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HardUpStraightGuys features jocks in their twenties in that tried and tested theme of a broke guy being willing to humiliate himself for money. We've seen lots of sites where the guys earn much-needed cash by jacking off or maybe even getting a blowjob from their first guy, but this site is a little different. These guys expose their naked bodies, then do things they never thought they do in private, let alone in front of a camera. Follow along and see how far they go.

The guys here are straight and in really good shape. Many of them are personal trainers so expected chiseled bodies with carved pecs and washboard abs. Most of the performers sport smooth bodies, and they're also clean shaven. Their physiques are beautiful, but they're not overly bulging like you'd see on the competitive bodybuilding circuit. Most of the guys are in their late twenties, but two were early twenties and one was 32 years old.

The guys enter a unadorned room with a dark wall and carpeting on the floor, and they begin their interview with the HardUpStraightGuys producer. But the way he coldly fires off questions, it's more of an interrogation, and sometimes his voice sounds as though it's been digitized like you'd expect to hear in a kidnapper's ransom call.

Zack is a handsome guy. He's a 28 year old personal trainer in athletic wear and confirms that he's never had sex with a guy before. Why is he here? "Business is bad and a little extra cash wouldn't hurt." He's ordered to pull off his sneakers and socks, then he sits on the floor and tries pulling his foot up to his mouth to lick it. After a few tries he says, "I can't do it, there's too much muscle in the way." (His thighs are nice and beefy, but they're not that big.) The producer tells Zack to strip down to his underwear and pull his junk over the waistband, then with his sock in his mouth he does jumping jacks. He's forced to do more exercises completely nude with his underwear stuffed in his mouth. What happens next? That's more or less the end of part one, so we'll have to wait until his follow-up scene is posted.

But I can tell you from watching some of the other scenes that the guys do forced workouts and calisthenics, and they're also ordered into some embarrassing poses like bending over to spread their butt cheeks. One guy had to measure his cock, another is told to finger his ass, a third had to lick a rubber pussy before he fucked it, and still another guy was allowed to watch cell phone porn while he jacked off. Sometimes the guys beat off all over a box in the middle of the room, but the producer orders some to cum in their hands. And yes, he tells them to lick it up.

There are 14 videos in the HardUpStraightGuys member area. The full scenes are split into two updates each, so there are eight guys on the site; six of them have both parts of their scenes while the last two, Zach and Caden, only have their first parts on the site. The second parts will come in the next couple of weeks. The videos come in MP4 format, but while the site says the vids are available in SD and HD format, both playback at 720x406 or 720x422, neither of which is HD. They are good amateur quality with average sound so you can hear the producer barking orders. There's another version for mobiles, but it's the same size as well; still, it should play on most mobiles. There are no streaming versions of the videos, but you can click the downloadable versions to get them to play in your browser.

Each episode has a gallery of pictures that appear to be good quality screencaps that are the same size as the videos. You can view individual pictures, and you can navigate from pic to pic easily; you can also view entire sets in a hands-free slideshow. The site says you can save them individually, and you can't but the directions they give don't work. To save an individual pic, right-click a thumb and choose "Save link as". There are around 20 to 60 pictures in each set. By the way, the thumbs are tiny, and I'd love to see them at least at double their current size.

HardUpStraightGuys updates every Friday with a new scene, which is one of two parts, and the site also updates with two guys concurrently, so you'll get two guys and their full sessions every month.

Are there any problems here? I'd have liked to see streaming videos offered and longer scene descriptions, but these aren't real deal breakers. I did find the site membership expensive as they only have 14 video updates, each half a full scene, and though updates are weekly, each week is only half a full session.

HardUpStraightGuys gives us the opportunity to watch athletic studs stripping down and doing forced workouts. The guys also pose and stretch in embarrassing positions and have to do other things like measure their cocks, finger their asses or play with sex toys. And each guy doesn't go through the exact same routine, either, so there's nice variety. Eventually the guys have to jack their hard cocks and shoot loads of jizz, and what happens next depends on the guy. There are 14 videos so far, but the site is updating weekly with a partial scene, so you can expect two full scenes monthly. Enjoy the straight jocks and forced workouts at HardUpStraightGuys - I know I did.

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