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HimEros.tv is a new project produced by web personality Davey Wavey. It's sort of like porn where we see naked guys engaged in various kinds of sex, but these videos are much more erotic and artistic. The site says that the aim of HimEros is to teach us how to enhance our sexual experiences by showing and teaching us how to enlarge our range of sexual pleasure. The site wants us to begin thinking about an orgasm not as an event, but only one part of larger erotic and intimate connection with ourselves and other men. Sounds interesting, so join me while I take a look at this new site.

In one of his live chat sessions, Davey Wavey talks about how he wanted the site to reflect all kinds of men from diverse backgrounds and bodies. "We're not all 21-year-old porn stars with nine-inch cocks," he says. It sounds promising, but most of the videos so far feature Caucasian guys in their twenties with athletic bodies. Five of the site's 26 videos feature a black performer, a couple offer Latin guys, a couple of the performers were very hairy, and one of them appears to be well into his thirties, another in his early forties.

But there are a fair number of known porn performers, and while the site doesn't actually credit the porn stars in their scenes, I saw Joey Mills, Blake Mitchell, Pierce Paris, Calvin Banks, and Chris Harder. One of the videos called "Dreamdusts" does feature all kinds of men in a variety of colors and ethnicity as well as different body types in erotic scenarios, but so far no single video has been dedicated to a bear or anyone without a stereotypical porn body. Wavey seems committed to offering diversity, so we'll have to see how it pans out.

"Joey's Glory" opens with a black screen and a voice over asks: "What's so hot about getting blown by a guy you can't even see?" Then Joey Mills appears. He's staring at a shadow of a man standing behind a white sheet hung across a doorway. The voice over continues talking about anonymous sex and why it's so hot. Joey approaches the sheet and touches it with his hand and the shadow does likewise and their hands touch. The guy sticks his uncut cock through a slit in the two sheets, and Joey kneels and puts it in his mouth. The voice over stops, and we watch Joey suck the anonymous guy off. The guy shoots a big load of jizz, and Joey gobbles it up.

"Dreamdusts" opens with a large pink screen onto which are projected two shadowy figures making out. A sexy white man, hairy and bearded, walks into the frame and toward the screen, then he sees another man, black and also hairy, standing on the other side. They look at each other and smile. They come together naked, they nuzzle and kiss; meanwhile images of naked men making out slowly flash across the screen. The video ends with the two men kissing passionately. The video is very artistic and erotic and unlike anything we normally see in Pornland.

"Underwear Sniffing" is a solo video of a hot guy with an athletic body sitting in a chair with his back to the camera. He's sniffing his underwear and jerking his uncut cock. Most of the video is filmed from behind and over his shoulder, so we don't get much of a clear view of his face, but we certainly see his delicious uncut cock and juicy cumshot. "Fuck Your Bed" is an instructional video where site owner Davey Wavey guides us through this self-pleasure experience. A guy (Pierce Paris) is lying on his bed, and as Davey instructs us to put on sexy underwear, we see the guy's own briefs and he's groping his crotch. He tells us to roll over and begin to fuck the bed. Think of this video as a sort of guided mediation except Davey is guiding us through a jack-off session and showing you how to have a more intense orgasm.

You'll find other videos teaching chakra masturbation, how to give a Tantric massage, voicing your desires, anal stimulation without penetration, and there's cock-sucking instruction. And the videos range from a couple to 21 minutes, although most are in the five-minute or under range.

There are 30 videos at HimEros, and they add a new one every Monday. The videos are offered in six sizes of MP4 to download at from 1920x1080 at 8.2 Mbps to 428x240 at 712k. There are two other large sizes at 1280x720 and 854x480, and the remaining sizes are smaller and perfect for older mobiles. The videos are good amateur quality, crisp and clear, sometimes with a voiceover through the introduction. The filming style is erotic and art house, definitely not the kind of porn you're used to seeing, but it is creative, sexy and hot to watch. You can also stream the videos in six sizes with the largest coming in at 1400x784, but this will depend on the size of your device's screen as the player is responsive and the smallest size is 426x240. Again, they're good quality and played well and the site uses a full-streaming server, so you're able to move ahead and back in the video at will.

There are no picture galleries here, which is unfortunate because I'm betting they would look sexy and equally erotic as the videos. As I mentioned, the site updates every Monday with a new video and each week HimEros also features a live cam chat where Davey Wavey discusses the video and the audience can share their experiences practicing it and ask any questions they might have. I watched the live cam session on "Dreamdusts" and Davey gave us background on the films concept and talked about the men who produced it, then he discussed other future projects, but I didn't hear any interaction between Davey and the audience, so perhaps that's yet to come.

There aren't any major issues. Most of the videos are short, but they are creative and erotic and unlike anything we normally see in porn. But there is a puzzling bit on the About page: "First, you need to join. Due to limited availability, and because we want to keep this project intimate, there may be a waiting list." I don't know if this is true or whether this is just hype trying to get us to join, you know how gay men love to be on the guest list to an exclusive party. I can't imagine that HimEros would turn away a paying member or make anyone wait, and there's certainly no details about it on the join page. Neither is there a mention of this in the billing terms and conditions. Personally, I think it's hype.

HimEros is a unique and creative site that goes beyond simply porn and offers gay men a range of erotic and artistic videos. They're both eye candy and instructional teaching us how to enlarge our sexual experiences and pleasure. The site is new with 30 videos, and they add a new one every week, so they'll grow quickly enough. There's also a weekly live chat where site owner Davey Wavey talks about the latest video and answers any questions we might have. The videos are sexy and fun to watch and feature many of your favorite porn studs.

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