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Gay Video Films is a site that we haven't reviewed before. It's a part of the Gay Hub network that features 64 sites and over 8,900 videos. This site has been around for a while and updates with DVD content featuring guys from a number of different niches in mostly suck and fuck action. The attraction here is the access to a huge volume of network videos, so let's get started and see what you get.

There's no particular type of guy at Gay Video Films. I saw both slim and chubby guys, jocks with nicely defined bodies, others who were almost twinks, a few daddies, some bears, black and Latin men, and some muscular hunks, too. The men range in age from 18 to their late thirties, I'd say, and of course they have a variety of body types, some hairy and others smooth.

Most of the action is guys sucking and fucking in duos, but I did see some threeways and small groups. The great thing about this network is that they have a really good tagging system so you can always find heaps more of whatever turns you on. One video had the following tags: anal, interracial, oral sex, outdoors, masturbation, short hair, jocks, doggy style, face down, deep throat, black hair, brown hair, fucking, trimmed, cut, muscular, large dick, in the bedroom, face fucking, smooth, and clean shaven -- what a list. And each video is tagged with an equal number of detailed categories. Some of the tags aren't very useful like "doggy style," which features over 2,000 videos, but the "interracial" tag helped me hone in on 228 videos of men of different colors and ethnicity fucking together. Likewise, "daddies" got me another 209 videos and "bearded" over 500 videos, so use the tagging system; I found it very helpful.

Gay Video Films itself has 81 videos in the members area. However, when you first log in you'll land on the network homepage, so you'll want to use the drop down menu at the top if you want to locate only videos for this specific site. The videos are offered to download in MP4 format and they come in two sizes – 640x480 and 480x360 – and the quality ranges from good to average. I noticed that the newer videos appear to be more crisp than older videos, but some of the oldest go back to 2008, so that's understandable. The videos can also be streamed, and these play at 640x480. They play well in similar qualities as their downloadable counterparts. There's a full-screen option and the results will vary on the age of the scene, so newer ones fare best. And both sizes should play on most mobiles.

Each video has a picture gallery of around 50 to 100 pics, and these are screencaps. Some are decent quality, others aren't so great. You can save the pics individually by right-clicking them or download entire sets in zip files. There's forward and back controls on the picture viewer to ease navigation, but there's no hands-free slideshow option. There's also a Photos option on the navigation bar with over 2,582 galleries, but these are from the bonus network sites.

As I mentioned up top, Gay Video Films is one site in the Gay Hub network. It features 64 other gay porn sites in a variety of niches from British twinks and jocks to redneck amateurs and black guys as well as Latinos, Asian guys, and Europeans. Many of the sites offer DVD content and don't update a lot, but others - like Blake Mason - give you weekly updates with fresh video content. Altogether you'll find 8,917 videos in the network and they're always adding new ones – in June 2018 they added 44 scenes so that's more than one update daily. There are another 416 videos that aren't assigned to a particular site but come in arrangements of hunks, twinks, and fetish categories.

No site is perfect, so there are a few things to mention. Watch for the pre-checked offer on the billing page that signs you up for another site when you join this one; if you don't want it, simply opt out. This site's terms and conditions say that the trial membership may be limited, but doesn't say how, although other sites in this network say you'll be limited to the "best" 12 network videos, whatever that means. As long as you don't go
in expecting run of the house, you'll be fine. The tour makes broad claims like five videos added weekly, thousands of videos, and movies added every day, but these refer to the entire network and not this site specifically. Last, there are many ads in the members area, but they're easy enough to ignore once you're familiar with the set up.

Gay Video Films isn't a real standout on its own; the real attraction here is that it's a doorway to a much larger network with over 8,900 videos. If you have a full membership rather than a trial, you'll able to watch and download as many scenes as you want. Also, while this site updates only once a month, the Gay Hub network adds new video daily and it features guys and action in a variety of niches. I hate to belabor the point, but there's a lot of video in the network, and even if you're a porn hog you couldn't possibly watch everything – it'd take you a year of watching 24 videos a day to get through it all. So Gay Video Films and the huge Gay Hub network are a great deal.

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