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When Gay Creeps first launched in 2010, it featured guys creeping in on their drunken passed out buddies or sleeping roommates and taking a peek in their shorts or copping a feel, hence the name Gay Creeps. In the past few years, they aren't relying much on the drunken or sleeping guy theme anymore; instead you will find more general hardcore scenes including some massage videos. It's been almost two years since our last visit, so it's time to take another look.

Most of the performers here are in their twenties, but there are a few who are a little older. They're good-looking American guys with chiseled bodies and often bigger-than-average dicks, but there are plenty of guys sporting fit, slender bodies, too. While there are some Latinos, the majority of the models are white guys. You'll find lots of well-known performers like Billy Santoro, Aspen, Kyle Kash, Andy Banks, Jack Hunter and more. You'll also see plenty of new faces who are just breaking into the porn business.

One of the newest videos on Gay Creeps, called "Stepbrothers", has sexy jock Jackson Cooper watching his stepbrother (David Plaza) who is passed out of the couch. Jackson pulls out his own cock and strokes it before sitting on the couch and groping David's dick, which he eventually sucks. When David wakes up they continue blowing each other and Jackson fucks his stepbrother right there on the couch. But two other new videos open with the scene partners already deep in a passionate kiss, so there's no perving or creeping.

One of the older scenes is called "Sneak Creep Hipster". It features a guy checking with his roommate to see if he has any laundry to add to the pile. The hipster finds his buddy sleeping, so he leaves the bedroom, then he returns and stands in the doorway jerking his cock while watching him sleep. He moves in for a grope, then gives his buddy some head. When the roommate finally wakes he's rock hard and horny, so he lets the hipster fuck him.

A lot of the older scenes follow this general theme of a guy perving on his friend or roommate and finally having sex with him. And it's titillating watching how they get their thrills peeking and touching; the scenes are done quite well. In the rest of the videos, whether the guys are making out, sucking cock or fucking a nice ass, they are passionate and they're enjoying themselves. There are lots of facials and creampies, however while the site tends to use fake cum in their photo sets, don't worry - the cum in the videos is real.

Gay Creeps offers 153 exclusive, DRM-free videos, the newer in three formats; MP4 (852x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080), WMV (1280x720) and MPG (852x480). You shouldn't have a problem playing the smaller MP4s on your newer mobile devices, although if you have an older phone or MP3 player, the vids may be too big. The older videos are available in at least one of the previous formats with sizes ranging from 720x404 to 1280x720, depending on the age of the video. Streaming vids are available as MP4 files that can be viewed in two qualities in a player sized at 970x548. Since the videos are of good quality, you can go full screen without losing much quality.

Each update comes with two picture sets - a set of digital stills sized at 1000x1500 and another of screencaps running at 1280x720, a little smaller for the older episodes. The digital stills are good amateur quality, and while the older screencaps are a bit blurry sometimes, the newer ones are pretty good. The pictures open in a separate browser page with no navigation controls. There is no slideshow, either, but you can download the images in zip files or save them individually. There are around 250 digital stills and about 100 to 200 screencaps for each episode.

Gay Creeps is part of the Gay Room network, so full members get access to 12 other sites and altogether they offer nearly 1,400 exclusive videos. Almost half of the sites are still adding new content, and you can expect about three updates every week.

The site has added 28 videos since we last visited almost two years ago. Site updates are sporadic, some months adding two or three updates, some one or none. Currently there have been no updates in the past month and a half, but this isn't the first time there's been a break in updates. The site added 15 new videos in 2015 and has done a little better in 2016 with 15 new videos added so far with two months to go.

Gay Creeps does have some issues. Trial members are limited to streaming five videos and can't download them; also trial memberships renew at $10 more than a regular monthly membership. Buried in the site terms, I found that by signing up, members give permission for the site to send commercial emails. There are lots of ads inside the member area, which are pretty distracting, and some of them can easily be mistaken for content. And last, some tour claims including number of performers, update frequency and number of videos, refer to the network and have almost nothing to do with this specific site.

Gay Creeps offers lots of hot guys, including some porn stars with big dicks, in all kinds of action, although the creeping theme is mostly a thing of the past, which is too bad because I enjoy those scenes a lot. The site now offers 153 exclusive videos that you can download, stream and play on newer mobiles. The site is updating, but not on a regular schedule - they have added 15 videos in the past 10 months. But Gay Creeps' big draw is access to Gay Room with 12 bonus sites and almost 1,400 videos.

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