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Guys in Sweatpants is owned and operated by gay porn star Austin Wilde who started the site after his Next Door Entertainment contract ended. Guys in Sweatpants was an amateur site where guys could post pictures of themselves in sportswear, but for the past four years it's been a membership site with full-on gay sex scenes. Austin and his then real-life lover Anthony Romero filmed themselves having sex with other amateur guys and performers, but since they broke up, Wilde has been running the site by himself. We hear there have been some changes, so it's time to head on back and see what's new.

First, let's talk about Austin Wilde himself. He's a sexy bald and bearded man with a strong, masculine body, an eight inch, cut cock, and he's got a hairy body and pits. He loves making out, eating ass, and he usually tops in anal sex, but he will bend over for the right dick. In the latest dozen scenes, Wilde has appeared in two of them, flip-flopping in one and bottoming in one, so as you can see he's mostly behind the camera.

The other performers on the site are a mixed bag of amateurs, porn stars and regular performers. Some of the amateurs are fans or buddies of Austin's or they're newcomers looking to break into the business. The men all have fit, athletic bodies, some much more muscular than others; there are also a few who are a little on the twinky side. You'll find hairy guys and others who are smooth or manscaped; some have tattoos, and there's a mix of cut and uncut cocks. Many of the guys are white, but there are quite a few black and Latin studs, too. There are quite a few well-known gay pornstars like Will Braun, who appeared here before snagging his MEN.com exclusive contract; then there's Dylan James, who went on to Lucas Entertainment; you'll find Colton Grey, Colt Rivers, Darius Ferdynand, Brett Beckham, Dylan Knight and Dominic Santos from Randy Blue.

The videos usually start off with Austin talking to the guys in the scene, just a couple of minutes of getting to know them or maybe talking about who has a hairier ass, a funny story of a missed flight or too much to drink the night before. I liked these mini-interviews because they were short and fun, and they steer clear of the usual boring questions like "How did you get started in gay porn?" They feel like buddies just talking. The sex is hot with lots of kissing, touching, hole fingering, cock sucking, and of course, fucking. The site started off with condom sex, but quite a while ago switched to mostly bareback action.

Most of the scenes are filmed in Wilde's bedroom or living room, although a recent video was shot in the bathroom, and there are a few outdoor sessions when Wilde takes a couple of guys out to the desert or off on a camping trip. The majority of videos feature duos, but there are a a few threeways and a handful of solos.

There are 249 exclusive, DRM-free videos inside Guys in Sweatpants. The videos are available in MP4 format, the downloadable versions offered in a single size at 1920x1080 at good quality but no longer offered in a smaller size. Each video can also be streamed in a pop-up player that's probably adaptive and resizes to fit your browser; in my browser the videos were sized at 1478x800, but they also played well in my Android phone and tablet. Btw, when Austin Wilde appears in a scene he often uses a stationary camera, so there aren't as many angles and close-ups as when he's behind the camera filming, but that's to be expected and didn't bother me at all.

Each episode comes with one or two picture sets - either a set of digital stills, a set of screencaps or both. The digital stills display at 800x1208 or up to 1024x1600 at good amateur quality, and the screencaps are sized at 1920x1080 at decent amateur quality. Pictures display in a viewer with arrows for pic-to-pic navigation. There are no downloadable zip files, but you can right-click on any thumb and save link as to save photos individually.

Guys in Sweatpants has an Extras section that was added in mid-2018. This is where you'll find some behind the scenes stuff, interviews that weren't included in the main videos and a hot POV shoot of Austin jerking off outside. There are 13 streaming videos so far, with runtimes of from two to nine minutes - one is only one minute long. While the Extras videos aren't offered for download, they make for some good watching. The blog is still linked from the tour but not from the member area menu, and while it doesn't update often, there are directions on how to set up your screen name for the live shows there.

Now let's talk about updates. The site has added 51 videos in the past 27 1/2 months, and new videos are added anywhere from four to 12 days apart. There were four videos added last month, although one was technically a bonus video, three updates the month before, four the previous month and three the month before, so it looks like the site alternates between adding three and four videos per month.

Guys in Sweatpants has improved and simplified in some ways, taken a step back in others. The streaming video player is probably adaptive, so it's bigger on larger monitors, and gone is the confusing membership situation with the limited free version, the streaming-only membership and finally the run-of-house membership. I love the behind-the-scenes and interviews vids and hope the site continues to update the Extras section. Gone are the smaller versions of the videos for those on slower connections; I found the streaming vids would have benefited from at least one lower version for faster downloads and smoother streaming. So the changes are a mixed bag.

There are some things to be aware of. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but it's easy to uncheck if you're not interested. There's also a pre-checked email offer on the join page; if you don't want to receive emails, you can easily untick it. The cams section seems to lead to a third-party cam site where you may need to pay by the minute for full nudity or action; they say there are free member shows, but there are none currently scheduled nor did I see any in several visits. Also be aware that if you go to the cam site, navigation will lead to cam site stuff even though the header says Guys in Sweatpants. Last, the non-recurring membership costs $10 more than the recurring.

Guys in Sweatpants is doing a lot of things right. Austin Wilde appears in enough scenes to keep his fans happy, and he continues to film a nice mix of fresh faces, newcomers and porn stars, and although the site started with condom-only sessions, the newer vids include plenty of barebacking. There are now 249 exclusive, good quality videos to download, stream or watch on newer mobiles plus each session includes at least one set of pics. The site is updating with three to four new scenes each month, and I love the new Extras section. The sex and the guys are hot and fun, and the scenes don't feel rehearsed or scripted, which makes Guys in Sweatpants well worth visiting.

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