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Office Justin Denali arrests guys and processes them in realistic prison sessions with finger printing, mugshots, humiliated, strip and cavity searches before locking them up in a jail cell. Left on their own the prisoners jack off, and a couple get up to some dirty action with cell mates. 174 exclusive videos to stream on your desktop and mobiles.

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Video info

Videos are streaming only.

174 exclusive videos in MP4 format.Videos are streaming full scenes sized at around 726x408, vids expand to full screen pretty well. Videos are mobile compatible. No downloads.

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174 picture sets. Pics are fairly good to good amateur quality screencaps sized at 1920x1080. Downloadable zip files and slideshows available. Pictures can be saved individually. Over 100 pics per set.

Site issues

This site no longer updates!

Site no longer updates.

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  • Monthly: $33.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Quarterly: $95.00 (recurring every 90 days)
  • Other: $110.00 (120 days, recurring)

Guys in Lockup Review

Officer Justin Denali works for the GIL City Police Department (that's GuysInLockup), and he's on patrol and arresting bad boys for a variety of crimes like failure to appear, breaking and entering and leaving the scene of an accident. After transporting them back to the GIL City Jail, Denali processes the arrested men in realistic scenes with finger printing, mugshots, strip searches, confiscation of personal property and uniform issuing. I was impressed with the attention to detail here; this site owner takes the prison niche seriously.

There are 88 offenders on the site (plus Officer Denali and new Officer Travis Ducati), and they vary, including average guys in t-shirts and jeans, men in business suits to a few rougher specimens in the mix. Honestly, there were only a few I'd voluntarily bend over for in the shower. Who am I kidding? Jail sex with a miscreant is fucking hot! I've be dropping to my knees for any one of these men, even the ugly thugs. They appear to be in their twenties and thirties, a few in their forties, and most are White but there are a few Black guys and a few who look Latin. Many of the prisoners are scruffy and some are tattooed, but some would look at home in an office. Each guy has a profile page where you'll find his booking number and charges along with his height, weight, age and other stats.

I did recognize a few names like Ian Riley, and I recognized a few other faces, but mostly these guys are either amateurs or newcomers to Pornland, so their faces aren't everywhere, and that helps add to the authenticity of the site's theme. Officer Justin Denali himself is a handsome, dark-haired cop employed by the GIL (GuysInLockup) City Police Department who does all of the arrests and processing. So far I haven't seen Denali involved in any of the action except those strip searches, but I hope we'll eventually see a prisoner sucking him off - Officer Denali is a sexy guy.

Almost all of the action is solo jerk-offs after the guys are booked, change into their jail orange uniforms, and are bored sitting in cells, but there is an occasional duo. In one scene a prisoner jacks off another who is handcuffed to his cot, another prisoner fucks his cell mate and a third gives his jail buddy a blowjob.

GuysInLockup offers 174 exclusive, streaming videos in MP4 format. The player sizes them at 726x408 (other sizes may be available), and there's a full-screen option that holds up quite well, so at a guess, these videos are larger and size is restricted by the player. The videos are good amateur quality with good lighting and sound. The site and videos worked fine on my mobiles. Downloads are not available, not even if you're willing to pay extra.

Each episode has a picture set, and these pics are pretty good quality for screencaps. They're shown at 1920x1080, and you'll usually find a little more than 250 pics per set. They show key points of the arrest, the processing, and of course, the jack-off action. They're good quality and you can save them individually, watch them in a hands-free slideshow and download each set in a zip file.

Only the three latest Guys in Lockups episodes are dated, but there is a Site News & Info section where the site owner talks about many of the latest releases, and from here we can see that there are plans to start updating again as the site owner is asking members about what they'd like to see.

GuysInLockup goes to great length to provide "guys in jail" fans with a realistic experience right down to the site's prison grey and orange colors - even the booking area and jail cell look legitimate. But there are a couple of issues you'll want to know about. On our previous visit, Guys in Lockup was updating weekly and since then has added 44 videos. Unfortunately updates slowed, and after a final update in 2022, updates have stopped altogether. On our last visit, our reviewer noted that there were no video trailers on the tour; there are now three previews, each with trailers, but the rest of the video listings lead directly to the join page.

There's one more thing worth mentioning. While there's an option to join via Paypal, please note that this membership isn't automatic; the site owner or admin processes these memberships manually, so you won't get instant access.

If you're into watching guys being arrested and in prison, I don't have to tell you that there's not a lot out there, so GuysInLockup is a great find. It's also a great site that pays detailed attention to the arresting and processing of prisoners, and for us horny guys who want to see cock, there's plenty of jerking off as well as cavity and strip searches. The site offers 174 exclusive videos to stream on your desktop and mobiles, and while updates have stopped, there's a reason to hope they may start up again. While most of the action is solo masturbation, the real turn-on here is watching the guys being arrested and processed with finger printing, mug shots, strip searches, and lots of cuffed hands and shackled feet. I'd say GuysInLockup is a must-see for fans of the gay prison niche.

Things we disliked

  • Site no longer updates
  • Downloads not included for members
  • Paypal memberships don't offer instant access
  • Not many duos or hardcore

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