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7 Jun 2024 Score 75 / 100 Mobile friendly

  • Videos 4 stars
  • Pictures 3 stars
  • Unique 2 stars
  • Size 4 stars
Review score 75
  • 5 stars Cost
  • 5 stars Updates
  • 3 stars Usability
  • 3 stars Claims

Gay Network is aimed at collecting content from fansite creators. Now video creators with a handful of videos or even those with many scenes can join this giant network of over 21,000 gay porn videos. Gay Network currently features 2,119 streaming, mobile compatible videos from other network sites and has a collection of 13 videos from two new content creators showcasing there work.

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Video info

Videos are streaming with option for pay to download.

2,119 streaming, mobile-compatible videos in MP4 format. Player that resizes videos to fit your device, offered in 4 or 5 speeds at average to good quality. Must pay for downloads when available, sized from 854x480 to 1920x1080 at average to good quality.

Picture info

2,119 picture sets. Pics are average to good quality screencaps sized at 1080x605 but shown as non-clickable thumbs; saving thumbs gets you the full sized pictures. No zip files, pics must be saved individually. 6 to 12 pics per set.

Bonus content

Around 21,000 videos from 39 other gay porn sites.

Site issues

Tour claims pertain to the Studio Presse network and not this site in particular.

Membership Cost

  • Monthly streaming: $59.95 (recurs every 30 days)
  • 5 Tickets: $5.00
  • 10 Tickets: $9.00
  • 20 Tickets: $15.00
  • 50 Tickets: $30.00
  • 100 Tickets: $50.00


Gay Network Review

Gay Network is a new site in the Studio Presse network. This addition brings this French gay porn company's presence up to 40 sites (they call them theaters) with over 21,000 videos. This new site is aimed at amateur and profession gay porn producers wanting to share their content with fans. Anyone filming their own porn videos can now join the network and find a home for their amateur video collections, small or large. Think of Gay Network as part fan site and part professional gay porn network from over 140 studios. There's lots to talk about so let's get started.

Gay Network doesn't focus on any particular type of man. This company brings us every type of man imaginable from the US, France, Spain, Germany, other European countries, South America, and beyond. So you'll find guys ripped American muscle hunks to French twinks, hung Latino studs to kinky German fetish masters, lots of men of color and plenty of Arab men, as well as twinks, jocks, hairy men, all with a variety of cocks, but you'll see some of the biggest dicks ever here.

The sex is quite varied here as well, from twinks sucking and fucking to BDSM action, foot freaks worshiping sneaker lads and bare feet and cocksuckers gorging on huge dicks. There's lots of kinky action like fisting, bondage, piss play, dildo sex, and puppy play. There's group action feature three guys to a dozen or more. There's plenty of anal sex both with condoms and bareback. And plenty of gay porn performers already have theaters here, guys like Viktor Rom, huge-cocked Andolini, Philipp Wants, Maxence Angel, Brett Tyler, and the newest performer, Mika Ayden. There's even a selection of vintage gay porn from Jean Daniel Cadinot.

As far as Gay Network itself, it has just launched, and so far only seems to have one content creator. Cocksucker is a bottom with mad oral skills that he shows them off in 12 videos. This bearded French cocksucker has a penchant for hung Arab men, but he'll get on his knees for anyone pulling out their dick, and he's very good at servicing men and prefers his action in public places like wooded areas or parking garages.

Studio Presse has filled the Gay Network theater with videos from many of the other sites in their network. You have the option here of buying a streaming membership that gives you unlimited viewing for a month. Studio Presse also offers a ticket system where you can buy package of credits and use them to watch or download videos à la carte. Not every site in this network allows downloads, but most do, and you'll find the videos in Gay Network are a mix. When available, downloads cost from 10 to 30 credits and streaming them costs between eight and 12 credits without a membership. The unlimited streaming option is a little pricy, but it might be worth it if you're a heavy porn user or just don't want to be bothered with maintaining your wallet full of tickets.

Gay Network offers streaming, mobile compatible videos in MP4 format, and the player resizes them to fit your device. They're available in up to five speeds, but some of the oldest videos only come with two or three. Quality ranges, depending on the producer and age of the scenes, so some are average quality, especially the very oldest like those Cadinot videos, but mostly are fairly good quality. There's a full-screen option with mostly good results, but some videos lose a bit of quality. When available to purchase, downloads are offered anywhere from 854x480 to 1920x1080, and there may be other sizes. I downloaded a selection of new and older videos in a variety of sizes, and they were enjoyable - even the oldest looked pretty good. By the way, Cocksucker's own videos are the exception and can only be streamed.

Each episode includes a set of six to 12 screencaps that display as large thumbnails. These can't be enlarged, but if you right-click the thumbs and save as, you'll end up with the full sized pics at 1080x605. There are no downloadable zip files, so you'll have to save the pictures you want one at a time. They're decent quality and provide a good preview of the guys and the action.

Let's talk about GayNetwork updates. Only the latest six updates are dated, and they added three videos on May 31, three on June 1, and three videos were added today on June 5. Because this site is new, it's hard to tell how the update schedule will pan out, but many of the other 39 sites here do update regularly, and the tour says there are 150 monthly updates. This is up from the 120 updates they have been reporting for years. We'll have to see how quickly new content creators sign on to add their videos to GayNetwork, but in the meantime, there's plenty here to keep you entertained.

There are a few things to talk about here. As I already explained, downloads aren't included for members, and while most videos can be downloaded using tickets, but some can't. The tour claims of 27,682 videos is exaggerated as some videos appear in more than one site. We estimate there are around 21,000 videos here. The claim of 150 monthly updates applies to the whole network and not any one site, and with no dates on the videos, we can't verify this is true.

Gay Network is off to an odd start. The plan is for this site to house amateur and fan videos, and currently they have content from creator offering hot blowjob action in public places; this is supplemented by over 2,000 non-exclusive videos with all sorts of sucking and fucking, kinky action and men from all over the world. I'm confident the roster of creators will grow in the months ahead, but we'll check back in a couple of months and update the review. In the meantime, you'll have 2,119 streaming, mobile-compatible videos to enjoy from a variety of producers, plus everything offered in this 40-site network with around 21,000 videos. 

Things we liked

  • Lots of gay porn videos to watch
  • Fantastic variety of men & action
  • Site and videos are mobile compatible
  • 3 updates added every 3 days
  • Access to a huge gay porn network

Things we disliked

  • Downloads not included for members
  • Only 1 content creator at the moment
  • Not all videos can be downloaded
  • So far, this site isn't a network

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