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Guyz in2 Rubber just launched last month, and we've been wanting to review it. And why not? We don't see many sites dedicated solely to guys in rubber gear. And these rubber fetishists aren't just wearing the gear, but they're getting off in it and on it. Hot! Join me while I take a look at Guyz in2 Rubber.

This rubber fetish site is produced in England and features a line-up of both well-known porn stars and new performers breaking into the industry. Frankie Quinn, Gabriel Phoenix and Jonas Jackson are three of the scruffy-faced and furry guys. Mickey Taylor is the guy with the most ink, but then he almost always is. Xavier Sibley and JP Dubois are both wearing beards, but their bodies are fairly smooth. All of the guys appear to be in their twenties with athletic physiques, although a couple of them are little more beefy and muscled. Almost all of the guys are wearing a couple of day's worth of scruff to full beards, but you'll find a mix of smooth and hairy bodies, and some are in between the two. Because these are mostly Brits, you can expect uncut cocks; one of the guys is French and I suspect a couple of others are from elsewhere in Europe.

All but three of the videos are duos. Gabriel Phoenix, Jonas Jackson and David Luca jack off in the trio of solo scenes. Gabriel is wearing a black rubber muscle tee and he's kneeling on the bed and stroking his meaty uncut cock. Jonas is penned into a bed, and from behind the bars we watch him pulling his cock and practicing his jerk-off style. He's wearing a collared, blue rubber shirt and nothing else. David is wearing a bright blue rubber shirt and tight cotton pants and he jacks off while sitting on a dildo in his bedroom.

The rest of the videos are all action duos. Jonas Jackson cuddles Leander in his arms and plays with the ginger's stiff cock. Leander sucks Jonas' dick and gets it rock hard for his ass, then he gets fucked doggy style. When the pair are done fucking they sit side by side beating off together, and Jonas finishes off Leander with a handjob. He makes Leander's dick explode white jizz all over the redhead's rubber pants and muscle tee, then Jonas kneels over him and unloads onto the cum-soaked rubber. In a scene called "Stable Lads Go Riding", Gabriel Phoenix puts JP Dubois on his knees and force feeds him dick, then he orders JP to remove his rubber pants and beats his taut ass with a riding crop. Gabriel fucks JP doggy style and places his boot near JP's face so the bottom can lick them while getting fucked. When the guys are ready to cum they strip completely naked except for their knee-high riding boots and jack off together, each covering their own body with cream.

The site does mix things up sometimes like in "Never Mind the Pizza" where JP Dubois is decked out completely in rubber gear, and the delivery boy (Damien Ryder) is wearing track pants, a t-shirt and sneakers. But Damien is completely naked soon enough and gets fucked by JP who never removes his rubber. One scene has Mickey Taylor restrained to a table, wrapped in plastic wrap and Jack Taylor, who is wearing rubber, edges Mickey's cock, which has been conveniently left sticking out of his plastic cocoon. So you'll find lots of dick sucking and fucking (with condoms - or perhaps for this site I should call them "rubbers") along with kissing, rimming, edging and dildo sex. Almost all the action takes place in home settings, but there is one scene filmed in a bar and another in a bar toilet with the guys fucking on the floor.

Guyz in2 Rubber has 15 exclusive videos in MP4 format, and they're available to download in three sizes at 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 854x480. The largest size is available in bitrates over 8 Mbps so it looks good with clear picture quality. The videos are also available to stream in three speeds, and they play at 978x550. There's a full-screen option and the largest video plays the best, but although if you're on a large monitor it may lose a little sharpness and clarity. The smallest size is perfect to play on all but the oldest mobile devices.

The site has 28 picture sets. First, each of the episodes has a set of screencaps, and there are usually around 100 in each set. You view them in thumbnail galleries with forward and back navigation as well as a hands-free slideshow option. You can save the screencaps individually, and they come in at 1920x1080 at good quality. There are also 13 additional galleries featuring good quality digital stills displaying at 655x1024. These offer shots of the guys showing off in their rubber gear along with action shots taken during the sex or perhaps in posed sessions afterward. The screencaps aren't available in downloadable zips, but the digital stills are offered in four sizes in zip downloads from 796x1024 to 2912x5184.

Guys in2 Rubber launched in July (it's August as I write this), and the site has been adding either a video or a photo set every four to seven days. They seem to have uploaded most of their scenes in June 2018 as they prepared to launch, then they added two new scenes in late July and one so far in August, and between the video updates they added picture sets. It sometimes takes new sites a couple of weeks to find their updating groove, so we'll check back in a few weeks and see how they're doing.

Are there any issues? Not really. The site is small and will need time to grow. I'd also be happier if the models had their profiles completed or at the very least a short paragraph giving us some background about them. And perhaps it's my own misconception, but when I launched into this review I thought the action might lean a little more to the BDSM side of things, and while there is some kink, like the edging video, most of the action is guys in rubber gear sucking and fucking.

Guyz in2 Rubber is an exciting new site featuring British and European guys donning their rubber gear and getting off together. You'll find the performers wearing rubber chaps, assless shorts, underwear, jockstraps, muscle tees and full rubber shirts, along with a variety of foot wear including knee-high riding boots. Only three of the 15 videos are solo jerk-off scenes; the remaining sessions are duos with the guys sucking and fucking and blowing their cum wads on each other, and often all over their rubber. The site is new, so it's on the small size, but it's been updating so it should grow quickly. If you're a fan of men wearing rubber, you'll want to check out this new site from the UK.

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