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Gay Depot offers content from over 100 gay porn studios featuring all kinds of guys from first-timers to porn performers in all kinds of hardcore sex as well as some solos. You'll find 18- to 24 -year-old boys next door including smooth twinks and well-built jocks, and there's also muscle hunks and plenty of average regular guys. I spotted lots of black studs, some quite well-hung, as well as Latinos and men over 40, guys from all over Europe so foreskin fans can look forward to some uncut cock, and there are men from the Middle East and more countries from around the globe. Some of the guys here are clean-cut, others are bearded; some are tattooed while others are not. You get the idea - this site is all about variety, and that's exactly what it delivers.

You'll find plenty of black-on-black and interracial cock sucking and fucking, twinks and muscle hunks getting boned and hot group sex where everyone is doing everyone else in threesomes, foursomes and full-on orgies. There's plenty of bondage and leather, hairy men in police uniforms getting serviced by prisoners plus lots of barebacking in duos and threeways. There are guys fucking themselves with dildos or shoving them up a buddy's ass, and you'll also find some fisting action. There's classic porn from the 80s and 90s and there may be some from the 70s, but the site doesn't give original titles or production dates. And I found foot play videos not to mention plenty of outdoor sex scenes.

Gay Depot has grown quite a bit - the site now offers 8,032 videos, and it adds between five and 11 videos every day. The videos are scenes from DVDs, and they're offered in MP4 format. Most of the downloadable vids are sized at 640x480 plus a smaller size for mobiles - although most mobiles can play 640x480 just fine - but 324 of the videos are offered in HD at 1280x720 in addition to the other sizes. The videos can also be streamed in a player sized at either 1180x880 or 1180x662. While this is a good player size for the HD videos, it's not so great for the majority of the videos, which are standard def - the player stretches the 640x480 videos so that some sharpness and clarity are lost compared to the vids at their original size.

There's been some big changes at Gay Depot. On our last visit, just under a year ago, the content was supplied by Lucas Entertainment and Sparta Videos. Both these studios have been removed, and they've been replaced by 115 other studios. While you won't find A-list studios like Lucas Entertainment, Falcon, or Bel Ami, some of the studios here are pretty well known. There's FreshSX, Pacific Sun, and Caballero. Blackwolf Entertainment shot plenty of vids in the early 2000s featuring black and Latin guys, Totally Tight Video did a lot of productions in the 90, and you'll also find several pages of scenes from The Body Shoppe, which specialized in amateurs during the 90s and early aughts. There are more studios including vids from small, amateur studios offering all sorts of real first-timers.

Now let's talk about the downsides. First of all, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second membership site when you join Gay Depot. Next, there's a pop-up that appears over the join page, although it's easy to close. The navigation and functionality can be annoying; each time you go to any page, even if it's just doing a search, a streaming video will start playing at the top of the page. This will often not be a video you wanted to watch and it slows the pages from loading for a few extra seconds. Also, whenever you use the studio, category, or performer dropdown menus, the entire page reloads, then starts auto-playing a video, and if you remove a category or star, it has to reload again.

I found some categories like Double Anal and Piss that have no videos at all, as well as some categories like Big Boobs and MILF that have nothing to do with gay porn. And, as mentioned, the streaming player enlarges most of the videos too much, causing a loss of sharpness; the downloadable videos are better quality in most cases. Scene descriptions used to be long and detailed, but are now short - we're talking a single sentence in many cases.

Gay Depot delivers almost every kind of man you can imagine - twinks, black studs, European guys, hairy men, Latinos - the list goes on and on. And there's all sorts of sex from simple suck and fuck action to fisting, kink, and gangbangs. There are just over 8,000 videos and at least five and usually more new scenes added every single day. The site has made huge, sweeping changes: some, like adding thousands of scenes and offering downloadable videos, are definite improvements; others, like enlarging the smaller streaming videos till they lose sharpness and the reloading pages whenever you do a search, were definitely not improvements, but there's so much content here that you might be willing to overlook the issues. Gay Depot is a rapidly growing depository of gay porn, and those into all sorts of performers and just about every kind of sex will find it here.

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