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Today we're looking at Gay Harem, a site that's an intriguing mix of a late 90s video games, Pokemon, and gay anime porn. What that means is besides game play, all the characters are sexy anime guys with big eyes and cocks, and your objective is to collect as many as you can in your harem in order to defeat a group of big, macho men who have been stealing guys to make them join their harems. Game play is actually free, although you can buy energy, a variety of tools, and more if you choose.

Your character is a cute but built college-aged guy wearing glasses, and there are all sorts of guys who you can get to join your harem. Bunny has grey hair and a beard, and he's the first guy you get to add to your harem. Gary is a redhead with a slender body and wears a mesh shirt. The Red Battler is a huge bodybuilder with plenty of red hair, beard, and mustache; and twinky Austin has green hair and eyes, a slim but muscled body, and wears a super hero type outfit. As you keep playing, you'll get more men to join your harem. You'll also come across pirates, mermen, and more during the course of playing.

Playing adventures is the sexiest part of the game. Each adventure takes place in a different town or kingdom, and this is the most like an anime comic. There's dialog and action - including plenty of blowjobs and fucking, rimming and threeways - and to move from one page to the next, you have to keep clicking. There's also very little actual animation. Some things you do while in an adventure cost cash within the game, which doesn't cost actual money; other things reward you points or money. And often at the end of an adventure you'll have a chance to add another guy to your harem.

And speaking of your harem, the guys in yours give you cash, almost like you're a gigolo. Depending on the power of each harem member and whether you've paid (game money, not real money, although you can pay real money to upgrade, too) to raise a guy's affection level. More powerful characters give you more money, so for example the Red Battler gives you $700 every 20 minutes while Bunny (a less powerful character) gives you $100 every two minutes, but if you increase his affection, he gives you more cash, although less frequently.

Your energy and combate reqadiness slowly regenerates for free. If you run out of energy, it will usually generate one point every ten minutes. During the time it took to write a few paragraphs of this review, I generated four energy points. You'll need energy for battles and sex, and if you don't want to wait to generate more, you can pay

Gay Harem isn't much like a modern game as there's very little actual motion, you must click to move forward through the adventures and you must read the dialog as there's no audibly spoken words or sound effects. Even so, if you play for a while, it can become pretty engrossing. And since they want you to come back, there's a free daily pachinko game. You can also play money earned in the game or actual money on your card to buy more pachinko games and a wide variety of useful things in the town market including experience points, candy and dildos to buy affection from guys in your harem, warrior outfits, tools, and more.

Something I found disappointing is that when your harem competes in a sex battle or when you play pachinko, you don't get to see the action happen. There's no actual sex shown during the sex battles, and you don't get to see the pachiko balls drop or lights flash in the machines; you just get a report on the result. It's also worth mentioning that there's only one piece of music, and it plays the entire time; it's a light and happy tune that doesn't make much sense during the sex scenes or pretty much anywhere else.

Gay Harem falls in several niches including anime, toon porn, and gaming. There's some very hot sex in the adventures section, where it's a combination of comic books and gaming. You collect men in your harem, enter them in sex battles and can upgrade features using game money or real cash on your card. There are worlds full of men to explore and have sex with, although the sex isn't animated, and there are additional games and quests. And best of all, you can play this game for free, although some things you can also pay for if you choose. I enjoyed playing and looked forward to seeing more hot anime guys as I increased from level to level.

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