the graphic, and this is where the site falls apart for me. Instead of getting a look at his dick, we land on his detail page where we''re greeted with more graphics for a number of different types of galleries: All Dressed Up, Animated GIFs, Cock Photos, Hot Body Photos, Nude Animated GIFs, Nude Photos and Underwear Photos. I love and hate the organization. I really want to see his legendary cock, I don't want to hunt for it, but at the same time, every Zylka photo on the site is here and neatly organized into separate galleries. So I click Cock Photos, which also carries a New flag, so I think I'm on the right track. There are 10 pics inside and they're all screencaps from movies. But from what I can see, I'm afraid Chris Zylka is neither sporting a big or swinging dick. Perhaps they should have teased us about Joe Jonas' cock because when I checked out his section, his dick is impressively big and definitely swinging - and uncut!

So each star has a number of different sections on his page, but what they offer will vary depending on what pics are available. For instance, Milo Ventimiglia has most the same categories as Chris Zylka, but he's got a couple of different ones, as well - Fantasy Photos, which feature Milo's head photoshopped onto pornstar bodies, and Showing Skin, which features the star in mostly bare-chested photos, but he doesn't have a Cock Photos section.

If you're looking for a particular celebrity, you can use Hollywood Xposed's alphabetical search that's at the top of every page. Also, there's a Highest Rated, Most Viewed, Newest Stars or Biggest Cock sections on a top-of-page navbar and these will help you dig deeper into the site. Just a couple of notes though; the "newest" refers to most recently added to the site and brand new stars to Hollywood; apparently Captain America Chris Evans has the biggest cock, but this feature is based on your votes on the Cock Size app that appears on each star's page. Still, if his pics are real, Evans is impressively hung.

On the sidebar you'll find more sections like a gossip section called Celebrity Dirt (but it hasn't been updated since August 2015), a leaked nude photos section called Scandalous Stars, which just filters out the non-nude additions from the homepage, and there's also Photo Updates and Video Updates. All of these sections are just different ways to drill down to the celebrity detail pages. So if you want to see Enrique Iglesias' cock, just go to the search bar at the top and click E (the stars are arranged by first name), and save yourself lots of browsing, although using some of these category sections is also a fun way to see what's offered in the site.

Each Hollywood Xposed update is dated, and so far in December 2016 (today's the 18th) there have been eight updates. These days updates are always photos; there hasn't been a new video added to the site since September 2014. And speaking of videos, there are only 34 videos. This is disappointing since the site had over 500 videos six years ago when we last reviewed it. You can download the videos in Flash format at 720x400 and they're decent quality. If you prefer, you can stream them at 858x444. These are clips from movies or television shows, and the quality ranges from blurry to pretty good with good sound. While most of them are short -- nude celeb videos generally run from a few seconds to just over two minutes - they do deliver the goods.

The pics here range from tiny to pretty good-sized, like 750x1125, and considering the sources it won't surprise you to know that some of the pics are pretty low quality. Others, often the newspaper and paparazzi pics, are okay quality but grainy. The site has just over 900 male celebs listed, and each has pics, but the site isn't organized in a way where I could even attempt to count the number of pics or galleries. Some celebs have only a photo or two, while others like Justin Bieber has over 100.

Hollywood Xposed has some navigation issues: once you browse deep down to a celebrity's page, you have to click the back buttons too many times to return to the member homepage; there's no home button, but you can click the site's logo at the top to get back there. Also a major disappointment is that many of the pics in the Leaked Photos sections are really just pics of the star's head photoshopped onto some random body showing a cock; Justin Bieber's, for example, was obviously a doctored job. Will Smith's leaked photo had much of the guy's face cut off, so who knows if it was really Smith.

The site also suffers from various update issues. There's no set schedule, so there's not way to know when Hollywood Xposed will be adding new content; sometimes they'll add an update every day for three days while there's five or six days between updates. Some sections haven't been updated for years, like the gossip and videos sections. And watch out for the pre-checked offer on the billing page. Finally, the site's tour tends to overstate or exaggerate things. I don't find it particularly scandalous in this day and age to see a celebrity's penis, but if you do then "New Scandals Added Weekly" won't bother you.

I found the stars' pages pretty minimal. Some celebrity sites have a full bio and filmography on each celeb's page; here, for example, Keanu Reeves has a single sentence as his "mini bio" and a single sentence of "Hot Gossip" plus a few very brief factoids. I would have also like to have been able to search by type of stars; other celeb sites list their stars by things like Actors, Singers, Athletes and so on; here that's not an option.

While I found the site's design attractive, I've seen much better and busier celebrity sites, and given the price of a monthly membership has jumped $20, I'd really like to see more videos. In fact, I'd like to see more videos regardless; I've never seen a celeb site with under 100 videos except this one.

Hollywood Xposed gets a mixed review from me. While I do like some of these photo sections like Fantasy Photos and Gay Encounters, the site itself isn't huge. They say "Join the Biggest Male Celebrity Experience" on the tour, but with just over 900 male celebs and 34 videos, this simply isn't true. However the graphic navigation and tabloid style of the member area did get me clicking, I just wish the site was bigger and updated with videos, not just picture sets.

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