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GuyBone review updated on 24 Apr 2019

GuyBone offers horny amateurs and porn regulars in exclusive solo and hardcore videos. The site was launched in 2011, and it's been a while since our last visit in 2017, so it's time to take a look at what's been happening at GuyBone.

The performers here are a mix of guy-next-door types and a little more alternative-looking models. Most of them are cute, handsome, rough or "regular guy" amateurs in their twenties and thirties as well as familiar faces who have worked for other sites or studios including Brian Bonds, Morgan Black, Charles Grey and Dominic Sol. The majority of the models are white, with some black guys and Latinos thrown into the mix; many have a scruffy look, most have slender to average to muscular builds, many with tattoos and natural body hair. And a couple of the guys have thick, dark body hair.

Some of the videos feature men with beards - some very full beards - or heavy face scruff, lots of tattoos and hairy to very hairy bodies, and many remind me of leather men with their rough looks. You'll find they have full or trimmed pubes, hairy asses and pits, and I saw an occasional piercing here or there.

Almost two thirds of the videos are hardcore duos and threesomes, and there are even some group sex scenes with four or five guys. There's plenty of cock sucking, ass eating, and of course lots of holes that are being filled. A couple of scenes end with cum-eating action or messy facials, and many of the recent videos are bareback. The remaining videos are solo scenes in which the guys stroke their cocks, play with sex toys and rub out a load. The models are horny and into being on camera, which makes the action nice and hot. Currently one out of 12 updates is a solo.

There are currently 297 scenes inside GuyBone. The videos are streaming DRM-free MP4s, and they're also available to download if you pay per scene. The videos play in a player sized at 1250x700, the newer videos at good amateur quality or better and the older at average or better, and they play on most newer mobiles as well. You can enlarge the vids to full-screen where the newer videos still look good and the older lose some quality but are still decent. The action has been filmed from different angles and there are plenty of close-ups. For those who opt to pay to download some of the videos, they play at a size of 1280x720 and the quality is good for the newer videos, fair to good amateur for the oldest.

Something you might want to know is that while most videos cost $9.95 each to download, if you go to the SALE page, you'll find some for $6.95. And these aren't all older, lower quality vids, either - some are from the last year or even a couple months ago. There are 19 of these sale videos available, so if you want to buy some downloads and also want to save some cash, I'd suggest you check them out.

Each scene comes with a long, juicy description of the action below a matching set of pictures that are good amateur quality pics that capture the action well. The newer pics are sized at 1280x720, the older at 640x360, and they appear to be screencaps. While you can save individual images, there are no zip files or hands-free slideshows.

Besides videos and pictures, GuyBone has a model index that includes profiles and model info, as well as a list of scenes in which the guy has appeared. This is an especially handy feature if you prefer to search by model rather than by video or by update.
Something worth mentioning is that there are a couple types of memberships. You can either buy a monthly or half-yearly membership and get streaming access to the videos or you can go with a free membership and only pay for the scenes which you want to download. In all cases you would need to create a free account first. Monthly members do get a discount if they choose to pay for any of the downloadable scenes.

Now let's talk about update frequency. There are 48 more videos than there were 17 months ago, and this adds up perfectly since the site is currently adding a new update every 14 days and months ago occasionally added a third update for some months.

GuyBone is a nice site, but there are a few issues worth talking about. If you have a habit of using your browser's back button while navigating, you'll need to remind yourself to use the site's navigation links instead. Using the browser's back button sometimes returns an empty page and you would need to refresh the page again in order to continue. And I'm always disappointed when downloads aren't included with your membership, but at least the vids are available to buy if there are a couple you've just got to have.

One last thing worth mentioning is that the site's tagline is "GUYBONE NO FUSS. ALL FUCK." but this isn't quite accurate as a number of the videos are solos. Still, there's plenty of fucking - it's just not all fucking.

GuyBone is a clean, no-BS site offering horny guys in a mix of gay hardcore sex and hot solo jerk-off sessions. The 297 exclusive videos are available for members to stream on their desktop computers and mobiles, and the site adds a new episode every other week. Some of the models are nice-looking amateurs or porn regulars, most in their twenties or early thirties, and there are some hairy, tattooed leather daddy types, as well. The men here clearly enjoy sex, and there are a fair number of guys with unshaven body hair. I enjoyed the videos and the long scene descriptions, but my favorite thing about GuyBone is definitely the men.

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